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Killeen Galvanized Steel Scourers

Killeen Galvanized Steel Scourers

Killeen Galvanized Steel Scourers


-professional quality galvanized steel scourers

-it is suitable for domestic and commercial scrubbing

-it will remove with ease most types of food build ups

-much better quality than other similar products

-this quality product is Irish made from Irish materials

-it can be sold in packs of 25 or boxes with 75 scourers


Killeen Galvanized Steel Scourers – Where to use

This high quality steel scourers from Killeen brand, can be used for scrubbing heavy duty food and carbon burns from pots, ovens, extractor fans, stainless steel surfaces, etc. It will remove with ease any type of dirt build ups that cannot be removed with a standard kitchen sponges. Killeen steel scourers are made from high quality steel alloy, rust free and very durable. It will last at least double than other similar steel scourers available from other brands. You can use our steel scourers to remove heavy duty build ups from any type of hard surface.


Killeen Galvanized Steel Scourers – How to use

For general cleaning or dish washing, you can use our steel scourers without any pre-soaking. For oven cleaning or tray scrubbing operations, you will need to use a strong degreaser or an oven cleaning product before scrubbing. Pre soak the cooker or the trays for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing it. Press hard on the spot and scrub in circle moves. Using warm or very hot water can make your job much easier. Do not scrub glass or other sensitive surfaces where damages can occur.


Try our professional steel scourers now and you will notice the quality. Most cheaper types of steel scourers will lose its qualities pretty fast under constant usage, but Killeen Steel Scourers will not. Order bigger quantities and enjoy better rates.


Killeen Steel Scourers – professional results