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Prochem Trafficlean

Prochem Trafficlean

Prochem Trafficlean

In all houses and all offices, some areas are getting dirtier than others. The lanes between the office and the kitchen, the office and the bathrooms and the office and the exit doors, becomes very dirty. Hundreds of people are using this areas daily. General dirt will build up and it will darken up those high traffic areas. To be able to break this dirt, most carpet cleaning companies are using traffic lane cleaners & boosters. A traffic lane cleaner has a high PH, is active and it contains powerful stain removers. Prochem Trafficlean Traffic Lane Cleaner is one of the most used traffic lane cleaners in Ireland.


-high PH traffic lane cleaner and stain remover

-a concentrated formula to be pre-sprayed

-high performance industrial strength carpet pre-spray

-efficient on dirty carpets & upholstery (pre-testing required)

-it contains a blend of surfactants and water based solvent



Prochem Trafficlean – Where to use


A premium stain remover and traffic lane cleaner with multiple uses. It can be used on all types of carpets, commercial and domestic, sofas, rugs, mattresses, curtains, upholstery, fabrics, etc. Bear in mind that this product is highly active so pre-testing is highly recommended. It can be used as a pre-spray or it can be added to the solution tank to act as a booster. Super stain & spot removing qualities. Suitable for spot treatments.



Prochem Trafficlean – How to use


Prochem Trafficlean is used mostly as a pre-spray treatment. It can be added to a solution tank to work as a booster when cleaning very dirty carpets or it can be sprayed with a pump over dirty carpets or fabrics area. The dilution rate can vary from 1 to 4 to 1 to 10, depending on the type of work. If you plan to add it to a solution tank to work as a booster, use a dilution rate of 1 to 10. For heavy duty pre-spray treatments use a dilution rate of 1 to 4.


Spray the whole area well. Use warm water to dilute the product. Allow about 5 min to work. Scrub the whole area with a soft brush or a bonnett. Extract the waste. Repeat the operation if the results are not satisfactory.


Spot treatments. Mix the product in a spray bottle. Spray direct on the stain. Allow 5 min to work. Scrub well the stain with a semi hard brush & extract the waste with a dry towel. Very efficient stain remover.


Prochem Trafficlean Traffic Lane Cleaner High PH

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