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Melamine Pads

Melamine Pads

Floor Care With Quality Melamine Pads



While porous floors are great at improving traction and preventing slip-and-fall accidents, soiling and moisture tend to build up in the pores at a faster rate. The resultant discolouration takes away their beauty. Then there’s the dull look that develops over time as a result of daily wear and tear. You invested a lot in installing your flooring, and you want it to look great all through. After all, it has a profound impact on the decor in your residential or commercial establishment, and its state reflects on everything else. Increased soiling, scuff marks, spots and greasy residue make it appear dilapidated and poorly maintained. These are not the conditions you want to live in. Proper floor care is vital. However, this is not just about sloshing chemicals onto the surface and scrubbing away. Whether you’re stripping existing floor coatings, removing spots and unsightly marks or polishing the surface, you need to consider the type of floor you’re working with, and the equipment you intend to use. Your goal is to restore the beauty to your floor, not ruin the surface and reduce its structural integrity. From petroleum-based cleaners that cause deterioration of tiles, cleaners with wax agents that result in wax build-up on the flooring, bleach and vinegar-based products including the bathroom cleaners that can damage the surface, butyl cleaners and high pH strippers that can react with the floor- there’s plenty of risk. Melamine pads come in to meet the cleaning demands of porous flooring without damaging the structure.


Are you a cleaning contractor? Perhaps you have a client base spanning from office suites, retailers, shopping malls, art galleries, hotels, government builds or airports. No doubt you are under pressure to cut down on the floor care costs, without compromising on your quality of service delivery. You want to protect your brand by consistently providing clean and glossy floors, plus a satisfactory customer experience in an increasingly competitive market. Most of the costs you incur are linked to the labour, which brings the need to apply less labour-intensive approaches to the cleaning. Safety and sustainability of the processes used is also key- from hospitals and professional kitchens where floor hygiene and cleanliness have to be maintained to high standards, to using techniques that show your clients that your services are environmentally-conscious. In order to reduce costs, enhance performance and simultaneously improve the sustainability of your operations, turn to the Amtech Combo Melamine Floor Cleaning Pads.


Benefits Of The Melamine Pads


  1. Thorough cleaning action

The Amtech melamine pads deliver on their core mandate, which is to get rid of the grime on your floor. They are designed with an open cell structure, enabling them to penetrate even the microporous surface to absorb the dirt without damaging the floor itself. You can also use the pads with cleaning agents that have been formulated to break down the old greasy residue, scum, hard water deposits, moulds and mildew that’s in the grout, soap, residue and other grime- as long as the product selected is compatible with the flooring in question. This is also far more effective compared to conventional methods like using brushes. The pads provide a quicker and more uniform clean compared to the brushes. Speaking of which, brushes are more laborious to use, requiring more passes since the bristles that are in contact with the floor are less than the evenly distributed fibres of the melamine pads. The increased contact area with the latter makes the cleaning and polishing process faster and more effective. This is why the pads are the most preferred option for residential and commercial cleaning operations.

  1. Superior abrasive strength

You get to restore your floors to glamour with these melamine pads. They cut through the stubborn grime and ingrained soling that’s ruining your floor, and get rid of those scuff marks and black heel marks without dulling the surface finish. In fact, the pads restore the shine to the floor. The abrasive action is provided by the pads, and water acts as the lubricant. The combination brings back the elegance to surfaces like VCT (vinyl composition tile), marble, stone and concrete. No residue is left behind, and you cut down on the amount of time and energy that you would have needed for the process.

  1. Built to last

These pads are manufactured using high-strength melamine foam, and can clock up to 1000m² of cleaning when used with single disc machines, or even 10,000m² when you’re working with scrubber dryers. In fact, while others can only be used exclusively when wet, these melamine pads work in both wet and dry conditions. The enhanced durability gives the pads prolonged life, enabling you to get more cleaning action out of every unit you’ve purchased. The pads also have uniform mineral distribution, which means that there’s less vibration and machine wobbling, which reduces fatigue of the operator and further extends the life of the pad.

  1. Versatile

The melamine pads are designed to be used for the daily and periodic cleaning of floors, and even when you want to carry out a deep cleaning. They’re suitable for a wide range of surfaces, ranging from ceramic, and terracotta, to marble and concrete. Each pad has been precision-engineered for the particular surface and maintenance task, hence you just need to go with the option that suits your particular situation. Examples of the products available include:


  • Combo Melamine Hand Pads – Here you get to work with a hand pad holder whether it has a handle or not. They are melamine sponges that have a longer lifespan than conventional pads, and preserve the structural integrity and skid resistance of the surface being worked on. This is a rectangular pad, which is especially beneficial when dealing with the corners and edges.


