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Going Green With The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18″

Going Green With The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18″

Going Green With The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18″

The “Go Green” movement is global. Concerted efforts are being made by government bodies, NGOs industries and individual citizen to put in place measures that will protect the environment. It’s a responsibility that falls on each of our shoulders, for our sake and that of generations to come. The process is continuous- after all, you can’t change the world overnight. Observing sustainable practices in our day-to-day lives is a key part of this. which also encompasses waste management. Units like the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18” come in when dealing with the organic waste that is to be disposed. Here, the nutrients get to be reverted back to the natural cycle, nourishing the soil and encouraging plant growth. 

Value Of Compostable Sacks

Using conventional plastic bags to dispose the kitchen scraps, food waste and other organic matter poses a huge problem: the organic and plastic waste gets mixed up, thus contaminating the batch and it cannot be effectively processed in composting facilities. It ends up in the landfills. Here, more trouble awaits. While the food waste is compostable it needs the proper environmental conditions for this to be effective. This includes aspects like oxygen levels, humidity and heat. In composting facilities, these are constantly being controlled. However, in landfills, this is not the case. Here, the main issue becomes the lack of oxygen. Without a sufficient supply, the biodegradation that will take place will be anaerobic. Why is this a problem? Well, because it leads to production of methane gas. Going by reports from the EPA, the greenhouse effect of methane is over 25 times greater than carbon dioxide. This means that tossing those kitchen scraps into the plastic bags actually contributes more to your carbon footprint- which is not how you want things going. Turn to units like the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18″. 

Through this mode of waste disposal, the organic waste is directed to composting facilities, which comes with a wide range of benefits. For starters, it results in the returning of valuable nutrients back to the soil. This reduces the need for artificial fertilizers while encouraging water retention and improving the growth of plants. The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18” hold different types of waste- from the grains and pasta from cooking activities, coffee grounds and tea bags, those outdated boxed foods, the compostable packaging, and even crushed eggshells. 

Adhering to EU standards on environmental sustainability

The compostability of this unit has been tested. It comes with TUV certification, proof that it complies with the EN13432 European standard, being 100% compostable. The testing is carried out by TUC Austria (which was formerly Vinçotte). This is an independent certification body that has been authorised by European Bioplastics. The certifications it provides are recognized across the entire EU market. As such, you can be sure that you’re getting a unit that is truly compostable. 

The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18”, have been developed with high strength resins, which enhance is their tear resistance, allowing them to hold in the contents securely. The multi-layer extrusion aids to this, which allows the high strength to be achieved using less material. Since there isn’t any starch or fillers used for the bin bags, the water and heat resistance of the units are enhanced. Basically, you can toss in hot food or lids into the bin bag- up to 75°C, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with kitchen waste.

Costs are also a key factor when meeting your waste disposal needs. After all, you want to get rid of the trash without draining your bank account. With the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18″, you won’t have to worry about that. They are affordable, bringing you savings right from the word go. What’s more, they come in convenient packaging, with each box having 500 of the bags. As such, each purchase made gets to take you for the long haul. The strong construction of these bags, from the resins to the three-layer co-extrusion, prevent cases of tearing. By avoiding double bagging when handling the waste, you obtain optimal usage of each particular compostable sack. This gives you more value for the money you have spent on the units.  

Going Green With The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18″ x 18″

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