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How often should I wash my carpet?

How often should I wash my carpet?

How often should I wash my carpet?

Carpets can bring a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your home. But this warmth and cosiness can also be the perfect breeding ground and habitat for undesirable dirt and bacteria. While carpets do look great they need to cleaned regularly not only to keep them dirt and dust free but also to extend their life. The frequency of cleaning will depend upon traffic and whether you have children and pets. Carpets should be hoovered at least 2 times per week, in high use areas and homes with pets and children running around or people with allergies the carpets may need hoovering daily. Hoovering will remove the general dirt and dust which can accumulate in the carpet fibres. The more often you do this the lesser the chance of bacteria, germs, allergens and mites breeding and accumulating within the carpet.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year but again this depends upon use and traffic, you may need your carpets professionally cleaned more often. The method of cleaning most highly recommended is steam cleaning/hot water extraction method. Most carpet cleaning contractors use and favour this method which involves a carpet cleaning machine spraying hot water mixed with a carpet cleaning solution onto your carpets and then extracting the moisture along with all the dirt and debris. If you regularly hoover your carpets and have them professionally cleaned at least once per year you will not only keep them looking clean and fresh but you will decrease the risk of harmful allergens and bacteria developing within the fibres and you will extend the life of your carpets keeping them looking great for longer.

In between professional cleans you may have spills and stains which need fast removal, there are a number of excellent products available which are easy to use and suitable for domestic cleaning. Craftex offer fantastic spot cleaners and pet stain & odour removers which can be used effectively to treat stains and neutralise odours.

Craftex Pet Stain Spotter Spray

This highly efficient product can be used to treat pet stains and odours quickly and easily. With easy to follow instructions there is no special training required. Can be used on most carpets and upholstery fabrics but pre-testing is recommended to ensure compatibility. This is a great product for pet lovers who also love their carpets and want an effective solution to treat the stains and smells which your beloved pets may leave on your carpets or sofas. Visit more information.

Craftex Crystal Shampoo Sprayer

This is an excellent, fast acting stain remover. It is easy to use and suitable for domestic cleaning. A must have cleaning product for any carpeted household. Suitable for use on most types of carpets, sofas and upholstery, patch testing recommended. Will remove food stains, tea, coffee stains etc. Reasonably priced and it works, what more could you want, it you have carpets you need this, check out for more details.

How often should I wash my carpet?

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