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Mop Buckets & Wringers

Mop Buckets & Wringers

Mop Buckets & Wringers

It is very important to pick the right size bucket & wringer for your job. Your needs are your own needs regardless of what other people say. The best mop bucket & wringer on the market can be too small or too big for your job. There are more things to take in consideration before making a purchase.

Do you have enough space to store a big commercial bucket & wringer? You have seen the product, looks great and it does its job nicely, but all this is useless if it doesn`t fit in your storage area. Check out the storage area before buying a bucket.

What kind of wheels are on the bucket? All commercial mop buckets and wringers are designed for heavy duty use. The wheels can be made from rubber or plastic. Some white marble floors or highly polished floors, might not agree with the rubber wheels and the rubber could mark the floor. Bear in mind that the bucket is empty when you see it in the shop but when fully loaded with cleaning solution and the mops, it could weigh twice as much.

Is there a lift in the building? So you are ready for work and you have filled up the bucket with all the cleaning solutions required. A 20 L mop bucket + the solution, should weigh around 30 kg. Can you carry it on the stairs? Maybe you should consider a smaller mop bucket with squeezer?

Are you likely to use very hot water? Not all the mop buckets are made from heat resistant plastic. It is always handy to check with the supplier if your new bucket can be used with very hot water. By doing so you can avoid unpleasant accidents later.

Is your mop bucket built from anti shock materials? A mop bucket can be used to carry toxic and acidic chemicals. If the bucket cracks and all these products leak on polished surfaces or a carpeted area, you can be in trouble. Ask your supplier if the bucket is likely to resist light to medium shocks.

Is the wringer sold separately? The bucket does not do a lot of work but the wringer does. It is used a lot to squeeze the mop head and it can break. Any decent supplier will sell replacement wringers. Just ask to be sure.

Who are your staff? A 20 L bucket & wringer is pretty heavy. If one of your staff members has to carry that bucket up and down the stairs daily, they could develop back pains. Use smaller buckets or just have 1 bucket for each floor.

If you are looking for a domestic mop bucket with wringer, a commercial mop bucket & wringer, give us a call. We are here as you need us and we will advise you for free!

Mop Buckets & Wringers

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