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Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning

Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning

Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning

DIY carpet cleaning exposes your installation to plenty of risks. First, there’s working with improper tools. With machines that are poorly tuned, don’t produce enough water pressure or heat to deep clean the carpet, or have low vacuuming power, you end up with results that are below par. it’s frustrating when you spend hours and loads of resources on the task, only to be forced to go back to the drawing board. Mistakes like using too much moisture for the process can cause there to be a build-up of mould, issues like discolouration, or the carpet’s secondary backing can get separated from its primary one (delamination). This ends up costing you heavily. Call in the professionals to get the task done right each time.


  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning


Appearances matter when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. You may have a high work rate and employees churning over the hours, but when the business looks dingy and unkempt, it will deter customers from engaging you. Presentation covers everything from how your staff and executives carry themselves, the ambience of the business premises, all through to the carpet itself. On the carpet, since it is one of the largest furnishings in a room, its state dictates the decor, you want it to be elegant and appealing, not riddled with stains and dirt spots. Odours worsen the situation, making the space unconducive. Invest in quality care to ensure that your carpet is at its optimal.


  • Domestic Carpet Cleaning – Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning


Carpets come in different types, and each requires its unique approach. For instance, based on the construction, and the attachment of the fibres to the carpet backing, there are those with loop piles, such as the level-loop Berber that is a common option for high-traffic areas, and the multi-level loop carpets that come with a patterned texture. There are also the cut pile carpets, which tend to be softer and denser. These are the likes of Saxony carpets, Frieze options, and the cable carpet with its long and thick fibres. Our crew will employ the appropriate procedures for your particular installation.


  • Eco Carpet Cleaning Services – Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning


Harsh chemicals come with plenty of problems. Reacting with the carpet material and releasing toxic fumes, corroding the fibres and causing deterioration, and if any residue is left behind it is a direct threat to the little ones- kids and pets- playing around on the carpet. We use products that have been certified to be safe to the environment, while still delivering the cleaning action needed to emulsify those oil and grease spots, and dissolve the stains.


  • Quick Drying Time – Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning


The drying systems used as part of the process reduce the time taken for the carpet to be ready to use again. In fact, so effective are they that it enables you to get your carpet cleaned when it’s is cold outside, and still get to use the carpet within the same day that it has been attended to. That way the disruption to your normal day-to-day activities is reduced, whether it’s in the heat of the summer or biting cold of the winter.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Protecting Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning

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