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Kitchen Master Oven Cleaner

Kitchen Master Oven Cleaner

Kitchen Master Oven Cleaner


– a caustic based active oven cleaning gel

– it will break burned carbon and old grease

-suitable for commercial oven cleaning jobs

– suitable for cleaning ovens, cookers, grills

– it requires 30 min pre-spray to be at its best

– to be used by professionals or trades only

– it will make oven cleaning look very easy


Kitchen Master Oven Cleaner – Where to use

You are just about to use one of the most active oven gel ever made. It was designed to melt burned carbon and old grease. Protection needs to be on at all times. It will react in contact with grease and carbon and it will start breaking it instant. To achieve the best possible results, please pre-spray with 30 minutes before cleaning. Suitable for deep cleaning all types of industrial ovens, grills, deep fat fryers, stove burners, plates, etc. It can be used for cleaning domesticc ovens by specialists only. Highly active, highly toxic and very dangerous product.


Kitchen Master Oven Cleaner – How to use

This active oven cleaning gel can only be used for cleaning ovens, grils, deep fat fryers, etc. Do not use as a kitchen degreaser to avoid stainings. Apply a nice coat of oven cleaner all over the area that needs to be cleaned. It will take up to 30 minutes for the gel to fully break the carbon or fat. This gel like oven cleaner will attach with ease to all types of vertical surfaces, including oven walls. After about 30 minutes, scrub the area very well with steel scourers and green pads. Some baddly burned areas might require few treatments before getting good results. Put towles on the floor area around the cooker to avoid oven leaking on the floor (it will stain). Deep clean the cooker with kitchen degreasers and put the cooker on at maximum power for 30 minutes to burn down all the excess oven gel. Job done.


Do not mix this oven cleaner with any other products

Wear gloves and eye protection at all times

Do not cook with the oven before the oven was on for 30 minutes

Do not use this strong oven cleaner for any other type of cleaning


Kitchen Master Oven Cleaner – oven cleaning was never easier!