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Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows

Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows

Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows

Windows and curb appeal go hand in hand. What greets you when you pull up the driveway of your home? As neighbours stroll by, what perception will they have of your house? Even friends and relatives coming over will form an opinion of you based on the state of the windows. Have you invited your date over to your residence to get to know each other better? No doubt, you don`t want soiled and stained windows being the first thing they see even before they walk through the front door. Even in commercial establishments, the image portrayed by the windows critical. What sight meets your customers when they come to your establishment? You want them to trust your products and services, but a dirty window will have them doubting your adherence to professionalism. After all, how certain will they be that products are as good as advertised, when the environment they are sold or prepared in is in a sorry state? Your employees too are affected. Their ability to focus on other tasks- serving your customers and growing your business, gets hampered when they are in an unconducive environment. What`s more, with the dirty windows preventing adequate light from getting into the premises, it sets a dull mood. There are even cases where the staff leave their workstations to try and spruce up the window so that they can at least have a proper environment, which negatively affects your productivity. For those in the real estate industry, the state of the windows has a direct impact on your profit margins. When prospective tenants or buyers come to view the property, they will have formed an opinion of it by glancing at its exterior- which includes the windows, before they have even set foot into the premises to check out the rooms. You want to pick their interest, not have them doubting the standards of the retail, office, or residential space. Getting quality window cleaning services will enable you to ensure that things don’t take a turn for the worse.

How Windows Get Dirty

Just where do all those streaks and marks dotting the window come from? There are plenty of sources including:

1. Pollutants in the air – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Those particles floating around in the vicinity gradually settle on the glass. This ranges from the vehicle exhaust for buildings located near roads, smoke from the lawnmower as you were trimming the grass, tobacco smoke in case there are persons with cigarettes in the vicinity, pollen that is carried in the wind and ends up lining the glass, everyday dust- these particles stick to any residue that is on the windows, forming layers that dull it.

2. Pollutants in the water – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Do you have a sprinkler system set up near the building, where water droplets end up hitting the windows? You may have decided to use your garden hose to attempt and blast away the dirt on the windows. Once the droplets dry, a hazy mess is left behind. This is due to the mineral content that`s in the water. The typical mains supply comes with 200-500 parts per million of particles. These are deposited on the glass, sticking together in clamps as the water droplets evaporate, resulting in the soiled state. This is especially a problem in hard water areas.

3. Organic waste – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Those insects straddling the glass surface, and the occasional bird that perches on the sill as it rests to take a pause from its flight, leave behind faecal residue. This is not only unsightly, but the material is acidic, which can corrode the glass itself. On the sills and frames, the accumulation of gunk prevents the normal operations of the window.

4. Oils from kids and pets – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
They enjoy pressing their hands and paws against the window. Whether it`s during those days as they play, or on the evenings when they hear footsteps walking up the driveway and rush to the windows to see you coming back home, they transfer the substances that are on the palms of their hands and their paws to the window. This includes sweat, body oils, and any dirt that may have been picked up. There are also those instances when it is the face and tongues held up against the glass, which now brings in saliva and mucous. While on the windows, these are dirt magnets, trapping more particles floating about, which increases the rate of soiling.

5. Grease residue – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
This is especially for the kitchen windows, where cooking activities result in oil splatters winding up on the windows. Perhaps you were hosting a backyard barbecue and some of the aerosolized grease particles landed on the nearby windows. Grease adheres to the glass, forming unsightly spots that are difficult to remove using conventional measures, requiring specialised agents that are employed as part of the professional window cleaning services.

6. Construction residue – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
This is for those residential or commercial establishments that have been newly constructed, or have had renovation works being carried out. Cement splashes, paint overspray, can wind up on the glass, and this requires thorough cleaning measures to remove. It may even be a building close to an area where there are heavy construction activities, like road works being undertaken. Substances like mortar particles and chalk dust can get airborne and land on the window.

7. Sea spray – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Living by the ocean has its perks. From the sun and sand, to the blue stretching to the horizon- it’s an enviable setting. However, there is one downside. That moist and salty air carried inland by ocean breezes leads to salt building up on the windows. This is especially an issue for buildings close to the beach. The crystallised particles adhere to the glass, causing spots that make the window appear dirty, and also reduce its visibility.

