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Prochem Liquid Woolsafe Shampoo

Prochem Liquid Woolsafe Shampoo

Prochem Liquid Woolsafe Shampoo

A premium extraction carpet cleaning shampoo suitable to use on wool carpets & fabrics. Also suitable to use on stain resistant nylon carpets. Prochem Woolsafe is safe, efficient and very cost effective. It can be used in conjunction with Prochem Prespray Gold (when required). This product has a dilution rate of 1 to 100.

-a premium low PH carpet cleaning shampoo

-highly efficient on wool carpets and fabrics

-soft on wool but tough on all types of stains

-to be pre-tested before using it on a full scale

Prochem Woolsafe – Where to use

To be used with all types of extraction machines. This product was designed as a safe wool cleaner. It can be used to deep clean wool carpets, wool rugs, wool sofas, etc. It can be used to clean all types of sensitive carpets & fabrics. Its high dilution rate (1 to 100) makes it one of the most cost effective wool cleaners available in Ireland.

Prochem Woolsafe – How to use

Dilute the product 1 to 100 for light cleaning jobs. Reduce the dilution when cleaning very dirty carpets and fabrics. Badly stained surfaces can be treated with Prochem Prespray Gold before washing it with Woolsafe. Never use very hot water on wool. Never over soak wool carpets or fabrics. Just spray and extract the waste fast.

A top of the range wool cleaner. It provides amazing results instant and it is not known to have any negative effects on wool. Do a pre-test to confirm compatibility and do not mix it with other boosters.

Prochem Liquid Woolsafe Shampoo