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A Look At The Evans Odour Neutraliser

A Look At The Evans Odour Neutraliser

A Look At The Evans Odour Neutraliser

Odours- they make any place unbearable. Whether it’s the gunk in the dust bin in your kitchen, food spills in the living room, or a urine stain by your pet on your carpet, the odours make the indoor space uncomfortable, and ruin the décor. They even affect your peace of mind. It’s nearly impossible to relax back in your home with odours wafting in from the bathroom, or get a good night’s sleep when there are cigarette smoke smells in your bedding and bathroom walls. The odours can form on all kinds of places- food and beverage spills decaying on floors and cushions, gunk in the kitchen sink or bathroom drains, organic waste in toilets, musty smells from damp fabrics and in closets, all through to that stale feeling that forms in areas like guest rooms and basements that aren’t frequently used. In business premises, stenches are all over- such as the coffee and tea stains at the office desk, spills that occur in the employee lounge as your staff take a break, sweat, body and hair oil treatments in the various furnishings from the reception area to the conference room, vomit accidents in clubs and restaurants, soiling left over in hotel rooms by clients who downed one-too-many drinks, all through to creepy crawlers and rodents getting trapped in air vents and behind cabinets, dying, and stinking up the place. You want a product that can counter all the malodorous, and restore a clean and fresh fragrance in the premises. That’s right up the alley of the Evans Odour Neutraliser.


It’s not just about comfort. Impressions also count. What will your friends and relatives coming over to visit think about your home, when they are hit by pungent smells the moment they walk through the front door? As a realtor, you simply cannot afford to have odours in an establishment that you want to sell or rent out. They will literally chase out potential buyers and tenants. For business premises, the odours have an impact on your profit margins. This happens in 2 major ways. First, your employees are unable to focus on their duties when malodorous are hanging in the air. This is because they are constantly distracted, which limits their scope of creativity, and reduces their productivity. On the side of the customers, a smelly office building, retail store, or even restaurant will portray a negative image to your clientele. They will take it to be a representation of the level of services you’re offering. As such, your revenue decreases, and business growth slumps. You want a product that can enable you to prevent this from happening. Turn to the Evans Odour Neutraliser to eliminate those smells in your residential or commercial property.


Reasons For Investing In The Evans Odour Neutraliser

  1. High efficacy

The Evans Odour Neutraliser has been specially designed to attack the molecules causing the smells, and make them inert. It is effective on everything from odours caused by food and drink spills, to urine stains, and even those gagging stenches from the kitty litter. Cigarette smoke smells, odours coming from the food particles in the sink, organic waste in the dust bin, spills on your floors and countertops and pet odours left behind by your furry friends as they play and rub themselves against your furnishings, are all eliminated. You can use the Evans Odour Neutraliser to eliminate sweat odours from your sofa at home, all through to gymnasium and fitness clubs, and even those hair and body oil treatments that are left behind on your upholstery by persons in your commercial establishment. It will leave your items and surfaces with an invigorating feel.


  1. Bactericidal

You get to simultaneously eliminate the odours and kill off the pathogens crawling on the surfaces or in your fabrics. The Evans Odour Neutraliser has disinfectant capabilities, getting rid of a wide range of microbes, from E. coli to MRSA. It passes the EN 1276, a quantitative suspension test that evaluates the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics that are used for food and industrial applications, in domestic and institutional areas. 


  1. Long lasting fragrance

The Evans Odour Neutraliser leaves you surfaces and items with a pleasant Wild Berry fragrance that permeates through the premises. Its molecules remain absorbed in the fabrics and surfaces for extended periods, enabling you to enjoy the scent for longer.


  1. Versatile

You can use the Evans Odour Neutraliser to eliminate odours from hard surfaces in your establishment, trash cans, carpets and even fabrics.


  1. Ergonomic and efficient

The Evans Odour Neutraliser makes tackling stenches to be a walk in the park. Minimal energy is required on your part. You simply have to spray the Evans Odour Neutraliser undiluted onto the surface or fabric with the stink problem. You can use it to do spot treatments as soon as the spills, urine stains or even vomit accidents occur, or during your general cleaning sessions. The 750ml Evans Odour Neutraliser trigger spray bottle snuggles well in the palm of your hand, allowing for smooth uninterrupted application. Its fast acting nature reduces the amount of time needed to eliminate the odours, and leave a pleasant fragrance all through the property. The Evans Odour Neutraliser can even be sprayed directly onto the source of the odour, especially for those areas that have been recently contaminated.


  1. Economical

The Evans Odour Neutraliser gives you more bang for your buck. Its multipurpose nature enables you to use it for a variant of applications, reducing the need to get different products to counter every specific odour problem. You can get the Evans Odour Neutraliser in an affordable 750ml or 5L bottle.


DOs And DON’Ts Of The Evans Odour Neutraliser

  • DO find the source of the odour and fix it. Sometimes it’s simple a food or drink spill, or wet clothes that were left in a sealed bag, and other times there can be bugs stuck in the crevices of the building, or mould growths on the furnishings and wood panelling. Apply the appropriate procedure to remove the source of the smell, and use the Evans Odour Neutraliser to eliminate the stench coming from the surface.


  • DO ventilate the building. Whether it’s running your HVAC unit, or simple measures such as opening the windows and doors, air circulation is vital to prevent musty smells from developing. Don’t forget to regularly open up spaces that have been shut for long, like cabinets, cupboards and closets.
  • DON’T dilute the Evans Odour Neutraliser. It comes ready to use.

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