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Green Catering Scourers

Green Catering Scourers

Green Catering Scourers

Quality Cleaning With Microsafe Scouring Pads

Your passion is making tantalizing delicacies. Mouth-watering meals that leave your family members at home, and the clients in your restaurant or catering event, satisfied. The pride and joy that comes when they compliment the chef, and recommend your business to their friends and colleagues, cannot be put into words. You want the entire operations, from the cooking to the service delivery, to proceed without a hitch. Then comes the gunk on the dishes. The residue left on the utensils, to the grease that is baked onto the pans. Cooking pots that are heavily crusted, and baking trays that have seen better days. Railings, sinks and fixtures- the busy nature of the kitchens causes numerous surfaces to get soiled. The build-up of grime is not only unsightly, but it also puts the health and hygiene standards of the premises at risk. As such, a thorough cleaning is a core part of the operations carried out. However, you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing stubborn gunk on your items. Those burn marks that have formed on the stovetops and cookware can be frustrating. Your speed of delivery will be compromised if your staff are spending lots of time hunched over the sink as they scrub through the mountain of dishes. Delaying to serve your customers will be costly to your business. Those dishes winding up on the sink should be cleared as fast as they come in, otherwise they pile up and become a bottleneck for your food service business. Even at home, you have a long list of chores that need to be attended to. Moreover, with your busy work and social life, you don’t want doing the dishes to take more time than it should. For the cleaning to be effective, you want quality tools that you can rely on for the task. You get that with the heavy duty green scourers.

Durability also factors in. The cleaning process involves use of a wide range of chemicals. Detergents to remove the everyday grime on the utensils, those that are required to cut through the stubborn grease spots, all-purpose cleaners, tough acting agents, scale removers – they each have their unique formulations. You want a product that will handle the cleaning task without having its structural integrity being compromised by the cleaning solutions used in the process. Seeing that working on the dishes is a frequent activity whether in homes or commercial kitchens- in fact with the later it’s pretty much an around-the-clock activity, you tools that you can rely on to deliver on their mandate, retaining their performance all through. Issues like the fibres breaking down and winding up on the utensils and getting transferred onto the food being served can irk you- not to mention attract scathing reviews from your customers. Steel wool sticking your fingers or rusty pads can be inconveniencing. Weak materials that break down fast increase your cost of operations. You want tools that can withstand long-term use, to enable you work within your budget, while still maintaining quality health and hygiene standards. That can be realised with these green scrubbing pads. Green Catering Scourers

The Scrubbing Staple

With its beehive of activity, you want cleaning tools that can keep up with the needed pace in the kitchen. Those frying pans that got grease particles burned onto them, copper bottoms that are a  stark contrast to their original colour, and the stainless steel that have been covered in a layer of grime- restoring them requires thorough scrubbing action. Are you in a region that is supplied with hard water? This leaves behind spots on the surfaces, due to the mineral deposits. Scrubbing off the spots becomes a daily issue, working together with agents that have been formulated to break them down. What of the trays under your electric burners, plus the dishes that are forgotten overnight and the gunk got dried onto them? These scenarios call for a scrubbing tool that will be versatile enough to be employed across the different areas. Whether you’re cleaning up your oven and stove top after preparing a sumptuous meal, dealing with the sticky residue on the microwave interior surface, dealing with the flower pots and the streaks and stains on your porcelain sink- there’s plenty of demand for a convenient cleaning product. One that you can have in economic packs, keeping them around so that you always have one when you need it. This is right up the alley of the green scourers. Green Catering Scourers

