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Homecare With DirtBusters Cleaning Products

Homecare With DirtBusters Cleaning Products

Homecare With DirtBusters Cleaning Products

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Every home needs to be clean. Your health and comfort depend on it. You want a living space that you can relax in, free from dust, dirt, and clutter. An environment that is conducive for work, study, and other activities, allowing for better focus and concentration. A space that you will be confident to host your guests in. Surfaces and appliances that are well maintained to extend their lifespan and save money in the long run. Your cleaning arsenal is core to this. From the detergents being used, to the equipment you will work with, they will determine how effective you are maintaining a clean and healthy space. DirtBusters is a leading brand, producing solutions to cater to different aspects of taking care of your home. Here, we will delve into the various kinds of products you can work with, and how to optimise your cleaning operations. 

When looking for cleaning agents, the safety of the products on those in the household, as well as the environment as a whole, is a key factor to consider. After all, you don’t want to expose your loved ones to toxic fumes, or work with agents that put plant and marine life at risk when they are disposed of. The DirtBusters brand is keen on environmental protection, with its wide range of eco-solutions. Here you have products like the 5L Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner that is a biodegradable formulation, getting rid of the grime on your windows, mirrors and stainless steel surfaces while being safe for the environment. It achieves this without compromising on the desired quality of the results, since the powerful formulation is dough on the dirt and grime that is on the surfaces, allowing you to clear the smudges and fingerprint marks that are on the mirrors, glass patio doors, bug residue on the windows to the streaks on bathroom surfaces, and even break down the watermarks that are on the sink. All this while delivering streak-free results. 

diHousehold Cleaning – A Top to Bottom Approach For The Different Rooms

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen surfaces get soiled for different reasons. During cooking activities, oil, sauce, and other cooking residue can splatter or spill onto the surfaces and appliances, leaving behind grease and grime. When meals are being prepared, there are those bits of food can fall onto the countertops, stovetops, and floors, making them dirty. Even the simple act of touching surfaces with your hands transfers oils and dirt that is on the skin to the surface, which can accumulate over time. Fingerprints can be left behind particularly on glossy surfaces like stainless steel and glass. Water droplets can leave behind spots on stainless steel appliances and sink fixtures, especially if they are not wiped away in time.  Moisture accumulating in the dark, damp areas of the kitchen, like the sink and refrigerator, creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow. Pests like roaches and mice scurrying around the premises can leave droppings and urine on kitchen surfaces. Then there is the smoke and soot from cooking can accumulate on surfaces, walls, and cabinets over time, leaving behind a greasy residue that can be difficult to remove as the years progress. DirtBusters has developed a wide range of formulations to deal with the different kinds of dirt problems in your kitchen.

Take dealing with the spots and smudges on glossy surfaces for instance. Here, products like the 750ml DirtBusters Glass & Stainless-Steel Cleaner come into focus. You get to deliver a thorough clean to these surfaces, without having to worry about streaks being left behind on the area being worked on. Use this formulation to get rid of the grime on your glass cabinets, mirrors, and stainless steel surface including sinks and oven exteriors, bringing back the sparkle to the appliances and installations. This is a non-toxic formulation, and easily wipes away the dirt – where you simply spray it on the target surface and buff it clean using a dry microfiber cloth. As a welcome bonus, you can also use the 750ml DirtBusters Glass & Stainless-Steel Cleaner on your car windows. This is a ready-to-use formulation, so you won’t need to dilute it. As such, you get to complete the cleaning processes much faster.

Extra tips: 

  • Reduce costs on your cleaning supplies over time by refilling the spray bottle with the 5L DirtBusters Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Should you want an extra shine on the surfaces, after you’ve worked on them with the Glass & Stainless-Steel Cleaner bring in the DirtBusters Multi Shine. We’ll cover more on this product shortly. 

