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Giving Windows A Quality Clean With The Linen Scrim

Giving Windows A Quality Clean With The Linen Scrim

Giving Windows A Quality Clean With The Linen Scrim

Window cleaning, like any other building maintenance program, is a process. The gunk that is caked onto the glass panes, the layers of dust that become worse when it rains, getting murky and forming paths with the raindrops, fingerprints and smudges that ruin the sparkle of your windows- they all need to be got rid of. Different equipment are required for the task, from the window washers- complete with the T-bars and sleeve, squeegees, scrapers for the adhesives, varnish, and insect marks that stubbornly adhere to the glass, cloths for wiping off residue, to the cleaning agents themselves that have been developed to work in these situations, dissolving the dirt and grime for it to be washed off. Professionals have additional gear such as telescopic water fed pole systems to allow them to get to those high-rise windows, tool belts to carry the frequently used items, to truck-mounted systems to deliver purified and pressured water for the cleaning. 

The success- or failure, of the window cleaning operations is hinged on two main factors: the quality of the equipment that is used, and the skills on the job. When carrying out the task, you don’t want to have to worry about ineffective tools that draw out the process or those that keep getting spoilt, forcing you to replace them much sooner than you had anticipated. Scraper blades that get chipped easily, squeegee handles that become so slippery when wet that you can barely keep a grip on them, to cloths that wear down so fast that they have a high turnover, which racks up your cleaning costs- this is not how you want things to go. Getting quality tools is the first step. When it comes to the cloths specifically, you want products that will enable you finish wiping the winds without any residue remaining on the glass- especially since the wiping is carried out at the final stages of the window cleaning. Paper towels that leave lint and fuzz on the already-washed windows, cloths that leave fibres strewn all over the glass- they can get messy. Here, you want tools whose construction has been optimised for the task at hand. This is where the Linen Scrim comes in. Let’s look at what you can expect from it:

What You Get From This Linen Scrim 

This unit has specifically been developed with an emphasis on leaving behind a streak-free shine on the windows. It’s a favourite amongst the window cleaning professionals, since it increases client satisfaction in the work that they have carried out. You can get the Linen Scrim in 2 grades, the 199gsm and the 284gsm units. They are light and come with a 91x91cm size, meaning that each wiping stroke that you make gets to cover a wide surface area.  Here’s a tip: wash the Linen Scrim before using it, to enhance your effectiveness. 

The design of the Linen Scrim, where each unit has an overlocked square pattern, is key in ensuring that there are no streaks of residue that remain on the glass surface. The elegance is restored to the units, allowing you to enjoy those views outside the property without disruption, and let in the optimal amount of natural sunlight. What’s more, having clean windows is vital for your curb appeal- whether you’re simply looking to have a welcoming sight to come home to every day- and also impress the neighbours walking by, or you’re a business where the image that is portrayed by the building actually plays a role in influencing customer confidence with your products and services. 

The Linen Scrim comes with a budget-friendly price tag, one that allows you to incorporate it into your window cleaning arsenal without putting a strain on your bank account. Available in packs of 10 units each, each purchase you make gets to last you for long. This is particularly beneficial for window cleaning contractors who work on multiple installations on a daily basis, and where you’re keen on reducing operational costs in order to protect your profit margins. Homeowners can also use the units, with their durable nature allowing you to have quality cleaning cloths that last for the long haul. 

 Giving Windows A Quality Clean With The Linen Scrim

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