There are also those unconventional applications where scrubbing pads come in handy. Take for instance the machining process, especially when working on a part that requires a very fine finish. After the machining and sanding, and even with lathe work, the scourer can come on board for the final touches as you work to get the desired smoothness. It’s quite convenient when removing rust and corrosion from different types of metal. Speaking of the metal shop, the green scourers are also beneficial when cleaning the various surfaces, including the painted metals. You can use the scourer pad on those wood saw tables to remove the build-up of wood coatings, and bring back the shine to the saw’s cast iron table- just add some extra elbow grease. There are also those cases, like during summer, where the hard water problems intensify. People tend to turn off the water heater, only cranking it back on when it is really needed. In the processes the units build up mineral deposits at a faster rate, which consequently slows the speed of heating water, increasing your energy bills. Add to this those scrapes that are on the floor, including the dark rubber marks left from sneakers, formed as people walk about. It may even be a bathtub with soap scum lining its interior walls, and you want to get rid of it without damaging the finish. Having a universal scrubbing tool on the premises will enable you to quickly handle these situations. Green Catering Scourers


Benefits Of The Green Scourers


  • Heavy duty


These scouring pads make those tough cleaning jobs a breeze. The quality fibres and thick abrasives take on the demands that come with cleaning, whether it’s the utensils and tables at home, the stainless steel stove hoods and fixtures in the restaurant kitchen, or even the walls that have grease splatters and residue that needs to be got rid of. You can use the green scourers to remove the gunk that is on the coffee makers and baking dishes, to lift doors, maintenance equipment and plastic ware. The durable synthetic fibres are crimped and also heat set in order to form a strong web. The bonding resin system used during their manufacture is designed to make them resistant to the degradation when exposed to hot water, cleaning liquids and detergents. You can use the scourers wet or dry, and you won’t have to worry about them rusting, oxidising or causing metal contamination. The material has been designed to withstand extended usage, with each unit taking you for the long haul. Green Catering Scourers


  • Ideal for catering environments


The effectiveness of the green scourers is witnessed across the scope- from restaurants and hotels, to cafeterias in schools and hospitals, all through to domestic applications at home. There won’t be any metal slivers being left behind in the hands or the cleaned items. Whether you’re using them to work on the cooking equipment, maintenance tools, the desks, countertops and railings, to the rest of the stainless steel units, the green scouring pads will be up to the task. The distribution of the abrasive particles on the pad is uniform, ensuring consistent performance. The abrasives are not just coated on the surface. The microsafe scouring pad will carry the detergent being used right onto the target surface, and you get to deliver a thorough scrub to get rid of the grime and grease residue. Green Catering Scourers


  • Preserves the underlying structure


As you deal with the burnt-on particles and the grime that has dried onto the items, the green scourer will remove the messes without damaging the surface. It also doesn’t leave behind any metal or grainy suds, and you won’t have to worry about scratching your pots and pans. Simply carry out the cleaning, and after you’re done set it on its side to dry, in preparation for the next cleaning job. The pads are strong enough to be used in the various china in the residence without damaging it, and will fit in those tight spots to ensure that the job is properly done. Green Catering Scourers


  • Multipurpose


Are there times when the household members don’t scrape of the food residue before placing it on the sink, causing the gunk to dry up on the plates? The scourer will make cleaning them a breeze. Looking for a scrubbing tool to get the bulk of the gunk off your utensils before you place them in the dishwasher? The green scourer is up to the task. Bring it out when you’re scrubbing hard surfaces, like even when you incorporate cleaners to remove the stubborn stains from your countertops. Is it time for spring cleaning, and you’re working on the cabinets? The scrubbing action with this microsafe scouring pad will enable you to get the task done in moments. The built-up grease residue and dirt that has accumulate on the cabinets, the gravy that is stubbornly refusing to come off, microwave splatter, burnt-on stains at the bottom of the cookware, soap scum on shower doors, the dried food that’s in the dog and cat bowls, and other bathroom surfaces when you want to clear the hard water stains- it works across the scope. Dishes, pans, pots, stoves, cuffs on walls, the bug goo that is on your windows or vehicle windshield, those times when you want to get the garden dirt off the vegetables, or are dealing with gunk in the bathtub and sink- the versatility of the green scourers allows them to be used for multiple applications in residential and commercial setups. Even artists can employ it- like when they’re cleaning the ceramics or adding texture to paintings. Green Catering Scourers


