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Floor Cleaning Newcastle

Floor Cleaning Newcastle

Floor Cleaning Newcastle


Regardless of what type of floor you own, sooner or later you will need to use the services of a professional floor cleaning company like Floor Cleaning Dublin. While day to day dirt can be easily removed with residential floor cleaning products, old and deeply impregnated dirt will require the use of heavy duty floor cleaning products and heavy duty floor cleaning equipment. With the right technology and the right cleaning products, any old and hopeless looking floor can be restored to its original look. After 15 years of cleaning, restoring, polishing & sealing all types of hard floors, Floor Cleaning Dublin has become one of the most highly recommended and in demand professional floor cleaning companies in Dublin. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with outstanding attention to detail. We can provide you with free no obligation estimates for tile & grout cleaning, natural stone grinding & polishing, floor sealing and floor polishing services. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed. 


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Commercial Floor Cleaning


To be able to provide large scale floor cleaning and floor restoration services you need to own proper heavy duty floor cleaning technology capable of covering large floor areas in very short periods of time. Floor Cleaning Dublin owns all that technology and we even train other floor cleaning companies on how to deal with large scale projects. We are happy to contract large warehouse floors, factory floors, school floors, public building floors, car park floors & other types of floors. Our professional floor cleaning company is happy to quote for painted concrete floors, all types of tiles, tile & grout cleaning, marmoleum floor cleaning, lino floor cleaning, amtico floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, natural stone floor cleaning & restoring, etc. Unequaled quality, fast response and flexibility. You cannot find a better and more reliable floor cleaning company in Ireland.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Residential Floor Cleaning 


While most floor cleaning contractors are looking for large commercial floor cleaning projects, we have a different approach. We believe that maintaining a great relationship with our residential floor cleaning market is the key to large floor cleaning projects. This is the main reason that hundreds of domestic customers book our professional floor cleaning services. We usually quote for amtico floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning, wood & laminate floor polishing, marble & travertine sealing and polishing, tile & grout cleaning and all types of artificial tiles restoration. Most people that book with us are regulars or referrals. We have the right staff and the right knowledge to tackle complicated floor cleaning projects when other floor cleaning companies would not even consider it. There is no floor cleaning project that is too small or too large for Floor Cleaning Dublin. When you need us, we are here to help.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Tile & Grout Cleaning 


One of the services most regularly booked and enquired about is by far tile & grout cleaning. Whatever you do and whatever cleaning products you might use, sooner or later the grout lines will get too dirty for the average floor cleaning products to work any longer. Not for us. We will remove years of impregnated dirt from your grout line hassle free. Floor Cleaning Dublin uses heavy duty eco tile & grout cleaning products from Faber. We have specific types of alkaline & acidic floor cleaners capable of degreasing, descaling & exfoliating all types of dirt from the grout. Very reasonable prices guaranteed for commercial and residential tile & grout cleaning projects.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Sealing


The main reason your floors are absorbing dirt and residue is the fact that the floor is not sealed. All floors have some degree of absorption so they are all capable of accumulating dirt within their pores. What we can do for you is to deep clean the floor, extract all the dirt from the surface and then seal the pores to make it less capable of absorbing dirt and stains. Depending on what type of floor you own, we can use a number of different water based or solvent based impregnators or some kind of glazing floor polish to overcoat the surface with a fine protective layer of polish. You can have your floors looking “wet” all the time, matt, semi gloss or very glossy. It all depends on your personal preference. But sealing the floor with the most appropriate sealer will definitely make your floor less likely to absorb residue and also much easier to clean. We have professional floor polishes and impregnators for all types of commercial & residential types of floors. 


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Floor Grinding


Our professional floor cleaning company is well known for natural floor restoration services and floor grinding. Unlike artificial tile floors, the natural stones are grindable. The top of the stone can be grinded with special diamond pads or fine sanding paper in some cases. Basically the same process as floor sanding. Using a number of different grits starting from grit 30 all the way to grit 12 000, we will remove scratches, imperfections, dull patches & we will increase the sheen of the stone. This kind of polishing can also be done with water based or solvent based sealers but by polishing it with diamond pads you are guaranteed increased durability and more natural finishes. We are happy to contract marble polishing, travertine polishing, limestone polishing, terrazzo polishing, terracotta sealing, concrete polishing, etc. Just email us your floor cleaning requirements and we will provide you with a fast & free estimate.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Artificial Tiles Cleaning


The most common types of floors in Ireland are ceramic and porcelain floors. While most other floor cleaning contractors can deep clean these types of floors, Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the very few floor cleaning companies capable of “restoring it” fully. Restoring a ceramic floor or a porcelain floor to its original finish is not just a quick wash. Floor Cleaning Dublin will remove scratches, will restore the glazing and will rebuild old and worn tiles. We use Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream and Faber Star Shine Easy to transform your tiles from the eye sore of your home / office to the main feature of your property. We are also happy to quote you for a basic floor cleaning and buffing service.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Insurance


Bad things can happen sometimes. It is for this reason that Floor Cleaning Dublin is fully insured. Any type of floor cleaning project is fully covered by our premium insurance cover to a maximum of 6.5 million. With us you are in good hands. Up to now we never had to use our insurance policy to compensate any one but for your peace of mind and ours it is a necessity.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Prices


The final price for your particular project will depend on a number of factors. The size of the project, the condition of it and the finish required will determine the final price. Floor Cleaning Dublin is one of the most affordable eco floor cleaning companies in Dublin. We do not have a standard price for all our floor cleaning projects because there are no two projects the same, but we can guarantee you that you will be provided with free no obligation estimates and a highly competitive price. The commercial floor cleaning services are likely to cost a bit more than residential floor cleaning services because the paperwork required is different and they usually require a different level of insurance.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Why Us


Of course you can find a number of other floor cleaning companies in Dublin. Of course you can have your floors restored by others. But no other floor cleaning company in Ireland specializes in all types of floors, complex issues and challenging projects. We are your one stop shop for all kinds of floor cleaning services and our work will impress even the most demanding customers. Just email us your job requirements and we will take it from there. Within 1 hour you will receive an email from us and within 24 hours you will receive a written estimate. Hassle free floor cleaning services in Dublin.


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Bookings


You can book our professional floor cleaning services online or over the phone. We are open for business 7 days per week (subject to pre-booking in advance). You can email us to request a free estimate or you can use our online booking to book one of our professional floor cleaning services. Or you can call our free phone number listed on our website. 


Floor Cleaning Newcastle | Innovative Products


You do want to end up with beautiful clean floors but not at any cost. Floor Cleaning Dublin uses some of the most advanced and most eco friendly floor cleaning products and floor sealers available. We only work with Faber & Cleanfast products to make sure that our customers’ homes are being left chemical free and safe to use. Our polishes and impregnators are fume free and will not yellow over time. We can provide certification and data sheets for all our products. 


Floor Cleaning Newcastle