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A Look At The Faber HidroFab

A Look At The Faber HidroFab

A Look At The Faber HidroFab

You don’t want the tiles in your home or business premises to look dull and lifeless. While the natural stone surfaces are durable, they are certainly not invulnerable. They come under attack on a daily basis, by everything from dirt and grime, to the foot traffic of people walking about. Those dust and grit particles are abrasive, especially when grinded against the floor. They wear down the surface, taking away its beauty and structural integrity. Without protective treatments, this happens at a much faster rate. Scratches are easily formed, and spills seep deep into the structure, creating stains that are not only frustrating, but very difficult to remove. You don’t want to leave your floors susceptible to this. Water and other liquids- and even the debris that makes its way down into the cracks between the tiles, will ruin the glue beneath them. Cases of waterlogging have actually been known to cause tiles to pull up from the floor. What of the discolouration? The lustrous granite stone and elegant limestone installations can lose their colour and tone, making the place appear more deteriorated. This is not the case you want for your living or working conditions. Protect your investment by investing in solutions such as the Faber HidroFab.

Faber has been developing surface care and treatment solutions for decades. Their products cater to different consumer needs, from the stone manufacturers and installers looking for agents to treat their products before releasing them into the market, those that are ordered by showrooms and bring together the efficiency of professional products and the simplicity of DIY formulations, a green-tech line where it’s all about using eco-friendly solutions, to those targeting industrial applications, where they are customised to suit the specific needs of the client. Abrasives and polishes to bring the lustrous look to the surfaces, cleaners that come in to tackle everyday dirt and stains ranging from wine, soft drinks, ink and even oil-based stains like bituminous residue, solutions that protect the installations from rising damp and the fading caused by the elements, which create a layer of protection while maintaining the breathability of the surface, to products designed for the repair of chips and cracks on the surface- the quality is maintained throughout all the products. Having attained ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and ISO 14001:2004 on the environmental sustainability of its systems and processes, its further testament to the reliability of the formulations.

Enhancing the elegance of your surfaces

This water-based formulation has been developed as a finishing treatment, accentuating your floors and enhancing their resistance to daily wear and tear. It’s a self-polishing wax-resin that brings out the beauty in your installation, making the natural patterns and tone of the structure more pronounced. Whether you’re using it on natural stone surfaces, concrete, the manmade agglomerates, or even wood flooring, it will bring a shine to the installation, enhancing the indoor decor of your residential or commercial establishment. It is especially beneficial for the stone installations that have a fine sanded, brushed or distressed finish. You can also use it on porous surfaces such as terracotta. Issues like yellowing won’t crop up, ensuring that the resultant elegance is retained for longer.

The formulation of the Faber HidroFab makes it a water- and oil-repellent product. As such, the coats that are formed on the surface prevent the water-based and oil-based stains from seeping into the structure and bonding with it. This, coupled with the dirt-proof layer formed, means that your subsequent cleaning tasks will be easier to handle. This reduces the amount of resources spent on the task. In addition, the affordable price of the Faber HidroFab means you get to make savings right off the bat. With a 15 – 20m2 per litre application rate, each unit you purchase gets to be used to treat large sections of your establishment, further cutting down on costs incurred.

How To Use The Faber HidroFab

Before you proceed to treat the floor, the surface must first be cleaned. Dust, grit particles, loose debris and other substances in it should be washed off. Extract the moisture using drying equipment, or just allow it sufficient time to dry off, since the Faber HidroFab shouldn’t be applied to wet surfaces. Once ready, proceed following these steps:

  1. Apply the Faber HidroFab abundantly onto the surface, taking care to follow one direction. You can use equipment like a roller or lambswool applicator. At this stage, if there are sections where you have left too much product, or there is a build-up in an area, you can proceed to redistribute it before moving onto the next section.
  2. Give it time to dry. Usually, this takes 2 hours. This wax-resin treatment will form the polished effect on its own.

Here, if you notice a build-up of wax, don’t disturb it until the layer has cured. This should take at least 3 to 4 hours. After this, you can use a mechanical polisher to even out the layer. Clean the surface and let it dry, then proceed with the polishing using a machine that has a lambswool or a white pad attached to it.

  1. For the highly absorbent surfaces, plus the textured ones, a second layer of the Faber HidroFab may need to be applied. Wait 2-3 hours after the initial application to add this second coat, following the same procedure as the first. However, use a direction that is perpendicular to the one followed with the first layer. Any build-up here can also be resolved by mechanical polishing.

To take care of the surface treated with the Faber HidroFab, use cleaning products from the same brand, such as the Neugel formulation. For surface restoration that is carried out occasionally to keep the waxed surface elegant, you can use Faber MANU’, or simply proceed with the HidroFab formulation. However, ensure that you dilute wit with clean water (1 part product, 5 parts water).

Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Faber HidroFab

  • While this wax-resin formulation is self-polishing, you can still go ahead to increase the shine using a mechanical polisher.
  • Avoid applying the product on surfaces that are overly heated. Wait for them to cool off.
  • If it’s a recently installed floor, let any adhesives and grout used to cure before applying the Faber HidroFab.


A Look At The Faber HidroFab Floor Polish

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