  • Easy to use


Coming in at 9 x 6 inches, these green scourers are easy to hold as you proceed with the scrubbing. The flexible nature of the material allows you to use them to get rid of the backed on foods and grease residue on the hard-to-reach spots such as the corners of pots and pans, to the stove hoods. The handling enables you to cut down on the amount of time spent with the cleaning. To enhance performance, the fibres of the scrubbing pad are individually separated and coated, which increases the quality of the results. Green Catering Scourers


  • Affordable


The green scourers come with a pocket-friendly price tag. The packaging also enables you to get the quantity that matches your particular needs. They are available in packs of 10. The high quality and heavy-duty nature of the material also enables you to use them for multiple cleaning sessions in homes and commercial kitchens alike, giving you more out of every single piece. Green Catering Scourers


Working With The Green Scourers

This is straightforward, and no special skills are needed. Follow these directions:

  1. Hold the pad in your hand. It can be wet or dry, depending on your particular situation.
  2. Place either side of the green scourer on the surface that you intend to clean. Proceed to scrub the area, applying the desired pressure and working in circular motion.
  3. Since the area using clean water. Alternatively, you can wipe off the residue using a clean and damp cloth.  
  4. Clean the pad.


Using The Green Scrubbing Pad On Different Items And Sections Of The Premises


  • Burnt Frying Pans


For those occasions when a meal was forgotten when it was cooking, and the pan ended up with burnt-on food residue on its surfaces, worry not. With a cup of vinegar, a tinge of baking soda, and some water, plus the green scourer, you can have it back to its superb condition in moments. Pour water into the pan, with enough to cover the region with the burnt-on grime, and add the vinegar to it. Boil it. In fact, it will have already began looking cleaner. Take away the pan from the heat source, and then add 2 tablespoons of the baking soda. There will be some fizzing. Pour out the contents of the pan, then scrub with the microsafe scouring pad. For those stubborn marks, you can make a paste with the baking soda and some water, and leave it on the section for a couple of minutes. Green Catering Scourers

Certainly, you can also skip these home remedies and go for specialised commercial cleaners, with formulations that have developed to work on these stubborn grime. They will be much faster to apply, and you get the results sooner. Simply apply the cleaner, allow the recommended waiting time that’s indicated on the product label, use the green scourer to scrub the surface, rinse and let the pan dry. Green Catering Scourers



  • Stainless Steel Appliances


Even your brushed steel appliances, such as the fridges and freezers, need to have their surfaces occasionally cleaned. It’s not a complicated process. Using hot soapy water, plus the green scourer, clean the appliance going the direction of the grain. This will remove the debris and marks that are on it. Next, use a lint-free disposable cloth to dry the surface. Follow this with a sanitizer spray, wiping it from top to bottom- still following the direction of the grain. Don’t let anyone- especially kids- touch it as it dries, that way you end up with a streak-free finish. Green Catering Scourers



  • Pressure Cookers


They are popular for cutting down the time needed to prepare meals- plus the fact that there are so many dishes that can be made. Home canning enthusiasts also use them since it is difficult to prepare canned fruits or vegetables without a pressure cooker, due to the high temperatures required in order to prevent botulism growth. With these units, canned tomatoes, beans, and even canned strawberry juice can be safely and efficiently made and stored. With such a wide range of applications, the cases of grime forming in it are just as common. Regular cleaning is needed to prevent those burnt-on stains from building up. Here’s how you can go about the process:

  1. Soak the pressure cooker immediately after you have used it. The goal here is to prevent food residue from embedding onto the inner walls. Simply pour in some warm water and add some of the dishwashing liquid.
  2. Leave it for 1-2 hours.
  3. Proceed to scrub and wash the cooker.
  4. Rinse it and use a cloth to dry it, that way there won’t be excess water left in it to form water stains.

