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Global Shift To Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Global Shift To Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Global Shift To Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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All around the world, businesses and consumers are turning to sustainable products and practices in the different aspects of their lives. From transport modes that are taken, packaging materials used, waste disposal programs- it’s a multifaceted approach, with the main goal being to protect the environment. After all, without the concerted efforts being put in place, the consequences of Mother Nature’s wrath will be all ours to bear. The cleaning industry has not been left behind. Lots of chemicals are involved in the process, and, despite their effectiveness, they can have an impact on the environment. Harsh cleaners that cut through those stubborn stains and grease deposits that are on the various surfaces in homes and business premises, will have a negative effect when they get into the surrounding ecosystems, whether it’s through runoff, or toxic fumes that are generated. This has seen eco-friendly cleaning products gain more prominence. Here’s what you get from using them:


  • Protecting your family


The development of green cleaning products emphasises using formulations that are safe. Issues like toxic chemicals that generate fumes or leave behind harmful residue are avoided. Using these green products to handle your cleaning needs at home protects your family, especially the kids and pets who tend to be at greater danger when the conventional cleaning agents are employed. Even at the workplace, you won’t have to worry about side effects like itchy skin and eyes, constant coughing, a running nose, and other reactions that result from using harmful chemicals. You also get to avoid the risks involved when dealing with chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and bleach- or the unfortunate outcomes that come when one mixes cleaning chemicals in a bid to get a more powerful formulation for those particularly stubborn spots. Skip the hassle and dangers involved and opt for ready-made agents that will be tough on the dirt and grime, and safe for your loved ones at home. 


  • Safer for the cleaning personnel


As the janitorial team goes about their tasks, using green cleaning products drastically cuts down the risks that they encounter. They are formulated with gentle ingredients that won’t harm the skin or generate fumes which ruin the quality of the indoor air space. For instance, the powerful solvents traditionally used to remove limescale deposits in sinks, taps, and around sanitary fixtures produced noxious fumes that made them difficult to work with.  However, with products from Faber’s Greentech line such as the 100% water-based Clean Limescale,  the deposits can be got rid of without putting the rest of the surrounding biodiversity at risk. This formulation is gentle on the surfaces being worked on, and comes ready-to-use, which further cuts down the amount of time spent on the task. Simply spray the product directly on the target surface then proceed to wipe it using a cotton or microfibre cloth, getting rid of the limescale. After you’re done, rinse the surface with water. This particular formulation can be used on the taps, washbasins, sinks, cooktops, all through to the tiled walls in kitchens and bathrooms- basically anywhere that limescale develops, making the daily cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces a breeze. 


  • Your belongings last for longer


The chemicals in the traditional cleaning products that come with harsh chemicals negatively affect the lifespan of the items that they are used on. From ruining the texture of carpet fibres, damaging the finish on polished surfaces, to issues like etching when slight oversights are made when mixing the cleaning solutions- these will result in more resources going into replacing the affected items. In this regard, going for specialised units is key, such as the Faber Clean Ceramic- that’s available on Cleanfast, and which has been developed for use on ceramic tiled surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. You can use it for the daily maintenance of any ceramic floors, and will get rid of the limescale and dirt build-ups without affecting the underlying surfaces on which it has been applied. What’s more, no rinsing will be required, and the product does not leave behind residue or stains. Simply dilute it with water and proceed to clean the surface as usual.  


  • A cost-effective approach


The chemical formulation of conventional cleaning products limits their application to specific areas. Otherwise issues like alkaline solutions that cause increased build up on materials, or acidic agents that corrode fibres and hard surfaces would result. They also tend to be expensive, due to the assortment of chemicals that are involved in making them. However, the green cleaning products are manufactured through sustainable processes- including the raw materials that are used. What’s more, the gentle nature of these products enables them to be used on a wider range of surfaces, where you won’t have to worry about issues like the texture being affected, surfaces being corroded, or paint getting removed. They are less abrasive, thus expanding the areas of application, and bringing you savings in the costs that you incur in your cleaning budget. For instance, the water-based Faber Clean Degreaser has been developed from biodegradable and plant-based ingredients- which are Ecolabel certified, and it works on all kinds of dirt, from oil and greasy deposits, to stubborn soiling and food residue- and is safe for any type of washable surfaces. It even comes in recyclable and biodegradable plastic.  



At the end of the day, it all comes down to the impact that the cleaning products that you’re using have on the ecosystem. Conventional formulations tend to have issues like VOCs being released into the environment, thus reducing the quality of the indoor air space, causing health effects to the people and pets in the building when inhaled. When the waste is being got rid of, it can pollute surrounding water bodies and the animals relying on them, due to the toxic chemicals mixing with the water. However, with the natural ingredients employed in the green cleaning products, this will not be a concern. As such you get to get rid of the dirt and grime that is in your home or workplace, and protect Mother Nature at the same time. 

Global Shift To Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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