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Importance Of Treating Your Wood Floor

Importance Of Treating Your Wood Floor

Importance Of Treating Your Wood Floor

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Getting a wood floor for your establishment comes with its wide range of benefits. Top on the list is definitely that natural charm and elegance, with the floorboards having their unique characteristics, from the hue to the grain patterns. There are numerous wood species that one can choose from, and the subsequent treatment that follows – from the wood stains to the floor lacquers, enables you to personalise the installation to your individual preference. Whether you’re going for a calm and relaxed look, or desire to make a bold statement with your floor, a matt finish or glossy result, it can be done to your particular decor needs. Then there is the durability of the wood floor. They are some of the most sturdy installations, a fact that enables them to be installed in high traffic establishments. They can take on the load and retain their structural integrity, lasting as long as the building itself, but only if they are well maintained. Add the insulating attributes to this, where the wood tissue reduces that amount of heat loss from the building, thus enabling you to make savings on your energy bills. You want to continue enjoying your wood floor for long. For this to happen, the right treatment measures need to be carried out. 

Why Wood Floor Finishes Matter

  1. Wear resistance

As people walk on the floor, there is friction between the soles of their shoes and the floor surface. This friction gradually wears down the surface – one of the reasons why areas that are frequently walked on develop traffic lanes. When there is dirt on the floor, the rate of wear increases. This is because the dirt particles are grinded against the floor, which has an effect like having tiny bits of sandpaper being used on the surface. 

Routine cleaning is needed to reduce the wear that is witnessed. Vacuuming and giving the floor a thorough wash to remove the dirt will go a long way in protecting the installation. Finish coats are also applied to add to the resistance to this wear and tear. They are spread on the surface, providing a barrier of protection. 

Note that you should work with finishes that are developed for the level of traffic handled by your establishment. For instance, for the high traffic establishment, the Tover Idrolak DR 97 comes in handy. This is a two-component lacquer that sets a strong barrier of protection on the surface of the floor, with the mechanical performance of the formulation allowing it to withstand the abrasion and shock effects from day-to-day foot traffic in a busy environment. It also features a high chemical resistance, further preserving the structural integrity of the underlying flooring. 

With the Tover Idrolak DR 97, you get to treat your floor and enhance its natural appeal. The rich finish brings out that original wood colour, and since it comes in different sheens – Semi Gloss, Matt and Extra Matt – you get to go with the choice that suits your particular space. 

  1. Stain resistance

Spills winding up on the floor can be absorbed by the wood tissue, causing unsightly stains. The longer that the stains are allowed to remain on the floor, the deeper they set into the wood, and the harder they will be to remove. Depending on the chemical properties of the liquid involved, there are those that will actually corrode the wood tissue, putting its structural integrity at risk.

The floor lacquer comes in to prevent the spills from seeping into the wood. This does not mean that you should allow spills to remain unattended to. Rather, the lacquer buys you time to get the cleaning equipment needed and remove the spills, and minimise the risk of damage to your wood floor. 

  1. Aesthetic attributes

This focuses on the decor of the establishment, and the impact that you want the floor to have. Different treatments work together to provide the desired result. For instance, there are those who want to retain the natural look and feel of the wood, in which case applying finishes that enhance those attributes like the Tover Idrolak DR 97 comes in handy. Should you want to alter the hue of the floor, the preferred wood stain treatment can be applied. This is then overcoated with the laquear that is compatible with the wood stain, to provide the protective attributes against daily wear and tear. 

Maintaining Finished Floors

When carrying out the floor cleaning, it is imperative to use products that are suitable for working on wood floors. Working with harsh chemicals that can corrode the finish will reduce the protection that the floor gets, exposing it to the risks of rapid deterioration. 

Checking the product label or manufacturer’s website for the floor lacquer that has been applied, there will be directions on the most ideal cleaning products to use. For instance, with the Tover Idrolak DR 97, it is recommended that you use Pulito Parquet soap or Saniparquet detergent for the cleaning.


Extra Measures To Protect Your Floor Include:

Setting up welcome mats at the entrance of the house will reduce the amount of dirt that gets brought into the building. This in turn translates to the floor being exposed to less risk. Area rugs for those sections like at the dinner table where there are more friction effects from footfall also come in handy. When selecting mats and areas rugs that will be used in the household, ensure that they are particularly safe for wood floors. 

A “No Shoe” policy in your house can also go a long way in protecting your wood floor, and creating a healthier indoor environment. After all, the soiling that gets tracked in from the outdoors is a cocktail of allergens, contaminants and pollutants. Having a shoe rack at the door, and indoor sandals that family members and guests can switch to when they get into the premises will prove to be beneficial. 

Do you have pets? Then taking your furry friend to the groomer to get their nails trimmed regularly will reduce the rate at which scratches are formed on the floor. You can also do the trimming yourself, with a nail clipper that has been specifically designed for pets.

 Importance Of Treating Your Wood Floor