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Freshen Up Your Surfaces With The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L

Freshen Up Your Surfaces With The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L

Freshen Up Your Surfaces With The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L

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Keeping your tiles all clean and glossy is critical for the overall décor of the premises. Tiles – whether they are on the floor, walls, or worktops, directly impact the look and feel of the room. Failing to take proper care of them causes them to lose their sheen, and gradually begin to look worn out, which degrades the ambience of the space. Routine cleaning is necessary – but which products are ideal?

For starters, you want a formulation that has the power needed to break down the stubborn grime that is on the surface. This also includes the grout, since their state will affect the overall look of the rest of the surface. The strength of the formulation needs to go in line with the safety of the material being worked on. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have used a product that is too harsh on the stone or ceramic installation, such that it ends up ruining the material. It’s an intricate balance that needs to be achieved, one where you work with an agent whose chemical action makes it tough against the dirt and grime, while simultaneously gentle on the underlying surface. The brand also comes into consideration, especially in regard to its track record in the industry. Here, a long history of providing quality products is a plus to any brand being considered, where you can assess what previous users of their products have to say. One of the popular formulations in surface care is the Faber Tile Cleaner, known for its high efficacy and quality cleaning action. Let’s look into why it has got such widespread adoption amongst professional contractors and DIY cleaners at home. 

Value Of The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L 

With this formulation, you’re getting a tough-acting agent that chemically dissolves the dirt and grime that has accumulated for long on a wide range of surfaces. The slightly acidic detergent gets into the pores of the surface being worked on, breaking down the dirt and residue, enabling it to be easily removed. The Faber Tile Cleaner can also be used for treating the old stubborn residues that are on the surface, dissolving them to restore the original appearance to the installation. 

Troubled by surface patina? This can be as a result of the wrong cleaning processes being used, or patina left behind by grouts and seals that were being applied onto the installation. Worry not – the cleaning power of this water-based detergent enables you to get rid of them, bringing a fresh look and free to the surface. 

The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L is a versatile agent, being suitable for a wide range of materials – as long as they are not sensitive to acidic cleaning products. This means that you can use the formulation to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime on surfaces like slate, basaltina-lava stone, glazed ceramics, granite, lapped, polished, natural and textured porcelain stoneware, all through to quartzite and terracotta installations. In order to assess the suitability of the product for your particular installation, it is advisable to first conduct a test on a hidden section of the surface, or an unused tile, that way you can observe the impact of the detergent before proceeding to use it on the rest of the area. 

This formulation also has the welcome benefit of reducing your surface care costs. For starters, it retails at a pocket-friendly price, where you can go for the 1L bottle or opt for the larger 5L can. It has a wide coverage too, where each litre of the cleaner can work on 10 to 15m² of surface, depending on the kind of dilution that has been used. Getting rid of the dirt that is embedded deeply in the surface, this product serves to protect the structure from premature wear, meaning that the installation will serve you for longer. 

There is also the peace of mind that comes with using products from a reliable brand. Faber, a company that was established in the 1980s is a leader in the global surface care industry. Its stringent quality measures have seen it achieve ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications from the certification body Certiquality. The company has been around for so long that it is a founding member of the Marche Chapter of the Green Building Council Italia, and a member of the international network ISSA that brings together all operators within the surface care and maintenance industry. You’ll find its products in major markets across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, all testament to the confidence that customers across the different contents have in the brand. Strict levels of quality are maintained in the development of the Faber Tile Cleaner, and you can trust to deliver on its mandate. 

Cut Down Cleaning Time 

The application with this detergent is quickly done. Simply dilute the Faber Tile Cleaner with the ratio that is ideal for your particular situation, use a cloth, mop or single disc machine to work it onto the target area, then clear the residues and rinse the area. 

Note that the Faber Tile Cleaner 1L comes ready to use. However, due to the strength of the formulation, you don’t have to use the concentrated product for most cleaning jobs. Mixing it with clean water using a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio will get the task done. Undiluted application is recommended for those extremely difficult dirt spots, as well as cases where you’re removing surface patina. 

Once the area has been washed and rinsed, you can allow normal traffic back on it since no further rinsing time is required. The equipment that you use to apply the Faber Tile Cleaner onto the surface can be cleaned with water. 

There are measures that need to be observed when washing surfaces with the Faber Tile Cleaner 1L. These include:

  • Dusting or vacuuming the surface before starting the process in order to remove the loose dirt and debris. 
  • Ensuring that the surface is not wet before application. 
  • Protecting surrounding sections of the surface that are not to be treated, in which case they can simply be covered. 
  • Wear personal protective gear when handling this product, and ensure that the area being worked on is well ventilated. 

Freshen Up Your Surfaces With The Faber Tile Cleaner 1L