Tackling Grease Troubles

The 5L DirtBusters Kitchen Degreaser comes in to get rid of those thick grease buildups that are on that the hood of your cooler, the extractor filters, cabinets, and other surfaces in the kitchen. You can even use it on hobs and BBQs. The powerful formulation delivers its heavy duty degreasing action with ease, cutting through those stubborn mounds of grime that have been accumulating on the surfaces. This is a non-caustic formulation, making it safe for family members in the house, and it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including worktops, stainless steel appliances, pans, tiles, to the inside of the microwave. The fragranced degreaser freshens up the spot due to the citrus scent that it delivers. 

The concentrated nature of the 5L DirtBusters Kitchen Degreaser makes it an economical product to add to your kitchen cleaning arsenal. It is diluted with a ratio of 10:1 for most cleaning tasks. This means that each 5L unit of product can yield 50L of degreasing solution. For areas that have particularly thick grease, a dilution of 1:1 will be enough.  After diluting it, follow these steps for the application process:

  1. Add the solution into a bucket or a spray bottle. 
  2. Use a cloth, mop or spray bottle to apply it onto the surface. 
  3. Give the formulation 1 minute of dwell time on the area. During this period, it will chemically act on the grease breaking it down. 
  4. Wipe the surface to clear the contents. 

You can save up on costs by getting a refill spray bottle like the 750 ml DirtBusters Kitchen Degreaser – which you simply top up whenever it runs out. This has the welcome benefit of reducing plastic packaging, aiding your efforts to have an eco-friendly house cleaning program. 

Oven Cleaning – Taking Care of the Workhorse of the Kitchen

After multiple cleaning cycles, the grease filter of the oven will need to be cleaned. This is because its efficiency goes decreasing over time, courtesy of the grease build-ups. You don’t want to be in a situation where the functionality of the extractor is affected, or nasty smells start coming from the oven. 

In the push to be a one-stop shop for your kitchen cleaning needs, DirtBusters also provides Cooker Extractor Hood Grease Filters (2 per pack). These professional grade units are easy to use, and you simply cut the sheets to suit the required size of your particular oven. These units are compatible with any extractor hood that has a filter – and they make it easier to tell when they need to be switched out by changing the colour. 

Bring the gloss to your kitchen surfaces

When carrying out the maintenance of your kitchen appliances and installations, you want to protect both their functionality and their aesthetics. After all, dull items and surfaces will drag down the décor.  The DirtBusters Multi Shine comes in to resolve this, with its thick glass coating that restores that shine to the surface – hence the name. It’s a versatile formulation that can be used on stainless steel surfaces, oven fronts, and even enamel units. That way you can ensure that you get an overall shine all through the kitchen. Like other products from the brand, this is also a non-caustic formulation – so you can safely use it around your family. 

With the DirtBusters Multi Shine you are able to revitalise the look of your items, handling the wear and tear from the years of use. From pan supports to the oven front, you are able to give them a fresh new look, with a professional standard shine. Moreover, this formulation has been developed using a blend of silicones that are highly resistant to heat, so the resultant coat that is applied onto the surface will protect them. That way, the resultant shine gets to last for longer. 

While the DirtBusters Multi Shine had been originally developed for use by professional oven cleaners, its simplicity of application makes it a formulation that can be applied by anyone who wants to bring that extra gloss to their stainless steel surfaces and other structures in the kitchen. This is a pocket-friendly product, given that you only need a small amount of gel to get that shine – which you can even apply with a microfibre cloth. Simply spread the product over the surface and let it dry. 

Note that the DirtBusters Multi Shine should not be used on surfaces that will be in direct contact with food – like grill pans or BBQs. 