Remember to occasionally remove the valve and gasket and wash them separately. This is to prevent grime from getting stuck in them and affecting the functionality of the unit.



  • Dealing with a burnt pressure cooker


Even the best in the world can make a mistake, and when this happens, the food will burn, staining the cooker. Don’t fret- this situation can still be resolved:

  1. Get some cream of tartar- it’s basically tartaric acid in powder form, and lemon juice. Add equal amounts of both (2-3 tablespoons would be enough) to a litre of water, and boil the solution.
  2. Pour it into the cooker, and allow it about 15 minutes of dwell time.
  3. Scrub the cooker with the green scourer.
  4. Rinse, then dry it, and you’re done.

When it comes to aluminium pressure cookers, soaking them overnight with white vinegar and water will also work to remove the gunk. However, remember that using too much vinegar, especially repeatedly, will stain the metal. Ensure that you always thoroughly rinse the pressure cooker after washing it. Green Catering Scourers



  • Slow Cookers


They are energy savers, especially when it comes to meat and stews. Considered to be the opposite of pressure cookers, they use slow and low heat which simmers the meals- and this can take several hours to a whole day. However, when it comes to cleaning them, things are not so rosy – especially in the case of overheated food, where there are burn marks, a ring of residue that is formed on the interior walls, and a sticky mass right at the bottom staring back at you, as if to admonish you. However, they can easily be scrubbed away with the green scourer. Different approaches can be taken including:

  • Using water and soap

This is where you’re working with dish soaps. Remove the bowl from the cooker and put it in the sink. Add some hot water to it, plus the dish soap, then let it remain undisturbed for abotu1-2 hours. You can process to wash it as you scrub with the scouring pad. Green Catering Scourers

  • Using baking soda

For the simple cases, sprinkle some of the baking soda onto the bowl, and use the green scourer to scrub and wash it. You can also first add water to the bowl- just enough that it reaches above the troublesome section, then add about a quarter a cup of the baking soda. Set it to low heat, then allow to stand for 2-3 hours. Use the scrubbing pad in intervals of 30 minutes to remove the food particles adhering to the surface. Green Catering Scourers

  • Combined action of vinegar and baking soda

This is for those looking to give the process more impetus. Begin by filling water into the slow cooker, adding a cup of vinegar, plus quarter a cup of baking soda, then set it on low heat. The baking soda can also be added in intervals. With this approach, do not put the cover, in order to allow the gas formed to escape



  • Cleaning Shower Surfaces


You can also use the green scourers for the regular cleaning of bathroom surfaces, especially to remove the soap scum and prevent it from building up. That way you won’t end up feeling grossed out whenever you step into the shower. These greyish deposits are insoluble precipitates- basically a combination of soap and mineral salts that come in hard water, and are left behind as the rest of the water drains away or evaporates. Its inorganic nature explains why most of the conventional cleaning products aren’t effective in removing it. Follow this procedure to get the task done:

  1. Spray your bathroom cleaning solution onto the surface. Working with a commercial cleaner is convenient since it has been developed precisely for the task, and will require much less scrubbing, compared to when you use home remedies such as vinegar or lemon juice. Remember to ensure that the room has been properly ventilated as you work.
  2. Scrub with the green scourer.
  3. Rinse.

Do this for the different sections. You can follow up with squeegee and towel or microfiber cloth to dry the surfaces completely. Remember to test out the product that you will use on an inconspicuous area to ensure that it is compatible with your particular type of bathroom surface. Green Catering Scourers



  • Barbeque


Keeping your BBQ clean will ensure that it can withstand the numerous hours of usage entertaining guests in your home. Follow these approaches for the different times:

