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Organised Cleaning With The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

Organised Cleaning With The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

Organised Cleaning With The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

Cleaning doesn’t exactly rank high on “favourite activities”. It’s a chore that needs to be done to keep things in your building operating in order. However, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. With their right tools, it becomes more manageable, and you get through things much faster. A carrying tray is one of those nifty tools that make the process a whole lot easier. How do you pick the right one for your needs? The main priority here is the durability of the construction and the weight of the product. You want a unit that is resistant to water damage, and can withstand the demand for frequent cleaning. You also don’t want a unit that is too heavy to carry around- as that would just increase your burden. Also, get a tray with a good quality handle- one that is easy to hold and has a comfortable grip. The area it will be stored in also comes into play. Where do you keep your supplies? Measure the designated location, getting the height, length and width, to ensure that the carrying tray will fit. The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray comes in to optimise the cleaning process. 

What to put in your Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

Where do you intend to use the carrying tray? The items that will be put in it will depend on where you will be working, be it the kitchen, bathrooms, or general living areas. In case you’re planning an all-purpose tray, here are a couple of items that you should keep in it:

  • Window cleaner

Use this to work on the glass surfaces, from the windows and glass tops, to the mirrors in the bathroom. There are window cleaners that can also be used to bring the sparkle to chrome fixture, and even when polishing cooktops. This depends on the formulation that is being used. 

  • Heavy-duty cleanser

This comes in handy for the tough stains, and for cases where you’re dealing with rust deposits. 

  • General-purpose cleaner

It is recommended that you get a store-bought unit for this, as it will have the required chemical formulation ratios to handle the cleaning. These are the likes of the kitchen-and-bath spray products. These also come with refills for the spray bottles. 

  • Oil soap

This is for the wood items, from the panelling, floors to the cabinets. Liquids soaps that have been specifically developed for use on wood surfaces will enable you to effectively clean them without risking damage to the installation. 

  • Feather duster

Your light fixtures, delicate collectibles, those art pieces hang on the wall, all through to the lampshades- they also need attention during the cleaning. The feather duster comes in to whisk away those particles of dust that are accumulating on it. 

  • Gloves

Hand protection is a key safety measure while cleaning. Coming into contact with the assortment of chemicals can result in anything from skin irritation to chemical burns and everything in between. Having gloves mitigates this risk. 

  • Cleaning cloths, scrubbing brush, scourers and sponges

These are used for wiping and scrubbing the different surfaces and items. Choice of cloths depends on the absorbency desired and the effectiveness of the material, with those like microfibre units being highly popular. For the brushes, scourers and sponges, ensure that you’re dealing with units that are safe for the underlying material, especially when dealing with delicate surfaces where there are risks of scratches. 

Affordable unit

This unit has a pocket friendly price, and the convenience it brings to the cleaning tasks makes it worth every penny.  From homes and business owners, to professional cleaning contractors- everyone gets to benefit from having it. In fact, you can consider it as the next housewarming gift for your friend or relative who has just got into a place of their own- or a college graduation gift to get them started on independent living. What a practical way to usher in that new stage in life, right? Every home, office space and even dorm room could do with the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray. 

Maintaining Your Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

While it houses the cleaning supplies, it will also need to be cleaned itself. At least every two weeks, empty the tray and give it a thorough scrub. Issues like product leaks, dust and excess moisture can result in build-ups of gunk at the bottom of the tray.  You should also wipe the product containers before restocking them back into the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray. 


Organised Cleaning With The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

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