While the Multi Shine is a versatile gel that can be applied on a wide range of surfaces, the Dirt Busters Stainless Oil is particularly meant for stainless steel surfaces – like you can tell from the name. This polish has been developed to bring the shine to sinks, hobs, taps, oven exteriors and other kinds of steel surfaces in the kitchen, delivering streak-free results. It is applied after working on the appliances with the DirtBusters Glass & Stainless-Steel Cleaner that we’ve looked at above. That way, after cleaning the surface, you can add that extra shine and protection, from the Stainless Oil polish. The application process itself is straightforward:

  1. Spray the oil polish onto the cleaned surface. 
  2. Use a cloth to buff the area.

To get rid of the stubborn dirt and burn-on food residue on your stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, the DirtBusters Stainless Steel Cleaning Paste will suffice. The non-caustic agent has been developed for use on surfaces like stainless steel ovens, the aluminium hob rings, hobs, splash backs, and you can even use it to get rid of the water marks that are on sinks. It’s a safe way to give these situations a thorough clean, with its abrasive action enabling it to clear the grime, while the formulation itself is a non-scratching paste. That way you can rely on it to deal with the grease residue, carbon marks, and general dirt that is on the surfaces and installations without worrying about it creating scratches on the unit. 

For the cleaning steps:

  1. Use a non-scratch pad to apply the DirtBusters Stainless Steel Cleaning Paste onto the target area. 
  2. Clean the spot using circular motions, working the product into the surface. 
  3. Clear away the mixture of product and dirt. 

Extra tips

  • In case you’re working on a surface that has very stubborn residue or burnt on carbon, you can allow some dwelling time between steps 1 and 2. For instance, first apply the paste, then give it up to 10 minutes to act on the grime, before you rinse away the contents. 
  • If you’re using the product on a stainless steel electric hob, first heat up the hob rings. Not much heating is required here. You just want a little more temperature, then turn it off and apply the paste. 

With the brand being big on environmentally sustainable cleaning agents, it has also developed the 5L DirtBusters Eco Degreaser Solution. This formulation is based on biodegradable water-based solvents, which are gentle on the surface, but still advanced enough to break down the thick greasy residue that is on the kitchen surfaces. In addition to being eco-friendly, it is also a very versatile product, since you can use it on anything from the ovens, hobs and microwaves, to the cupboard doors, cooker hood and the kitchen floor.  Adding it to your cleaning arsenal enables you to keep your appliances and surfaces in optimal condition, while still maintaining your principles on environmental care.  Moreover, the 5L DirtBusters Eco Degreaser Solution comes with a eucalyptus fragrance, which freshens up the ambience.  The highly concentrated formulation also contributes to reducing the costs incurred in the cleaning program, where each 5L unit purchased gets to take you for the long haul. The product is diluted with a ratio of 10:1, mixing 100 ml of product with 1L of product. This will be enough for most cleaning tasks. If you’re dealing with thick and heavy grease residue, then dilute it with a 1:1 ratio. 

The application process is simple: simply apply the diluted solution that you have prepared onto the surface, then use a cloth or mop to wipe the area. The choice of tool to work with will depend on the kind of area you’re working on. 

Back to the dilution: The capacity of the DirtBusters Eco Degreaser helps in reducing plastic waste here. How? You can use the 5L package to refill the 750ml spray bottle. And given that the product has varying dilution ratios depending on the kind of grime that you’re dealing with, each 5L bottle, can be used to prepare up to 66 of the 750ml spray bottles. This results in less material being wasted – further reducing your environmental impact. 

Toilet Cleaning the DirtBusters Way

Toilets come with different cleaning requirements.  Take macerator pumps for instance. Also called “saniflo” units, these wastewater pumps come with a cutting system. and are usually used in washrooms where it’s not feasible to install a pit or cut the slab. This is like for cases of basement washrooms, where you can’t rely on gravity to drain the waste into the septic system as they are on the same level. Setting a deeper septic system would call for way more costly redesigns. The cutting system of the macerator breaks down the solid waste, and enables the sewage to be discharged through the main plumbing lines into the existing sewage pipe or outlets. That way when you’re installing a washroom in a restaurant basement you won’t have to go the long route of extensive remodelling to extend the sewage outlet down the basement. It’s far more economical to install the Macerator pump to ensure that the toilets flush smoothly each time. When cleaning some toilets, you want a product that will get the task done without affecting the functionality of the setup. That’s where the DirtBusters 5L Macerator Descaler Toilet Cleaner comes in. You can use it for the Saniflo pump units, or conventional urinals and toilets. 

