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Interchange Mop Heads

Interchange Mop Heads

Interchange Mop Heads


-top of the range professional mop head

-it works with interchange mop handle

-better quality than the standard cotton mops

-suitable for cleaning & maintaining all types of floors

-very durable and very cost effective product

-suitable for medium to big floor surfaces


Maxi Mop Head


What You Should Know About Maxi Mop Head

Cleaning can be quite hectic especially if you have a cleaning tool that is not up to the task. A cleanup job needs a system that; reach out to the dirty floor or absorb spills, retain water and leaves your surfaces sparkling clean.


Many people do not pay much detail to their mopping tools. To them, a mop is a mop. Today technology has developed smarter cleaning tools to improve on cleaning. Here is what you should know about maxi mop head the best cleaning tool in the market:

A maxi mop head is revolutionizing cleaning system. The broom takes cleaning to new levels. With a maxi mop head, you are sure of a clean deal without disappointment.


What Makes the Mop Head Unique?

High-quality cotton and polyester are used to make maxi mop head. Cotton has the best absorbency and can retain water three times its weight. When blended with polyester, the resulting product is way more durable and stronger surpassing regular mop heads in the market.

Features of a Maxi Mop Head



Each strand is made from quality cotton. The mop head has looped hollow fibers that facilitate fast dirt picking and effortless wringing. The strands dry up completely and separate quickly allowing fresh air to circulate. With that, dampness is a forgotten concept and rotting eliminated.



Maxi mop heads come in different sizes to suit your cleaning needs. From small mop heads for light tasks to big mop heads for heavy duty and rough surfaces. Depending on the intended purpose, maxi mop heads should be the next thing in your to buy list. 


Color Coded 

Maxi mop heads are color coded to prevent and control cross-contamination, HACCP, and segregation. When the strands are dirty, the mop head color band changes to indicate a break.


Cost Effective

Maxi mop head is washable and reusable. You do not have to dispose of the mop after a wash or two. In fact, the mop head is washable for almost 200 times. In the long run, the mop saves you from having to purchase another mop over time as maxi mop heads have an extra long life.


Functional Individually

Maxi mop heads do not need a combination with other cleaning systems for the ultimate cleaning. They are solid on their own and can achieve maximum cleaning. 



  • The mop picks up dirt fast and releases dirty water quickly. It absorbs grease and oil with ease making it ideal for kitchen and food areas.
  • Perfect for cleaning healthcare surfaces as it comes with autoclavable properties. Unlike other mops that can be laundered, maxi mop head is autoclavable meaning that it is possible to achieve maximum sterilization. You can sterilize them at 121 degree Celsius the same temperature used to destroy bacteria and clean equipment in the laboratory.
  • Professional cleaners also use maxi mop heads for their cleaning services. The mop is good on stains and removes dirt, dust, and other particulates from surfaces leaving the floor impeccably clean.
  • The soft strands are ideally suitable for cleaning wooden floors and dusting surfaces as the mop is gentle and does not streak or scratch surfaces.
  • Office tiles can be cleaned using maxi mop head as they dry water from the tiles completing without stinting.
  • Industries like car garages can use the mop to wipe off large scales and grease from car and hands. 


The Good

  • Maxi mop heads come in a range of colors for you to choose. From Blue to Green, Red, yellow and white mops head, your color preferences drive you. If you are the color-themed person, consider purchasing these mop heads to complement your house.
  • The mops come with interchangeable handles. There is no need of buying a complete mop when the mop head wears out. With maxi mop heads all you have to do is buy another mop head and fix it to the existing handle and watch them fit correctly.
  • The most can also be used as a polishing too. After a thorough cleaning, task adds sparkle with a smooth polish using a maxi mop head and witness the wonders of an excellent polish.
  • The mop is suitable for use with Wringer-sieve mop buckets, or any other cleaning bucket you have.
  • You can use the mop to dust surfaces, walls, crevices, and corners. The strands trap dirt efficiently and release it when shaken just before laundry.
  • The looped strand can penetrate tight corners and gaps, remove dirt from surfaces and edges without abrasion.
  • Maxi mop head strands can stay flat even after cleaning grease, unlike other standard cotton mops. The loops improve their efficiency making work easy and fast.
  • Unlike standard mops, maxi mop head releases water very quickly and hence dry up faster. A dry mop inhibits odor and bacterial growth.
  • The looped strands have an excellent surface area coverage reducing the time needed to complete a task.


The Bad

  • The wet mop uses water to clean. 
  • It uses the bucket system and thus requires frequent breaks to release water, rinse, or shake off the dust. The breaks increase the amount of work and time used to do the job.
  • Since the mop releases water fast, drying large spills may pose a problem.
  • You may need to use a detergent when cleaning so that surfaces are left sterile and safe for your family.


Cleaning Your Maxi Mop Head

After you are done cleaning your floors and in between areas, remember to rinse the maxi mop head thoroughly in hot water with a cleaning solution added. Clean the mop until the water is clear. Hang the clean mop outside to air dry or allow it to dry thoroughly in between uses. Sunshine also has sterilizing effects. You can soak the mop in a detergent before rinsing.

Tossing the mop head in the laundry is the most efficient way to maintain a clean mop. Shake off the dust before laundering it and separate the mop from other wears. Afterward allow the mop to dry in the sun to inhibit any chances of mildew development.



Never leave your mop in dirty water. Failing to dry your mop is just as bad as leaving your mop dirty water. Damp mops promote bacterial and mildew growth.

With maxi mop head you no longer have to wonder if you cleaning is ultimate or not. You never have to worry if your cleaning tool is cleaning or just spreading germs and bacteria. Scale your cleaning heights with the maxi mop head. Let your cleanliness make a statement of your house. Let your house be a home of freshness. Give yourself a chance to deal with maxi mop head, your next cleaning solution.


Maxi Mop Head – professional results for less!


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