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Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls

Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls

Cleaning Made Easier With The Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls

These units have been designed for efficient cleaning. Core to their functionality is their absorbent nature. Here, dirt and grime that is on the surface being worked on is lifted and held within the fibres of the material. As indicated by the name, they are all purpose units, and you can use the cloths on desktops, countertops, cupboards, chairs, glass surfaces, shower screens, all through to bars. Since they are semi disposable, you can dispose each cloth after a day’s use, or choose to wash and use it again. 

Do you have a centrefeed dispenser? The Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls can be used with it. Simply remove the centre of the roll and mount it onto the dispenser. This makes it a more economical process, by ensuring that each roll gets used appropriately, meaning that you get to spend less on the cleaning costs. The cloths have a 22cm width and are perforated at 44cm. 

Being semi disposable also means that the Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls have far less chances of getting misused. They also don’t require much training to use, and can be handled by almost anyone in the cleaning crew. This property also means that water usage is minimised during the cleaning process, as it doesn’t get soiled as fast. There will be no residue left behind on the surfaces- which is usually a concern when working with paper towels. As such, you get to leave the surface clean and free of smears. The Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls can also be used in workshop environments, including garages and print rooms. 

Prevent cross contamination

In order to minimise the risk of infection spreading, modern cleaning practices incorporate colour coded schemes for their operations. Basically, colours get designated to particular cleaning areas, and the corresponding tools used for only those areas. This groups the different equipment from each other, that way they don’t get mixed up during the cleaning tasks. Situations of pathogens getting transferred from washroom surfaces to food areas, or contaminants from restrooms getting to the offices, are avoided. While these systems were initially used in hospitals and healthcare centres where the risks of contamination are high, they are now generally accepted across the board, from hospitality venues, education centres and government institutions, all through to normal cleaning at home. Different colour schemes can be used, based on the particular needs of the property owner. For instance, you can employ this approach:

  • Red- This is used for the high-risk areas. After all, red is universally used in reference to hazards. The cleaning equipment here is used when working on areas like bathrooms, toilets and washroom floors. By using the red mops, buckers, and Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls for these areas, the risk of spreading bacteria outside these sections is minimised. 
  • Blue- Here, the target areas have low risk. These are the likes of hallways, workspaces, offices and the reception areas, classroom desks, to the window ledges. These don’t carry the same threat level compared to sections like kitchen sinks and washroom surfaces. Thus, you can use the Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls on a broader range of communal areas and surfaces. 
  • Green- This tends to be assigned to the food preparation areas. These ranges from kitchens at home, restaurants and hotels, bars and those running catering businesses, to factories where the food is processed for sale. Dealing with raw fish and meat products means that there is a particularly high risk of contamination due to the wide assortment of bacteria involved. Regulating the cleaning equipment that is used in these areas is vital to ensure the food retains its integrity.
  • Yellow- This is typically associated with clinical and health care use. You can also use it on washroom surfaces like the mirrors, and sinks. In fact, it adds an extra layer of safety by separating the risky area of the washrooms themselves. For instance, the equipment used on the toilet bowls and seats is different from that which is used on the sinks and taps. 

With the affordable price tag of the Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls, you get to make the purchase without punching a hole in your wallet. This, coupled with the effectiveness of each particular sheet which minimises wastage, allows you to get optimal usage out of every unit purchased. 

Cleaning Made Easier With The Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls

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