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Hygiene Practices With The Dolphin Centrefeed Paper Dispenser

Hygiene Practices With The Dolphin Centrefeed Paper Dispenser

Hygiene Practices With The Dolphin Centrefeed Paper Dispenser

Paper towels are a convenient mode of hand drying, and are in fact the preferred choice when using washrooms. First, it’s a sanitary way of drying the hands, given that each towel is used once. It is also silent, compared to the noisy hand dryers that would be problematic in office environments and care facilities where you want to avoid incidences like interrupting people’s sleep. What’s more, you don’t need to plug them to a power supply, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your monthly energy bills rising, and it also gives you more choices on the areas in which you can install the dispenser. Different factors are considered when selecting a dispenser for your establishment. The first step is choosing the kind of paper you want—where choices range from standard and perforated rolls, to the folded and centre pull rolls. This will enable you to know which dispenser you will want to install. Then there’s the material, where two of the most common options include stainless steel and plastic dispensers. Design features like lockable units, to the size of the dispenser, since you want one that will fit in the space available, are also key. Here’s how you stand to benefit from the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser:

Securing your towel rolls

It can be frustrating when you keep stocking paper towels only for many of them to be stolen. When you leave them exposed, individuals walking by can stash away a couple to use later in their activities or carry them home. They may choose to lift a few to use to wipe seats as they visit the park later on, head out to clear some smudges on their vehicle windows, or stuff their handbags with sufficient stock to last them a whole week as they go on their different errands. Yet you had purchased the paper towels to be used for the differing wiping and drying tasks for the customers and employees within your facility. It ends up putting a strain on your janitorial budget, which is definitely not the trajectory that you want things taking. 

The lockable Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser protects the towel rolls held within. To access them one need the compatible key, and you will have control of who has it. For instance, it can be with the janitorial staff who has been tasked with ensuring that the dispenser remains well-stocked throughout the day. This is as opposed to having a situation where anyone can randomly open the dispenser and escape with the rolls.

Minimizing wastage with the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser

Since the unit dispenses a sheet at a time, there will be less wastage. Sure, users can take more than one if they need to. However, they still end up using far much fewer paper towels compared to when one sets up a bunch of them on the countertop. With these piles, users tend to go picking more towels that they need, which ends up costing you more money with restocking the depleted resource. With the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser, such cases are avoided, preventing your establishment’s janitorial budget from getting strained. 

Value Of Centre Pull Rolls

The dispenser works with the centre pull paper towel rolls, which are designed to make the hand drying am much more sanitary process. As their name suggests the paper towels are pulled out straight from their core—instead of outside like the conventional towels. 

The perforations of these towels ensure that each user can only get one towel at a time from the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser. This serves two main purposes: enhancing hygiene and preventing wastage. This goes to further reduce the expenses that are incurred when providing the customers and employees in your establishment with paper towels for their different needs.

Hands-free operation

While the conventional lever/crank dispensers allow one to get the specific length of paper towel that they desire, they have one key problem: the physical contact. With each user having to touch the lever to dispense the paper towels, there will be a higher risk of contamination spreading across the different persons on the facility. This has seen the push for hands-free units such as the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser.

Here, the user simply pulls at the paper towel without handing to touch the exterior of the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser.  This makes it a hygienic solution, by ensuring that every individual only interacts with the paper towels that they will use, and there that won’t be a transfer of germs from the user to the dispenser or vice versa. What’s more, since the rolls are dispensed at single sheets at a time, one still gets to pull out the specific amount that they desire for the wiping and drying task.

General Purpose Drying

Centre pull paper towels are soft and have a high absorbency, making them popular choices for drying surfaces around the building, from the office breakrooms to restrooms. The Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser has a capacity of holding rolls that are a maximum diameter of 220mm, and 230mm high. With this large capacity, you will be able to stock the dispenser with large rolls that increase the durations between successive restocking. 

Getting more value from your paper towels

Using dispensers also protects the paper towels from environmental effects that would result in their deterioration o and hamper their functionality. For instance, if left exposed, they can easily absorb moisture—especially with the wet conditions of washrooms. Even when paced on countertops in the kitchen, all it would take is a simple spill that gets to the towels for them to be rendered unusable, forcing you to look for a new batch. Piles of paper towels left on countertops will catch drips from the people who’ve just washed their hands, plus the splashes from nearby taps.  Dust is also an issue, as it settling on the exposed centre pull rolls would chip away at their claim of delivering a sanitary clean. 

On the other hand, when the towel rolls are held with the Dolphin Centre Feed Paper Dispenser, they will be safe from contaminants. That way, the person in the facility will have paper towels ready whenever they want to pull one out and wipe a surface or their hands.

Hygiene Practices With The Dolphin Centrefeed Paper Dispenser

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