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Prochem Ink Solv

Prochem Ink Solv

Prochem Ink Solv

Removing ink stains from carpets or fabrics is a nightmare. 90% of the stain removers do not work on ink stains. This is the reason why Prochem has come up with this amazing product. Prochem Ink Solve is an outstanding ink & pen remover. It works fast and it does not damage the fibre. This product needs to be used as a pre-treatment.

-reacts instant in contact with the ink
-it break the ink stain in minutes
-safe to use on all types of fabrics & carpets
-recommended for commercial & domestic
-cost effective & reasonable priced
-very long lasting

Prochem Ink Solv – Where to use

If you have an ink stain on your carpets or on your sofa, you need to try Prochem Ink Solv. There are other brands selling ink removers but very few provide as good results as Prochem Ink Solv. Always pre-test the product before using it on a big surface. This product can be used on all types of carpets, rugs, sofas, upholstery , curtains and chairs. Instant results guaranteed.

Prochem Ink Solv – How to use

Pour some Prochem Ink Solv on the stain. Allow about 2 minutes to work and scrub the stain with a soft upholstery brush or scourer. Repeat the operation if the stain is still visible. Wash the area with an extraction machine to remove all the ink remover from the surface. Prochem Ink Remover is highly recommended by all its regular users. If you are planning to remove an ink stain, try Prochem Ink Solv.

Prochem Ink Solv

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