8. Stickers  – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Have you put up posters on your business display windows? Perhaps you were running a product promotion or political campaign, and had put up ads to woo the public. From retail stores, malls, cinemas and clubs, and even homes when throwing parties, one can choose to put up posters, which will eventually need to be taken down after they have served their purpose. That`s where trouble starts. The glue and other adhesives that were used when putting up the stickers leave behind residue. Often bits and pieces of paper remain too, which add to the grime on the windows, making it unsightly. These cannot simply be wiped off. Restoring the glass to its elegance requires high efficacy solutions, which are incorporated as part of the professional window cleaning services

9. Graffiti – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Some may call it an art, but when it is on your business premises where you`re trying to portray a professional image, that couldn`t be further from the truth. Ruffians deciding to showcase their skills, send out a message, or whichever purpose the graffiti is intended to serve, reflects negatively on your operations. What`s more, when left unattended, they may take this as a go-ahead, prompting more graffiti works on your windows. This also worsens the security situation, increasing the chances of hooliganism in the area. You want to nip this in the bud, and get rid of the graffiti as soon as possible. Hiring professional window cleaning services will enable you to ensure that things are restored to normalcy.

Where Things Go Wrong With DIY Window Cleaning – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
DIY activities have been hyped up all over nowadays. With the numerous tutorials available, and the urge to take on challenges, numerous home and business owners are taking on more and more tasks around their establishments. While that is beneficial, when it comes to windows, it`s ill advised. Why? It`s not just a matter of sloshing water and cleaning solutions at the glass, and watching the dirt get washed off. In fact, you may have already tried it, and have got frustrated by the low quality results. After spending hours working on the multiple windows, and they end up with streaks and smears all over, it can get on your nerves. Things can also get out of hand, and result in damage to the window. Let`s look at the issues that are at stake:

– Scratches – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
These are a common outcome of the DIY window cleaning process. They are caused by using conventional household tools when attempting to scrub off the gunk that`s on the windows. For instance, that hard-bristled brush that easily tackles the soiling that’s caked onto the countertops, walls and floors, when used on the windows, will scratch the glass. The scratches can be glaring anomalies and grooves that make the window unsightly, or tiny and unnoticeable during the cleaning, but when the window dries you see lines all over. Whichever the case you don`t want them ruining those elegant windows that you had spent so much capital installing them. Getting professional window cleaning services will ensure that only the appropriate tools are used while working on the glass.

– Shattered windows – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Sometimes it`s the entire window that breaks into pieces. How does this happen? For one, using the power washers that are effective in blasting away the gunk that’s on the building exteriors, from the walls, and patios to the driveway and sidewalks. These are high pressures. Pointing the same jets of water to the windows will shatter the brittle glass. It`s not as strong as it looks. Sure, the windows will keep out the elements and hold out in a storm, but when you have jets of water with extremely high psi ratings directly hitting them, then the structural integrity is at risk. Irrevocable damage occurs, and you end up being forced to replace the window. Even garden hoses with highly pressurized water can lead to the same results. What`s more, immediately the glass breaks, the jet of water will gush through to the interior, causing more damages to the furnishings, painting, electronics and floor. It all depends on how much pressurised water is involved in the incident. Using the power washers wrongly can also damage the exterior siding, and paintwork around the windows. That`s certainly not the outcome you wanted when you set out to do the window cleaning. Using professional services will ensure that things don`t take this drastic turn.

Ruined frames and seals
It’s not just the glass panes that are at risk. The surrounding frames and seals that make up the structure can also be damaged by inappropriate procedures during the DIY window cleaning. The common fogging effect seen in double and triple paned windows is as a result of damaged seals, which can occur due to corrosion by harsh chemicals, or damage by pressurised water from power washers. When the seal is ruined, air is let into the space between the panes. This air contains moisture, which condenses, resulting in “fogging”. Note that this can’t be simply washed off. A specialist will need to be called in to repair the damage, and sometimes the costs can rival getting a whole new installation carried out. Back to the chemicals- products that are too acidic or alkaline can react with the structure of the seal and frames. Those homemade solutions used for DIY removal of stubborn stains on the floors and other hard surfaces react with the metal frame, weakening it and putting the structural integrity of the entire window at risk. These chemicals can also etch the glass itself, forming permanent spots that ruin the appeal of your installation.

