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Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

We all love leather couches, leather sofas or leather foot stools. It looks great and it gets dirty pretty hard. But most people don’t use the right leather cleaners to clean their leather surfaces and in most cases the leather ends up looking much worn than it has to.

If you have a walk around few antic shops you will notice that there are lot of leather covered items that still look great after hundreds of years. Was the leather better in those times or people that had leather armchairs or sofas few hundred years back, know how to maintain it? A bit of both.

Real leather is animal skin and animal skin like the human skin, can dry and crack pretty easy. What do you do when you feel your hand skin cracking after using some active chemicals? You will be using a hand cream. Most types of leather cleaners and conditioners are neutral cleaners that contain some type of moisturiser to restore the balance. The cleaner contained will softly remove grease, fats, organic waste while the oils from the conditioner will soften up the leather surfaces and it will make it glossy. As you know, oils are great waterproofing products, so after one quick treatment, your leather surface will be fully protected against spillages. sells two types of leather cleaning products, we sell leather cleaner on its own, we sell leather conditioner on its own and we sell leather cleaner & conditioner in one product. In many cases there is no need to keep treating the leather surface with more conditioner and instead you just want to give it a quick wipe after a small spillage. In those cases a leather cleaner is recommended. In other cases where the leather is not dirty at all but you want a bit more shine out of it, you can apply one coat of leather conditioner to improve the look. If you are a professional leather cleaning company that cleans a lot of leather, you don’t have time to apply two products and wait for each coat to dry. You need to get results faster and cheaper. For people like you we have Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.

Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner – there are many leather cleaners and conditioners out there but the price of this products is nuts. Well established companies have no problem asking for 15€ for 1 litre of leather cleaner and 15€ for litre of leather conditioner. But Craftex has come with a very smart solution, it has created a product that is a leather cleaner and a leather conditioner in one product. It costs less than half than other leather cleaners and conditioners and it was designed for the commercial market. This product works fast and leaves the leather soft and clean. It removes with ease most types of organic stains and spillages and it will restore the natural beauty of the leather in seconds. Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is a neutral leather cleaner that can be used to deep clean and maintain any type of leather surface.

Using Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is not a complicate job. Just remove all the dust and all debris from the leather surface that has to be cleaned and prepare for the job. Have two cloths ready, one towel cloth and one microfiber cloth ready. Spray the whole surface with the leather cleaner and conditioner and allow 2 minutes to work. Gently scrub the leather with the towel cloth until all the dirt is removed. Apply one more treatment and wait another minute then polish the leather with the microfiber cloth in circular moves until the leather looks shiny. The whole process of cleaning a leather armchair should take around 5 minutes.

A leather surface can be easily damaged. Please use leather cleaners only to clean and maintain your leather surfaces. General cleaners and degreasers could provide instant results but it could also stain your leather.

Order Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner now and we will have it delivered within 24 hours. If you need us to tell you how to use it, please just contact us.

Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner – professional results for less!

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