  • Before the first use

Here, the BBQ is all new, you’ve just had it set up, and are preparing to grill your steaks. Before you fire it up, first go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, they require you to remove the protective coating that is on the hotplates, which was intended to protect them from rust as they were being transported, and when in storage. Next will be washing the hotplates themselves. Here, use warm soapy water, a little scrubbing with the green scourer, and then let them dry. Next will be to season the hot plates. You can use vegetable oil, or turn on the burners (set at medium-high heat) for around 20 minutes. It will then be ready to use. Green Catering Scourers

  • After each event

After enjoying the sizzling snags and steak, don’t be tempted to simply turn off the BBQ and walk away. You may say that you’ll get to it before the day ends, and forget it for weeks. Besides, it’s always easier to clean the barbeque when it’s still warm. Start by scrapping away the gunk. Pour water into a stainless steel bowl and place it in the BBQ. Set the burner to low, then close the hood and walk away to eat the dessert. Remember to come back after you’re done. The role of the steam is to make it easier for you to clean the hotplates, under the hood, plus the side panels. Green Catering Scourers

Proceed to wash the hotplate, but note that you don’t need it completely new. The grease and fat from the previous cooking will actually be beneficial in protecting it from rust. Scrape off the food particles from the surfaces, and wipe using a paper towel. Should you be adamant that the BBQ be sparkling cleaning, remember to season it with oil afterwards.

  • Working on the exterior of the BBQ

Cleaning the exterior is also important, especially since it is prone to staining. Use you can use hot water and vinegar, or a commercial cleaning product for the stainless steel exteriors. When it comes to the side-tables, warming rack and hood, you can work with a sponge, and warm soapy water, or an all-purpose cleaner. This will also work for the fingerprints and oil splatters. The heavy-duty scouring pad will enable you to tackle particularly stubborn residue stuck to the surface. Green Catering Scourers

In order to minimise the messes, you should avoid covering the hotplates with foils. Here, Teflon-coated sheets will come in handy, and they can be hand washed in the sink after usage. For those cases where you’re preparing roasted or marinated meat, you can work with a foil baking tray. For the seafood, fish, and delicate meals, use foil pouches.

  • Periodic cleaning

This can be after every couple of months, or even yearly, depending on the frequency of the BBQ events that you host. Start by disconnecting it from electrical connections or the gas supply, and disassembling all the inside parts.

Place the char grill plates, flame diffusers, hotplates, and the racks in a tub/bucket that has warm soapy water. Ideally, you should use a BBQ cleaning solution that has been specifically formulated for this task. Dry all these parts after you’ve washed them, and thereafter coat them with cooking oil.

For the stainless steel parts, soak them in warm water and detergent, and bring out the green scourer to give them a thorough scrub. Rinse and allow to dry. Green Catering Scourers

After all sections have dried, assemble them. Reconnect to the electrical power or gas supply, and turn the BBQ on for about 15 minutes, seasoning the hotplates as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.



  • Pet Food Bowls


Your furry friend also needs clean dishes for its meals. Not only is the dirt that accumulates on them gross, but it can also be hazardous to your pet- especially when left unattended to for long. The water and food bowls become breeding grounds for nasty pathogens, which will make your cat or dog sick. Ideally, the bowls should be washed after every meal served on them- but is there ever enough time? The next best thing is washing them in the morning and at night. Needless to say, the tools used here should be different from the supplies that are used when cleaning the rest of the dishes of the family- so get a separate green scourer too. Green Catering Scourers

For the washing, simply use dish soap, the scouring pad and water, give it a good scrub and rinse, and voila! It’s done. Not much effort goes into the task. While we’re on this point of maintaining a healthy eating space for your pooch, it’s recommended that you invest in a food mat. Pets can be messy eaters, and the mats will come in handle you catch the spills, plus any drool and slobber. You can go for those mats that have a raised edge, to ensure that the food never gets to the floor. This has the welcome benefit of making your cleaning task easier when dealing with the leftover food. Remember that the mat will also need to be cleaned- preferably on a daily basis, in order to prevent it from becoming a thriving ecosystem for germs. Green Catering Scourers


Green Catering Scourers

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