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Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents With The Faber Safe Marble

Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents With The Faber Safe Marble

Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents With The Faber Safe Marble

Natural stones, though durable and elegant, can get really slippery after being polished. The risks of slip and fall accidents is enhanced when the surface is wet. Faber Safe Marble comes in to make the affected floors safer to use- hence the name.

Walk with confidence

The Faber Safe Marble chemically acts on the surface, forming micro-erosions that increase water run-off, boosting the surface grip even in the wet conditions. For both cases of having footwear and walking barefoot on the floor, the enhanced non-slip attributes of the surface will make it safer, which is one of the primary concerns with installations like marble and limestone floors. With a 20-30m2 rate of application, each unit purchased gets to offer the enhanced grip on a wide surface area, and it achieves this without creating a film.  

This is a long-lasting treatment, and has been particularly been developed for the lime-based structures which are usually troublesome to treat. It gets the task done without changing the colour of the natural stone. 

You can use the Faber Safe Marble both indoors and outdoors, treating marble-resin and marble-cement floors, to the limestone and travertine installations. To maintain the surfaces that have been treated with Faber Safe Marble, products from the same brand can be used. For instance, the routine cleaning can be carried out with AlgaFloor or Neugel formulations depending on the type of surface and level of soiling. For the heavy dirt build-ups, and those occasions where wax needs to be removed, this can be done with Faber 30. To stainproof the surface, turn to the PROTW LUX LO.

How To Use The Faber Safe Marble

This formulation can be applied with different types of equipment, from brushes and rollers, to lambswool applicators, depending on the size of the floor area that you’re working on, and the tools that you have in your arsenal. Before you begin, first thoroughly clean the surface, getting rid of any dirt or dust that is on the floor. Allow the surface to dry. In fact, the Faber Safe Marble should not be applied when the floor is wet or damp. It’s also recommended that you wait to make the application on the cooler periods within the day, and also ensure that the flooring is not exposed to direct sunlight during this period. When ready, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Start by identifying the contact time that is appropriate for your particular type of natural stone surface. The different surface hardness, composition and resistance of the structures means that there will be varying requirements. Carrying out a test spot on a hidden area will enable you to determine how long the contact time should be, to enable you get the non-slip effect that is provided without altering the appearance of the surface. This effect is tested after treating the area and then rinsing it, that way you will get an accurate picture of what to expect. 

For the assessment, test the floor when wet. Use your fingertips, pressing down on the surface and imitating the motion of a person walking on it. Compare the grip with an untreated section of the surface.

In general, for the soft marble floors, limestone and the soft lime-based surfaces, the ideal time is 10 to 20 minutes. However, for the hard and compact lime-based floors, the recommended contact time is 15 to 30 minutes. If the results obtained after the initial 30 minutes are not satisfactory, then you can proceed with additional applications, carried out in intervals of 10 minutes. 


  1. Apply the formulation abundantly on the surface, ensuring that you have obtained an even coat covering the entire area that is being worked on. The Faber Safe Marble comes ready to use, hence will not require to be diluted. 
  2. Allow the Faber Safe Marble to remain on the surface for the contact time that was determined during the testing stage. During this period the floor should remain wet with a layer of the formulation covering it. As such, if needed, you can redistribute the product, or even add an extra amount of it. This is to prevent an uneven result. 
  3. Remove the excess product. For this, you can use a liquid vacuum cleaner. 
  4. Rinse the surface thoroughly with lots of water. 

After the surface dries, you can open it up to foot traffic. No further waiting time is required. 

Tips For Using The Faber Safe Marble

  • The temperature of the area being worked on should not be overly heated. The ideal range is 5 to 40°C.
  • In case there are other treatments that had been applied onto the floor- the likes of wax and resins, first remove them. For the Faber Safe Marble to be effective it needs to be applied directly to the natural stone, without other substances coming in the way. The wax removal can be carried out with units such as the Faber 30.
  • When removing the excess product from the surface after the rinsing, follow the direction that the application had been made, in order to ensure that the contact time is uniform across the entire surface. Start at the section you began applying the Faber Safe Marble, taking the same duration to remove it. That way the product gets to act on the whole surface for an equal amount of time. 
  • For uniformity, and in order to make the process easier, it is recommended that you break down the surface into manageable sections. For instance, you can divide them up based on the length of required contact times are. The shorter the time, the smaller the area to be worked on, and the longer the contact time the larger the sections in which you can divide the floor surface. 
  • To maintain the results that have been obtained after treating your floor with the Faber Safe Marble, routine cleaning will be required. For this, use products that are compatible with it, such as Faber Neugel or AlgaFloor for the day-to-day cleaning, or Faber 30 when you require more cleaning power. For the stain proofing, the PROTW LUX LO can be used. 


Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents With The Faber Safe Marble

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