The powerful agent deep cleans the toilet, and helps preserve the functionality of the macerator units – and can be used for both internal and external macerator systems.  With DirtBusters 5L Macerator Descaler Toilet Cleaner, you get 2-1 action, given that it does the cleaning and the descaling.  This is a bleach free formulation, making it safe for the seals of the macerator units. The product remains consistent with the eco-friendly nature of the brand since it is a biodegradable cleaner. It also does not interfere with the natural bacteria that are in the septic tank system. 

You can rely on this phosphoric acid-based product to break down the grime, urine scale and limescale. Given the odours that are common in washrooms, working with a cleaning agent that freshens up the ambiance goes a long way. You also get that with the DirtBusters 5L Macerator Descaler Toilet Cleaner, with its ocean fresh fragrance. There is also the product variation that has a berry fresh fragrance. Using this formulation regularly will prevent blockages in the macerator toilet system, and also avoid damage from limescale build-up. 

Follow this steps for the application:

  1. Turn off the macerator system from the power supply. 
  2. Pour the formulation into the toilet bowl. 1 to 2.5 litres should be enough. 
  3. Turn on the system for a couple of seconds – during which time the descaler will enter it. 
  4. Turn it off again and give it two hours uninterpreted. It will chemically act on the grime and scale deposits. If you’re dealing with particularly large amounts of build-up, then you can leave it overnight.  
  5. Reconnect the electricity and flush the toilet.

For residential or commercial spaces in hard water areas, it is recommended that you do the descaling monthly. Soft water areas can do with descaling every three months. 

The Macerator Descaler Toilet Cleaner is also available in a 6L variation, which is a pack of 5L cleaner plus a 1L toilet duck. This is particularly handy for when you want to clean the toilet bowl. You can also get the 1 Litre toilet duck as individual units, in either Ocean Fresh or Berry Fresh fragrances. 

Septic Tank Treatment

When it comes to the septic tank itself, keeping it well maintained will ensure it provides reliable waste water management for years. neglected septic tanks are a threat to homes, the land they are on, and the neighbourhood in general.  It can result in cases of leakages, which end up polluting the nearby water bodies and recreational areas – and also expose you to the risk of fines from local authorities. In case of serious incidents, the property value will take a hit. 

Contrary to common belief, septic tank maintenance is not just about occasionally pumping it out every three or five years. Keeping the bacteria in the system flourishing is essential for the day-to-day functioning of the system.  The solid waste entering the septic tank and collecting on the bottom gradually builds up. As it rises to the top and gets to the drainfield pipe, some of it can enter the drain – resulting in the entire system clogging. Bacteria in the system break down the solid content, turning it into liquid waste. When this gets to the drainfield, it can be safely drained into the yard without clogging the system. So, maintaining the septic tank also means promoting the growth of this essential bacteria. First, ensure that the contents that are flushed into the toilet don’t destroy the beneficial bacteria. This is why you see it being advised to avoid bleach for the toilet cleaning, as well as flushing down antibacterial soaps.  If these are frequently used for the washing, they will disrupt the natural processes that are needed for the septic tank to function normally.  This is also why septic-safe cleaners from DirtBusters like the eco-friendly Macerator toilet descaler & cleaner are popular. 

Next is going the extra step to encourage the growth of the natural bacteria, and you can do this with products like the DirtBusters Septic Tank Treatment 50g sachets. These are plastic-free sachets that contain the beneficial bacteria needed by the septic tanks. They also come with plant extracts that promote the breaking down of the solid content in the septic tank, and combat odours – all without using harsh chemicals. The product is powerful, given that you only need to use one sachet a month to enable the septic tank bacteria to continue flourishing – and at the same time treat foul odours and avoid cases of blockages, which would have been expensive to repair. 