– Accidents -Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
They are unpredictable, and can happen to anyone. However, without the requisite skills and safety measures being put in place, as is the case with DIY window cleaning, the chances increase drastically. For instance, one may choose to use a ladder to access those high windows in storied apartments and office complexes. The DIYer climbs up and down the ladder, while simultaneously carrying the cleaning supplies and solutions needed. Balancing with a bucket of water, squeegees, and still reaching out to those far corners to scrub the grime can send you toppling over, resulting in injuries. They can range anywhere from minor and discomforting bruises, to fractures and concussions depending on the height from which one falls, and how you land on the ground. In addition, the items carried up will also come crashing down, landing on the landscaping. Perhaps you had manicured bushes or potted plants under the window, which will get ruined by the falling ladder and other items. Don`t forget the holes that the ladder will dig into the yard as it is being used, and also damage to structures such as the building’s stucco. There are also health risks involved, especially when toxic cleaning agents are used in an attempt to remove the stubborn spots. Inhaling the fumes can negatively affect your body systems. There are also those chemicals that react with the frames and surrounding structures of the window, also forming fumes that can be inhaled. Add to this the dangers posed to the public, like in business environments where you have customers and employees walking around while the windows are being cleaned, or at home where the kids are playing around the area. Without the necessary safety signs and other measures being set up, they can go crashing into the personnel carrying out the cleaning, resulting in harm to either parties. These scenarios can be avoided by dialling up the window cleaning specialists, whose business is to deliver quality results while ensuring the process runs smoothly.

– Unsatisfactory results – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
After jumping through all those hoops, putting yourself and the windows at risk, there’s the issue of results that are below par. These are caused by oversights during the DIY window cleaning process. For instance, failing to rinse the windows properly will leave residue on it, which is unsightly, and also a dirt magnet. They cause the windows to get resoiled at a faster rate. Then there are those cases where the DIYer works at a slow pace, or at huge sections at a time, causing the windows to dry at a rate faster than that at which they are to be rinsed. This causes the soapy solutions used to leave behind deposits. It`s particularly a problem during those hot days. Equipment like towels, plus those fibrous and lint-based cloths, also affects the results. They can leave behind streaks or fibres of the material itself. Drying the window using items like newspapers also leaves behind ink stains. You don`t want to spend all that time, energy and cleaning supplies, only to end up with soiled windows. Call in the professionals to ensure that the task is carried out fast, while delivering quality results at the same time.

Value Of Hiring The Professional Window Cleaning Services

1. The latest in window cleaning technology – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
The entire window cleaning process uses modernized systems, that are designed to enhance the efficacy of the operations, delivering quality results in minimal time. Take for instance the water itself, the most critical medium for the cleaning process. State-of-the-art purification systems are used to deliver ultra-pure water for the cleaning. This is the preferred mode for its numerous benefits. For starters, pure water has a high affinity for dirt. Water from the ordinary mains supply comes with salts like nitrates, potassium and calcium compounds, all through to phosphates. These are what`s responsible for the deposits that are left behind when it dries. However, with pure water, the source of the problem is removed. The water is taken through multiple filtration stages, deionization and also processes like reverse osmosis, ensuring that all the pollutants and dissolved minerals within it is removed. This un-balances it, and it wants to revert back to the impure state. As such the water attracts the dirt particles on the glass, increasing the efficacy of the cleaning. What`s more, with pure water, the windows can be let to dry naturally without the risk of streaks and smears. The systems used by our window cleaning team also contains meters that enable them to assess water quality before it is used on the windows. The water is pressurized and pumped up telescopic poles, being delivered in jets at the head of the poles. The poles come with brushes, that have soft bristles designed for use on windows. That way the glass can be cleaned without risking scratching it. Whether your establishment has hydrophobic or hydrophilic glass windows, the appropriate fan-jet or pencil-jet will be used, further enabling fast cleaning. Using telescopic pole systems allows our team to access the high-rise windows without leaving the safety of the ground, thus reducing the risks of injury. As a welcome bonus, you get to maintain your privacy especially for those bedrooms that are on the upper floors. The systems used by our team minimise the disruptions to your establishment, and also deliver quality results fast, allowing normalcy to resume as soon as possible.

T-Bars with water wells that increase the retention capacity of the setup, sleeves, microfibre scrubbing bristles that are particularly vital for getting rid of even the tiny dirt particles, even hand tools like pocket scrapers that come in handy for those situations where there is gunk that has adhered to the glass and requires delicate attention- we have it all. This enables our crew to tackle the myriad of window cleaning situations, delivering quality results each time. Extension poles, master poles, hose brush connections, adapters- the equipment used by our personnel enables them to set up the apparatus that will suit your particular type of window, achieving any working angle, and even clean the windows both inside and out. When it comes to resources such as water used for the cleaning, and the power to pump it up the poles, you don`t have to worry about raking up your utility bills. We utilise our own supplies, with the truck mounting systems delivering the power that`s needed for the task.

