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Prochem Odour Fresh

Prochem Odour Fresh

Prochem Odour Fresh

Getting rid of bad odours is harder than most people think. Most cheap deodorisers are only masking the bad odours. Most cheap deodorisers are not “odour neutralisers”. Try Prochem Odour Fresh on your next job and be ready to be amazed. A proper professional deodoriser and odour neutraliser. Suitable for refreshing and removing all types of bad odours from most washable surfaces.

-a great odour neutraliser & surface deodorisers

-to be used with all types of cleaning systems

-it will remove smoke odours, food odours & pet odours

-it can be added to a solution tank before washing a carpet

-safe to use on carpets, fabrics, rugs, mattresses, curtains

Prochem Odour Fresh – Where to use

This highly perfumed odour neutraliser can be used on all types of hard surfaces, carpets, sofas, curtains, mattresses, floors, etc. A pretty safe product but pre-testing is recommended when deodorising sensitive fibres. Many cleaning companies are using Prochem Odour Fresh to deodorise bathroom floors and urinals. It can be used wherever there is a bad odour.

Prochem Odour Fresh – How to use it

Any way you plan to use it, it works. This product was initial designed as a carpet and fabric deodorisers but many cleaning companies are using this product to deodorise hard floors, urinals, etc. The dilution rate for Prochem Odour Fresh is around 1 to 100 for light deodorising jobs or 1 to 20 for heavy duty deodorising jobs.

Add some deodoriser to your solution tank and wash your carpets as usual. Mix up a spray bottle and spray up your sofas, curtains or rugs, The whole room will be refreshed and deodorised.

Prochem Odour Fresh