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P-Wave Urinal Screen

P-Wave Urinal Screen

P-Wave Urinal Screen Review

Restroom odours are a major issue for businesses, medical and even educational facilities. From office buildings handling lots of clients on a daily basis, the malls and retail stores with heavy footfall around the clock, elementary school where urine splashes and their subsequent odours are a typical problem, the busy campus halls of residence, hospitals and nursing homes where the occupants require conducive conditions to go about their tasks, all through to patrons visiting clubs and restaurants- proper maintenance of the restrooms is needed for the health and comfort of all those who use them. After all, you don’t want customers leaving your restaurant because of being assaulted by stenches coming from the washroom- they would possibly never return anyway, and not to mention give you scathing reviews online. How will clients who have come to your business premises to purchase your products and services perceive your brand when they are greeted by strong pungent smells the moment they access to washrooms to relieve themselves? Even your employees want conducive working conditions, and not dread taking bathroom breaks. Cleanliness in the restrooms is more than just about the visuals. The smell is the major sign used when forming an opinion on the health and hygiene standards of the premises. Losing business, personal discomfort- these all negatively affect your enterprise. Prevent things from going down this road by investing in measures such as putting the P-Wave Urinal Screens in place. These units are easy to install, and go a long way in providing deodorising action all day, 24/7.

Why do the urinals stink? This boils down to what urine is. Basically it’s a combination of urea and water. The flushing action with fresh water results in hydrolysis of the urea component. This in turn generates the odour. Here’s some quick chemistry about it: Urease, an enzyme, hydrolyses the urea resulting in carbamate and ammonia. The carbamate in turn spontaneously decomposes, forming carbonic acid and releasing an additional ammonia molecule. The ammonia is the cause of the trouble. This colourless gas is responsible for the pungent odour that is characteristic of urine. It naturally exists in the air, albeit at low levels of between 1 and 5 ppb (parts per billion). Humans begin detecting it when it approaches levels of around 50ppm, though some can detect the ammonia when the concentration is as low as 20ppm. Issues like poor cleaning exacerbate the conditions, specifically when inappropriate cleaning chemicals are used. Inadequate flushing is also a concern. Take using PIR sensor flush controllers for instance. These should be ideally set to actuate flushes in 20 minutes after the urinal has been used. A “janitorial” flush, is also recommended, which is typically 1 every 12 hours in case the urinal has not been used. This makes sure there is adequate water in the traps in order to preserve the setup’s water seal. Without adequate flush waster, especially when the capacity of the cistern is not enough for the higher number of urinals, it accelerates the odour build up. Proper maintenance of the washroom starts from the design stage and routine cleaning, to aspects such as incorporating urinal screens that will deodorise the washrooms in real time. For this, you want a product that is up to the task. A quality unit that you can rely on to keep the restrooms in your establishment in a conducive condition. You can get that with the P-Wave Urinal Screen.

Why You Should Add The P-Wave Urinal Screen In Your Washroom


  • Tackles odours


First things first: battle those odours emanating from the urinal. This is the core mandate of the P-Wave Urinal Screen, and it performs superbly in it. It has been designed to release bacteria that control the odours, which gives it a high performance throughout the life of each individual unit on the urinal.


  • Fragranced


Next is replacing the pungent smell with a scent that makes the restroom more relaxing and comfortable. The P-Wave Urinal Screen is highly fragranced, in fact 5 times more compared to other competitor screens.  There are different fragrances to choose from. Here, your pick depends on the kind of scent you find most suitable to your establishment, and they have different colours for aesthetics and easy identification. There’s the honeysuckle P-Wave Urinal Screen which has a clear colour; ocean mist that comes in teal; the one with a mango fragrance has an orange fragrance; and then there’s the spiced apple screen with the red colouration.


  • Lasts for long


Washrooms are used around the clock. In commercial establishments, medical facilities, entertainment venues, government and even educational facilities- the restrooms here handle lots of traffic, and you want a product that can manage to tackle the odours generated during the heavy usage. The P-Wave Urinal Screen releases its fragrance gradually over the course of the month. This 30-day performance makes it beneficial as part of the janitorial maintenance measures. Its “clock system” enables you to determine when it will be appropriate to change to a new P-Wave Urinal Screen. This has the welcome benefit of reducing the costs you incur in your establishment’s janitorial program.


  • Prevents splashback


Splashbacks at the urinal can be annoying. This is affected by issues such as the design of the urinal- from the floor urinals where the splashback tends to get on the feet, the mounted ones where the mess can be on the clothes, or even the trough urinals where the splash can get onto others who are nearby. It’s frustrating when one keeps trying to figure out how close or far to stand from it, and the angle to take as you do your business. These scenarios are avoided by the protrusions of the P-Wave Urinal Screen that prevent splashbacks from occurring.


  • Eco-friendly


Toilet care doesn’t mean that you increase your carbon footprint in the process. You also want to maintain the indoor air quality, to protect the persons on the premises. The P-Wave Urinal Screen comes with environmental benefits. For starters, it is 100% recyclable. It’s also compliant to EU laws on VOC, with a low content, allowing those using the restroom to do so without putting their health at risk.

P-Wave Urinal Screen

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