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Junckers Rustic Oil

Junckers Rustic Oil

Junckers Rustic Oil


-superb quality priming or finishing organic oil

-suitable to use on new or newly sanded floors

-it will finish your wood floor in a cool satin finish

-Junckers Rustic Oil can be overcoated with varnish

-it will require between 6 to 24 hours drying time

-suitable fto use on commercial & domestic floors


Junckers Rustic Oil 5L Review

Wood floors, elegant and durable, are amongst the most sought out installations for both home and business premises. They bring a natural look and feel into the interior space, exuding both luxury and prestige. In fact, their nature made them an exclusive of the wealthy in society, up until a few decades ago. Now, with the explosion of new designs and patterns, plus manufacturing techniques that have lowered the cost of production, and not to mention the wide array of wood species themselves, there’s a flooring for every taste and budget. You get to enhance the decor of your premises, creating a relaxing look and feel at home, and impressing those customers trooping into your commercial establishment seeking your products and services. But that’s not all the wood does for the property owner. Its cellular structure makes it a great insulator. You spend less to heat up your interior space, thus making savings in your monthly energy bills. This has the welcome bonus of reducing your green footprint. Speaking of matters environment, getting a wood floor installation is beneficial or the planet as a whole. At first glance, one may assume that the demand naturally leads to massive deforestation, negatively impacting the environment. However, the reality on the ground is that the opposite is what happens. The increased desire for wood floors has made corporations set up numerous certified sustainable forests across the continents, in order to meet the growing need. Hence you’ll be playing your role in the chain of events that leads to more forest cover, hence reducing the greenhouse effect. The wood also bears good tidings for the health of the persons in the establishment. Its surface is not electromagnetic, hence does not trap particles like dust, pollen, and other allergens. In addition to maintaining the indoor air quality, this feature also enables it to be easy to clean. You invested heavily in your wood flooring, and you want to protect it. That’s where the Junckers Rustic Oil 5L comes in.


Reasons To Invest In The Junckers Rustic Oil 5L


  1. Increased wear resistance

The Junckers Rustic Oil 5L doesn’t just sit on the surface forming a film. It penetrates into the wood, with the hardening urethane oil strengthening the fibres themselves, enhancing their wear and abradability attributes. You can use it a primer onto which top coats will be applied, or as the finish itself, to protect your floor and enhance its ability to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. These attacks come from aspects like the dirt and dust particles being ground against the wood surface as people walk about, those items occasionally getting dropped, all through to solar radiation plus those drink spills that risk seeping into the wood structure. You want to ensure that your floor is protected around the clock. Since the oil has penetrated the fibers, it becomes part of the board, moving with it through the expansions and contractions. This prevents joint cracking. The Junckers Rustic Oil 5L enables you to avoid water damage and increases the wood’s stain resistance, further keeping it looking elegant for longer.


  1. Accents the character of the wood

You want a floor that’s pleasing to the eyes, and that enhances the interior decor. The Junckers Rustic Oil 5L enables you to achieve that, according to your specific taste. There are two broad categories to choose from: Clear and Colour. Each dries to a transparent finish, the former bearing the hue of the underlying wood, the latter giving the surface the selected tone. The Colour Junckers Rustic Oil 5L ranges from White, Black, Walnut, SmoothRum, RawSugar, and DarkCoco, all through to WildHazel, Driftwod Grey, Anthracite Grey/SpicyPepper, Mahogany/SylvaRed, and Nut/SylvaKet. Your freedom of choice doesn’t end there. You can go further to combine the Clear and Colour Junckers Rustic Oil 5L, and even thereafter add any of the Junckers water-based lacquers to the surface. You have plenty of room to set up the decor you desire for your establishment.


  1. Easy application

Since the Junckers Rustic Oil 5L is flexible, the mode of approach you use when applying it depends on the intended purpose. Whichever the case, always ensure that the floor is clean and dry prior to application, and that the Junckers Rustic Oil 5L has been thoroughly stirred in its container. Different types of tools can be used for the application, such as brushes, rollers, cloths, or a lambswool applicator, with a nylon scouring pad. When using it as a primer, you can moisten the surface of the bare wood first with a damp cloth and let it dry for 10-15 minutes, in order to enhance the quality of the results. When using it to finish the surface, remember to first lightly sand the wood using fine sandpaper of grit 180-220. Note that for the finishing, floors will require 1 coat of the Junckers Rustic Oil 5L Colour or Clear, while tables or worktops will need 2 thin coats to be applied. It also dries fast. The surface onto which the Junckers Rustic Oil 5L has been applied will be ready to use after 24 hours. Note that it shouldn’t be covered with car;ets or rugs before it has been fully cured, which usually takes around 3 days.


  1. Affordable

You get the high quality Junckers Rustic Oil 5L at a budget friendly price. It also has a wide 10-50 m²/L coverage rate, depending on the structure of the wood and its absorbency. This enables you to cover more surface with each product.


Tips For Using The Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

  • Allow sufficient drying time in between subsequent coat applications. When priming the untreated and sanded wood surfaces, this should be up to 30 minutes. When you want to use the Colour or Clear Junckers Rustic Oil 5L to finish the surface, the existing treatment that had already been applied should be allowed 16-24 hours to dry. For those who opt to add Junckers lacquers onto the surface, the drying time in between the lacquer coats is around 4 hours.
  • After full saturation has been achieved (the wood surface can’t absorb any more product), remove the excess. You don’t want any unabsorbed and dried oil leaving behind glossy spots.
  • When working on floors, a buffing machine whose pad has been covered with a clean cloth will come in handy in spreading the Junckers Rustic Oil 5L, and removing the surplus from the surface.
  • Clean the tools used for the application using white spirit.

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