2. Well trained and experienced crew – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
You want a team that you can trust to work on your windows. After all, they are a core part of the building, and a costly installation that you don`t want to see getting damaged. With our personnel, you can rest assured that your windows are in safe hands. They have been providing the window cleaning services for years, working for both residential and commercial clients. Moreover, they keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry, enabling them to apply the most appropriate approach when dealing with your particular needs. Their broad experience enables them to cater to the numerous types of windows, from the double and single hung variants with their movable sashes, the hopper windows which are usually installed in bathrooms and basements, awning windows with their top hinges that enable them to open outwards and let in the air- and are typically installed above doors and stationary windows, casement windows which are operated by the turning of a crank and are hinged on the left or right, picture windows along the walls and hallways where the emphasis is on letting in as much alight as possible, glass-slat jalousie windows where security and privacy is enhanced without compromising on the air flow into the building, slider windows that are a common feature in modern and contemporary architectural designs, all through to the customised windows, with their unique designs colourations and shapes depending on the needs of the property owner. Our qualified team will ensure that your windows get the appropriate care and attention that they deserve.

3. Enhance your building energy efficiency – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
All that dirt accumulating on the windows prevents adequate natural light from coming into the building, and also hampers efficient heat flow through the glass. This makes the hot days hotter and the cold days colder. As such, you end up running your heating and air conditioning systems for longer. In a dingy environment, the lights are also switched on, which adds onto the electricity bills at the end of the month. With the clean windows, natural light will get to flood the interior space during the day, and heat flow will be optimised, thus enabling you to save on energy costs.

4. Eco-friendly window cleaning services – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
You want to get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the windows, not put the biodiversity in your establishment or the environment as a whole at risk. With our services, you won`t have to worry about issues like toxic fumes, harmful run-off winding up in the water supply, or products that increase your carbon footprint. The measures that are put in place pose no risk to Mother Nature, plus the persons in your residential or commercial premises. For instance, the pure water systems are as natural as it can get. Moreover, the waterfed pole system ensures that resources are conserved, preventing wastage. The energy consumption of our systems as they pump up the water up the poles are also optimised, increasing the efficiency of the process. When troublesome stains and spots are encountered, those that require the action of high-efficacy cleaning agents, the products selected for the task are environmentally friendly. They having been taken through the required tests on EU regulations concerning biodegradability and environmental sustainability.

5. Sit back and relax – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
By hiring the professional window cleaning crew, you get to save your time and energy, while still getting quality results at the end of the process. Those free days away from work should be spent doing things that light up your heart, not walking around with buckets, brushes and ladders scrubbing at gunk on the windows that refuses to come off. Not only does lacking the proper tools or the task lengthen the amount of time that you take on the task, but there are also the numerous DIY blunders to factor in. All this while risking getting unsatisfactory results. You don`t want an entire afternoon to be spent on the cleaning, only for streaks and smears to be left behind on the windows. This can be frustrating. What`s more, the residue increases the rate of re-soiling, meaning that the cleaning will have to be repeated much sooner than had been anticipated. Call in our window cleaning crew, and free yourself up to do those activities that relax you, be it spending time with your significant other and bonding, playing with your kids as you teach them one or two things about life, binge-watch TV shows, go onto your social media platforms, pick up a new skill or head out to the park for some fun activities, or even curl up with a novel, bake a pie to surprise your neighbours with, or head out to that party your friends have been talking about all week. You don`t want to have gone through the daily hustle and bustle of working only to come home for an arduous window cleaning chore. Our team has been thoroughly trained and have the skillset needed for the task, and employ the most appropriate measures for the cleaning, allowing you to focus on your other tasks in your home or business premises.

6. Cost friendly services – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows
Getting your windows cleaned doesn`t mean that you`ll need to drain your bank account. Far from it. Our services have been affordably priced, preventing you from straining your establishmentâ cleaning and maintenance budget, without compromising on the desired quality of the results. What`s more, different factors are considered for the various individual situations, such as the number of windows that are on the building, issues like frames, tracks and sills, the state of the windows with regards to the level of soiling, plus how high the building is, which determines the kind of equipment that is used. Even issues like regularly scheduled sessions, emergency window cleaning, or post construction where the windows are extremely soiled are taken into account. This ensures that your situation is uniquely handled each time. Moreover, the regular window cleaning sessions protect your installation, preserving the structural integrity and durability, enabling you to avoid damages that would have resulted in costly repairs down the road. This gives you more bang for your buck.

Window Cleaning Dublin – Professional Cleaning Services To Bring The Sparkle To Your Windows

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