  • The 17″ Melamine Combo Floor Pads where there are two variants: 25mm and 15mm, which are used with the compatible machine pads for a faster cleaning- such as the single disc machines or scrubber dryers;


  • 20″ Combo Melamine floor cleaning pad, where the increased surface area makes it suitable for large-scale cleaning operations.5


. Easy to use

Working with these melamine pads is a breeze. First, the setup is easy, and they fit all the standard pad holders. They are available in different sizes so as to be compatible with the machines being used. You won’t need to clean the pad in between uses. This further saves on time, increasing the speed of your operations- which is beneficial whether you’re getting through your floor care chores at home, or you’re a cleaning contractor working on multiple projects in a day.


  1. Eco-conscious cleaning

The sustainability and environmentally-friendly trend has permeated across the various sectors around the world- from transport, production and even hospitality, and the cleaning industry has not been left behind. After all, we each have a duty to protect Mother Nature. The melamine pads fit right into this. They rely on mechanical cleaning power, rather than the use of harsh chemicals that would have had a negative impact on the environment. As such, you get to effectively maintain your floors, without jeopardising the biodiversity around you. In fact, this approach is so safe that it is used everywhere from homes and offices to healthcare establishments and even airports. It poses no risk to the persons in the vicinity.

  1. Economical

At the end of the day, you want quality without having to break the bank. The melamine pads are budget-friendly. For starters, their affordable pricing enables you to cut down on the purchase costs when acquiring your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance equipment. Secondly, the durability of these melamine pads means you get to make savings in the long run. What’s more, since water is usually the only solvent required, you get to avoid additional costs that would have come with sourcing for chemicals. Using pads is also a more cost-effective approach compared to brushes. The bristles of the brushes tend to lay over as they are used, becoming ineffective in the long run- meaning more replacements will need to be made at a faster rate. The design and operation of the melamine pads allows them to last way longer- maintaining consistent results throughout their life, at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred.Using the Melamine Pads


The application depends on the process being followed. For instance:


  • When working with a single disc machine:

This can be when you want to get rid of the soiling that is heavily embedded on the surface during regular cleaning or before applying a finish coat. Follow these steps:

  1. Dust/vacuum the floor. This is to remove the loose particles.
  2. Wet the surface with water. Alternatively, you can use a cleaning agent that’s suitable for your particular type of flooring. In which case you should follow the instructions on the product label on the ratios needed when preparing the cleaning solution. Apply this solution to the surface, and allow a few minutes of dwelling time for it to break down the target grime build-up.

iii. Attach the melamine pad to the single disc machine, and proceed to scrub the surface. Usually two passes over the same area will be adequate. In case the floor or pad dry in the course of the scrubbing, apply more water or cleaning solution.

  1. Mop up the residue or use a wet vacuum.
  2. Rinse the floor with clean water and a mop.
  3. Allow to dry.• With scrubber dryers:

These are used for indoor floor cleaning regimes, but can also work on non-abrasive outdoor surfaces. There are two models- the ride-on and walk-behind scrubber dryers, and the alternative used depends on your cleaning needs. During the forward motion, the machine releases the mixture of water and cleaning solutions onto the rotating melamine pads, and the motions of the pad and the lubrication provided by the water- plus the cleaning action of the formulation, if any has been used- lifts the dirt from the floor. The squeegee that follows through at the rear of the machine collects the residue solution and debris which is then stored in the recovery tank to be emptied later.


  • Buffing processes

When buffing to remove those scratches and scuff marks on the surface- and increase the gloss level of the floor (in effect extending the time in between subsequent floor strippings), follow these steps:

  1. First ensure the floor is clean. Never buff the floor unless all the dirt and grime has been got rid of.
  2. Install that pad onto the buffing machine.

iii. Buff in a straight line, at around 1-2 feet per second, and overlap the passes with 2-4 inches. Here, you should buff to your preferred gloss level.

  1. Dust mop the floor after the process.


Tips For Using The Melamine Pads


  • Ensure that the pad fits the machine being used. When the pads are oversized or undersized, it negatively impacts the machine operation and overall cleaning performance.
  • The pad driving accessories should be well maintained. For instance, when the pad holder is improperly positioned or has worn out, it can result in damage to the pads themselves, and also reduces your efficiency.
  • As you go about the cleaning, avoid nails, bolts and other items that are sticking up from the floor surface as they could result in damage to the pads as they pass over them.
  • While you don’t need to clean the pads between uses, this does not mean you leave them unattended throughout their life. Occasionally clean them to get rid of the soiling and finishing that is on the structure. Note that you shouldn’t soak the pads in cleaning or stripping solutions, as this may result in weakening over time. Simply hosing them down with hot water is enough.
  • It’s recommended that you avoid soiling from drying on the pad. You can store the soiled melamine pads in a plastic liner bag, which will keep them moist till the moment when they can be properly cleaned.
  • Avoid leaving the pad under the machine with its full weight on the floor. Remove the pad from the machine, rinse it out and allow it to dry.

Melamine Pads

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