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Prochem Solvex Stain Remover

Prochem Solvex Stain Remover

Prochem Solvex Stain Remover

Highly efficient solvent spot and stain remover. Very efficient on all types of oil stains, grease stains, nail polish, varnish, ink, emulsion paints and other types of stains. It can be rinsed with water or any type of extraction system. One of the most powerful stain remover from Prochem range. Colour test highly recommended with this product.

-premium solvent based stain & spot remover

-suitable to use on carpets and fabrics (pre-test required)

-highly concentrated stain remover

-suitable to remove nail polish, varnish, oil stains, oil paints, etc

-recommended for the commercial & domestic

-to be used by professional contractors only

Prochem Solvex Where to use

Prochem Solvex Stain Remover is the spot & stain remover that you use after all other types of stain removers have failed to work. This very powerful solvent based stain remover can get rid of old ink stains, some glues, oil based paints, nail polishes and other types of stains. Very efficient and very fast acting. Pre test for compatibility before using it on coloured fibres. Work in well ventilated areas only. Use gloves when treating stains. Suitable to use on carpets and fabrics. It can also work on hard floors.

Prochem Solvex How to use

Vacuum well the whole area before treating it. Apply the stain remover on the stain give it up to 5 minutes to work. Scrub well with a soft or medium hard brush and extract all the waste. Repeat the operation if you are not happy with the first results. Do not dilute.

Prochem Solvex is a very powerful spot & stain remover and it has to be used by professionals only. Do not mix with other solvent based stain removers or other cleaning agents. Not suitable to use on silk or rare persian rugs.

Prochem Solvex Stain Remover