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Keeping Your Dishes Clean With The Fantail Dish Brush

Keeping Your Dishes Clean With The Fantail Dish Brush

Keeping Your Dishes Clean With The Fantail Dish Brush

Dishes and pans are bound to get dirty. From the grease splatters that get burnt onto them, to the everyday food debris that dries onto the surface- a thorough scrubbing is part and parcel of the kitchen cleaning program. What’s more, the chemical action of the detergents and dishwashing liquids being used also requires that additional boost brought during scrubbing processes. This is to dislodge the grime that is adhering to the surfaces of your kitchen items. Getting this done doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the right tools, you can cut down the amount of time and energy that is spent on the premises. That’s where units like the Fantail Dish Brush come in. 

Benefits Of The Fantail Dish Brush


  • Quick scrubbing action


The Fantail Dish Brush enables you to quickly scrub away the food debris from your pans and dishes. Those baked-on spots on your cookware, the residue on the mugs and pans- it will be up to the task. The built-in scraper adds to the cleaning power, removing those dried-on spots that are on your items. The flared bristles get into to the corners and reach the tight spots, ensuring that you deliver a thorough clean. This reduces the amount of time and energy spent on the process, and you get to have more dishes done without sweating it out at the sink. Since nothing really sticks to the bristles, issues of odours developing due to stuck-on food particles long after the cleaning are avoided. 


  • Gentle cleaning


The bristles are safe for the cookware and bakeware being worked on. The Fantail Dish Brush provides effective but gentle scrubbing action, allowing you to work on even the glasses without risking scratching them. You also get to clean your cast iron pans without damaging the seasoning. 


  • Solid grip


With the design of the Fantail Dish Brush, the grip that’s provided prevents it from slipping in wet hands. This gives you more control as you carry out the cleaning. The ergonomic design also allows you to easily apply force for those situations where heavy-duty cleaning will be required. In fact, with the handle of the Fantail Dish Brush, you can work on multiple utensils and dishes without actually getting your hands wet. 


  • Easy to store


After the Fantail Dish Brush has completed its work, clean it and hang it up to dry. Its handle comes with a hanging hook, for convenient storage. 

Cleaning the dish brush is also a walk in the park. You can easily do this with your dishwasher, taking it through a washing cycle. With the manual route, soak it for some time in the standard dishwashing detergents, and then follow through with a thorough rinse using warm water. More on this below:

Properly Maintaining Your Fantail Dish Brush

Kitchen hygiene is a sensitive issue. Any flaw in the process will compromise the integrity of the meals being prepared, in turn putting the health of the persons who take them at risk. While the Fantail Dish Brush is used to clean the dishes and pans, the unit itself will also need to be thoroughly washed. Fortunately, this is not a complicated process. Unlike cloths and sponges where water and food debris get trapped in the material and encourage pockets of bacteria to thrive, with the Fantail Dish Brush the chances of this happening are reduced. Firstly, the bristles do not retain water, taking away one factor that is needed by the microorganisms to thrive. What’s more, you can clean the Fantail Dish Brush and use it in moments, compared to the waiting periods that are required with the cloths and sponges. 

To clean your unit, you can just put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, with the bristle side facing up when you’re running a cycle. it will be squeaky clean at the end. Before putting in into the dish washer, ensure that you have removed the big chunks of food that may be stuck in the bristles. Manually, simply hold the Fantail Dish Brush under running water- preferably warm, to remove the chunks of food. Proceed to prepare a solution to soak the brush- you can use a solution of dishwashing liquids and vinegar. Give it about an hour then remove it and rinse it using mildly warm water.  All that’s left is letting it to dry. For this, hang it up with its own hanging hook.

Keeping Your Dishes Clean With The Fantail Dish Brush

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