To use this biodegradable septic tank treatment, simply put the sachet in the toilet and flush. It will be carried to the sent tank, where it will perform its role to maintain the required environment within the tank. 

Odour Control & Treatments – Dealing With the Musky Smells

Odours are the bane of any indoor space.  Foul smells that make you uncomfortable in your own house.  They even have a psychological impact on family members affecting their mood, energy levels, and overall sense of well-being. That negative first impression they give guests makes them feel uncomfortable and hesitant to return. Then there’s the embarrassment that is caused by lingering odours from cooking, pets, or other sources – especially if you have to keep explaining yourself to guests. Strong odours like mould, smoke, or those from pet urine stains can cause physical discomforts as well. 

The odours come from various sources.  Liquids, from spilled milk, beverages to pet urine stains, or food that gets trapped in carpet, penetrate the fibres and cause odours to develop. Pets that shed can leave behind dander, which accumulates on the surrounding surface and causes odours. Damp furnishings or carpets are a habitat for mould and mildew, which results in musty smells.  Tobacco smoke penetrates carpets and rugs and leaves behind a persistent odour. Add this to the decaying organic matter – whether it is food crumbs, or the body waste of insects and other pests rummaging around the house in the middle of the night. 

When carrying out the cleaning, getting rid of the source of the odours is part of the battle. The next is dealing with the odours themselves – and DirtBusters gives you the solutions to do this effectively. Take the 750ml Carpet Stain Remover With Odour Neutraliser or instance. This is a spot cleaning solution that you can use to get rid of those troublesome stains on your carpet’s upholstery, and even vehicle interiors. Whether it’s getting rid of those beverages that spilled from the breakfast table, the mess of fresh juice that the kids left on the seats, or you’re dealing with pet urine stains, the formulation will get rid of them – and leave behind a spring fresh fragrance. This non-toxic agent penetrates into the carpet pile, restoring the original colour of the material being worked on.  The product comes ready-to-use and it is safe for application around pets. You can also use it on delicate carpet material like wool. 

The larger Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner Shampoo on the other hand has been particularly developed to deal with the pet smells, dirt and stains that are in the carpet pile. You get to clean and deodorise at the same time with the biodegradable formulation delivering its distinct summer fresh fragrance. It gets rid of the different messes that pets can cause, from the notorious urine stains, to faecal material, and vomit. Giving your carpet a thorough wash with the Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner Shampoo will prevent the affected areas from forming marks. This product comes concentrated, and it lasts you up to 13X longer than the conventional carpet cleaning agents. Each 5L formulation can be used to prepare 500L of carpet cleaning solution.  It’s a low pH product that can be used on carpets, upholsteries, bedding and other types of fabrics – and it’s still safe for family members and pets in the household.

Struggling with bad odours in the shoes? Stinky footwear can be an embarrassment. The foul odour that can be difficult to ignore, making it uncomfortable for the wearer and those around them. If you are in a social setting, such as at work or a party, and the shoes emit a strong odour, it becomes uncomfortable for everyone, and causes social awkwardness. In a professional setting, such as a job interview or meeting, the stinky shoes can make a poor impression and damage one’s professional image. Then there are the negative perceptions formed about the wearer, such as that they are unclean or unkempt. When the odour remains ingrained in the shoe’s material for long, it ends up making them unusable. Even with such situations, DirtBusters has a solution: the 500ml Shoe Deodoriser. It continually reactivates getting rid of the foul smells from shoes, trainers and boots right at their source. This formulation has been developed with an odour lock, that way once the odour has been dealt with, it can’t be reactivated by the source of the smell. Using it is simple – just spray it onto the affected footwear, and give it a few hours to work. In addition to eliminating the odours, it also leaves behind a wild fig and cassis fragrance, giving the sticky shoes a fresh scent, without worries about the odours recurring.

Homecare With DirtBusters Cleaning Products