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Marble Restoration Services

Marble Restoration Services

Marble Restoration Services

Have your floors lost their charm? Are there scratches and scuffs on your marble countertops? Is there chipping on the walls? The marble structures require regular care and maintenance to enable them retain their glamour. Everyday dirt, abrasion from foot traffic, spills that seep deep into the material and set into it, those etch marks caused by acidic substances- they take away the appeal of the surface, deteriorating it over time and even putting its structural integrity on the line. Our marble polishing services are here to get your installation back to it its optimal state.

High quality systems and processes

The marble restoration process encompasses different facets. There are situations where mechanical polishing will be required, others call for chemical agents to be used. In other scenarios they are interchangeable, based on the area being worked on. For instance, as the floor is being polished, obstacles may be in the way, that prevent the machine being used for the process from being able to access certain areas. It may also the case that the floor is uneven, or there are different levels with the lippage. In this case, abrasive creams like the Faber ABR 600 are used in place of the intermediate grain sizes of the resin pads that are typically used for the mechanical polishing. This enables the floor to be completely prepared for the subsequent polishing with chemical solutions that will follow. Speaking which, the ABR 600 is also effective in removing blemishes like scratches that are on the floor, and can even be used together with the K100 unit, also from Faber, when dealing with the surface that have general damage as  a result of wearing down, or chemical aggression from acid-based substances that were spilled on them. You may want to reduce the surface shine of your installation, in which case the ABR 600 will also come into play, taking away the need for extensive mechanical processes. There are also those cases where you want to remove the surface treatments that have been applied, without affecting the original appearance of the marble surface underneath. There are installations where the flaws on the marble are actually needed for decor purposes, when slight scuffs and small scratches are made on purpose. Here, solutions like the Faber Tile Cream come in handy. It is a water-based cream that has ultra-fine abrasive particles that achieve this effect.

When it comes to giving your surface a shine, different products can be employed based on the state of the floor, and the systems being employed. For instance, when dealing with surfaces that are slightly damp, using steel wool pads with the mechanical polisher would result in oxidation effects. To prevent this from occurring, crystallization creams like the CristalFab White Pad are used with the machine. The formulation itself is effective in restoring the gloss that had been partially lost, leaving a clear shine in its wake. For a deep vitreous shine, polishing powders like the Faber A2 Mix are employed. These have the welcome benefit of increasing the protection of the underlying surface, by boosting its resistance to soiling plus foot traffic. Since not all marble surfaces are the same, and there are those that are more sensitive to acids- such as Bardiglio marble and red Verona marble, specialized formulations like the Faber A1 Grey have been developed, to enable these delicate installations to be handled and enhance their aesthetic result.

Mechanical polishing with tough diamond abrasives

Abrasion, especially when working on natural stone, requires strong and durable materials to be used. Towards this end, we have invested in modernised systems incorporating everything from hand pads and orbital sanders, to edgers and single head machines. These pack a punch, enabling our crew to work on large surface areas in minimal time. The functionality of these machines is also dependent on the pads and discs that are attached to them. Here, we use products from brands such as KGS, which is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing diamond abrasives- having been in business since the 1950s and having a global reach today. The different units selected during the operations depend on the particular stage of the grinding and polishing, and the kind of surface that is being worked on. For example, when hand-held machines are being used to polish wet marble surfaces, resin bond diamond discs such as the KGS Speedline® MM are utilised. With grits ranging from 50 to 3000, they can deliver a highly polished result. The KGS Speedline® CM is a similar unit, where you also won’t have to worry about your stone installation getting discoloured.

Hand pads come in when dealing with the irregular surfaces, and attending to those spots that require a personal and more up-close touch by our crew. We have KGS units available for this, such as the Telum® and Flexis® handpads which have a foam block structure that is coated with diamond abrasives. These pads are versatile, enabling our crew to work on multiple installations in the establishment using the same product. There are cases where internal surfaces need to be ground and polished. Here, our personnel use expanding rubber drums. These work with diamond belts from the KGS Telum® and Flexis® BCT lines, that are engineered to deliver a flat and polished surface.

Floor renovation units come in play when a complete overhaul is needed, removing the treatments that had been initially applied, and revealing the bare surface underneath. They can also be used when levelling uneven floors, and those cases where there is lippage that is distorting the installation. Our crew employ the KGS RENOVATOR™ System which incorporates resin bond diamond grinding and polishing pads. The non-woven set of KGS Frankfurt pads can also be used, being fitted onto the single head floor care machines. The diamond triangles, on the other hand, are used when working with orbital sanders. These are the likes of the KGS Telum® Triangle Fein, which come in handy when our crew are grinding and polishing the corners of the marble installation, as happens when attending to the kitchen countertops.

Marble Restoration Services Dublin

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