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Protect Your Tiles With The Faber Terracotta Impregnator

Protect Your Tiles With The Faber Terracotta Impregnator

Protect Your Tiles With The Faber Terracotta Impregnator

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Materials like cotto and terracotta are susceptible to premature damage caused by water, grease and dirt. For instance, the ability of the material to readily soak up water increases the chances of rising damp, especially for buildings in humid areas. The walls and floors soaking up moisture from the environment weakens the structural integrity of the material. There are also additional issues like the efflorescence that is caused when moisture moving through the material transports its natural salts to the surface, and these are left behind as the moisture evaporates. Those chalky residues on the floors and walls ruin the aesthetics of the space. You want your surfaces looking elegant for long, and to avoid the hefty expenses that come with repairs or replacements, and yet the damage could have easily been avoided. Treatments like the Faber Terracotta Impregnator come in to deal with these kinds of threats. 

Ward Off Water Damage And Dirt Problems

The Faber Terracotta Impregnator gives you all-round protection. Being a high-performance water repellent agent, it bonds with the treated surface and blocks the absorption of water from spills or washing activities, as well as rising damp. This prevents different kinds of water damage, from the salts and efflorescence that would take away the beauty of the area, surface spalling or disintegration that puts the structural integrity of the installation at risk, all through to mould and moss growth that can cause health problems for persons on the premises. 

During grouting operations, plenty of water is used, and it becomes necessary to protect the structure from getting ruined in the premises. The Faber Terracotta Impregnator plays a key role here as a grout release treatment, cutting down the absorption and also preventing grout stains from forming. This is also important for enabling subsequent treatments to be carried out smoothly, and enhance the quality of the results.

The water-repellent attributes of the Faber Terracotta Impregnator also come in handy in improving the performance of strain-proofing treatments. In this case, the formulation is used as a primer, given 24 hours to dry, and then the stain-proofing product is applied on top of it. Taking this approach ensures that the surfaces that are being worked on are protected from water damage, and simultaneously keeping stains from setting into the material. The routine surface care carried out afterwards ends up being a breeze. In fact, the Faber Terracotta Impregnator is also effective in limiting the “dirt-trapping” capacity of the installation that it has been applied on. Basically, it blocks the absorbent stones lacks from locking in dirt and grime, that way the substances can be easily cleaned off. This serves to reduce the amount of cleaning products that are used during the routine maintenance tasks, as well as prolonging the lifespan of the installation by avoiding premature wear. 

Developed By Faber

Here you’re dealing with a product that has been developed by a world leader in surface care. Faber is a renowned brand, with its headquarters in Italy and reach that has spread across major markets amongst European nations like England, Spain, France, Poland and Greece, the Middle East regions of UAE and Saudi Arabia, all through to Asian countries like Singapore, China and India. The wide reach of the brand’s market is testament to the quality and reliability of their products, as well as a solid track record that goes all the way back to 1986. Over the years, Faber has established itself to be a company that provides different surface care solutions, catering to diverse client requirements. From accentuating installations with finishes and polishes, deep cleaning formulations and stain removers that come in to tackle those stubborn spots during the routine maintenance, mastic and epoxy systems that are key in dealing with issues like cracks and chips in the stone and tile installations, all through to protective agents like the Faber Terracotta Impregnator – it is a brand that you can count on to meet your surface care needs. 

How To Use The Faber Terracotta Impregnator

Note that this formulation has been especially developed for cotto and terracotta installations. However, it is also suitable for porous stone surfaces, agglomerates like the cement-marble installation, all through to concrete and cementine structures. To confirm whether or not it is suitable for your particular kind of installation, it is advisable to first do a test on a concealed area before proceeding to apply the product on the rest of the surface. Once satisfied that the Faber Terracotta Impregnator is compatible with the target material, then you can proceed to use it on the whole installation. Follow these steps:

  1. An initial round of cleaning will be required, to get rid of the dust and dirt that is on the surface. These substances will affect the functionality of the formulation. Ensure that the surface dries completely. 
  2. Dilute the Faber Terracotta Impregnator in clean water, where you mix 1 part of the formulation with 2 or 3 parts of water. 
  3. Apply a thick layer of this solution to the target surface, ensuring that you have achieved a uninform coat all through. Equipment like brushes, rollers, cloths, an airless spray or a lambswool applicator can be used for the task. With the treatment penetrating into the structure, it doesn’t leave behind a film or residue on the surface. This ensures that it retains the original colour and tone of the material being worked on. It also doesn’t interfere with the breathability of the installation. 
  4. Allow the treatment to dry. As it penetrates the surface quickly it will look dry just shortly after the application. However, you should give it at least 24 hours before allowing any foot traffic onto the area, or applying any other treatment on it, like in the case where it is used as a primer. Also wait for one day if you’re using it before as a pre-treatment before grouting operations. 

Thereafter, you can use water to wash the equipment that you made that application with. 


  • Those adjacent surfaces which are not being treated with the Faber Terracotta Impregnator should be covered. 
  • The surface being treated should not be overly heated. 

Protect Your Tiles With The Faber Terracotta Impregnator