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Protect Surfaces From Stains With The Faber AT Lux

Protect Surfaces From Stains With The Faber AT Lux

Protect Surfaces From Stains With The Faber AT Lux

Stains, despite extraneous efforts to prevent them, will occasionally occur. Just a simple blunder- like a coffee mug getting knocked over the breakfast table and spilling its contents onto the floor, or perhaps you were applying nail polish and some of it dripped onto the countertop- can result in an unsightly mess. The stains come in all sorts of forms and colours, from the oil-based stains like cooking oil, makeup, margarine and lubricants, ointment, ink, and furniture dye that accidentally gets on the surrounding surfaces as the sofa sets are being treated, all through to water-based stains which range from grape juice, soft drinks, wine and whiskey, to tea, fruit punch and that cranberry juice that the kids spilled as they hurriedly drank it. When these liquids wind up on natural stone surfaces, the porous material readily absorbs them. They penetrate into the structure, and the deeper they go the more difficult they are to remove. That’s not the only threat facing your installations. The dirt and grime that builds up on the surface on a daily basis is the main factor causing it to dull. That characteristic beauty of the installation gets gradually deteriorated, which drags down the decor of the premises. As people walk up and about the premises, the particles are ground against the flooring, resulting in an abrasive action that wears down the structure. No doubt installing the natural stone floors was an expensive endeavour, and you don’t want to watch it get ruined. Treating it with the Faber AT Lux prevents this.

Shines and protects

The solvent-based Faber AT Lux brings a satin finish effect to the surface. Formulated with high quality microcrystals, treating and polishing surfaces with it gives them a shine and brings out the tone of the natural stone. Whether the material is distressed, brushed or has been sanded, the Faber AT Lux will enable you to enhance its beauty, thereby accentuating the interior space. What’s more, the product does not yellow over time. As such, the result that is obtained gets to last for longer. It even reduces the amount of time and resources that go into the maintenance process. This is as it comes with water- and oil-repellent attributes, and also offers protection from everyday soiling. That way, spills don’t end up seeping the structure, and the dirt doesn’t adhere to the surface. This prevents staining and makes subsequent cleaning tasks easier. It even adds to the durability of the structure, by increasing the resistance to foot traffic. This helps in prolonging the life of your installation.

This stain-proofing treatment can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from marble-cement and marble-resin agglomerates, slate, granite, marble and limestone installations, all through to sandstone, cementina, basaltina-lava stone, quartzite, and travertine. It will intensify the tone of the material, enabling you to enhance the decor of the residential or commercial premises. With a coverage rate of 25-35m² per litre, each unit of the Faber AT Lux gets to take you a long way. This, added to its affordable pricing, enables you to meet the surface maintenance needs of your establishment without straining your budget. Moreover, the protection provided means that you get to avoid hefty repair and replacement costs that would have cropped up down the road.

The Treatment Process

The process is divided into two sections:

  • Applying the Faber AT Lux

For this, you can work with a roller, lambswool applicator, brush, or cloth. The Faber AT Lux is a applied abundantly onto the surface, being spread out and ensuring that the entire area has been covered. 5 -10 minutes are then given for it to get absorbed into the material- but don’t wait so long such that it begins to dry. The excess product is then redistributed, in order to end up with a homogenous result. For this bit, you can use a mechanical polisher onto which a white pad has been attached if you’re working on large surfaces, or simply use a cloth or white pad for the small surfaces. In case you’re treating a surface that is highly absorbent, you may not even need to redistribute the product, since it will have penetrated into the structure already. 

  • Polishing the surface

The equipment used here ranges from mechanical and orbital polishers to the flexible floor polishers. The capacities of the different units vary, and one goes with the equipment that is most suitable for their particular situation. For instance, you can choose to work with a traditional mechanical polisher where the rpm ranges between 150 and 500, or go for the high-speed mechanical polisher where the rpm is 500-150. 

The polishing is done after 30-60 minutes after the Faber AT Lux has been applied- the product just needs to have dried. When working on small areas, the polishing can be done manually. You can use tools like wool-cotton cloths, or work with a wire wool pad. For the larger areas, the mechanical polishers, orbital or flexible polishers will come in handy. Attach a lambskin pad, wire wool, white pad or similar tool to the unit, and proceed to polish the surface until you obtain an even result, and all the excess product has been removed.

The Faber AT Lux application will have completely dried within 1-2 hours. You can allow foot traffic back onto the area after 4-6 hours from the moment it was applied. 

The tools used for the process are cleaned with white spirit after you’re done treating the surfaces.

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Faber AT Lux

  • DO clean the surface before applying the stain-proofing treatment. 
  • DO put in place a routine cleaning program for the treated surface, in order to get rid of the dirt and grime that will accumulate on the area. You can use Faber Neugel for the cleaning.
  • DO allow the adhesives and grout used for the recently laid surfaces to fully cure before you treat the installation with the Faber AT Lux.
  • DON’T apply the Faber AT Lux onto a wet surface. Allow it to first dry after cleaning it. 
  • DON’T use the product on outdoor areas. It’s intended for indoor surfaces. 

Protect Surfaces From Stains With The Faber AT Lux

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