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Faber Soap Review

Faber Soap Review

Faber Soap Review

With natural stone finishes, one can opt for a polished or a honed surface. The polished floors are highly reflective, with a smooth structure. The depth, colour, and character of the stone itself are more prominent as well. On the other hand, honed surfaces have a matte finish, and the scratches that form on them will be less visible when the light reflects on the surface. With a matte surface, the floor also tends to be less slippery compared to the polished floors. Whether one goes with a honed or a polished floor, the natural stone in question makes a luxurious addition to the interior space. No doubt you want to protect it. That’s where units like the Faber Soap come in. Here is a look at what you can expect from it:

Benefits Of The Faber Soap


  • Specially developed for polished natural stone floors


After spending your time and money to have the floor surfaces honed and polished, you want to protect the finish. Conventional products, DIY formulations- these can end up ruining your natural stone surfaces. Vinegar, grout cleaners, bathroom cleaners, the tub and tile cleaners, lemon juice, and other formulations that contain acids- they will wreak havoc on your elegant surface. Bleach-based products, ammonia, abrasive cleaners- they will make a mockery of your efforts, and put the structural integrity of your installation at risk. This is not how you want things to play out. With the Faber Soap, you won’t have to worry about that. It has been specifically formulated for cleaning natural stone surfaces like granite or marble. It comes in at the final stage of the floor installation or renovation, where the surface has just been mechanically or chemically polished or honed. The neutral pH of the formulation makes it safe for use even on the surfaces that are more sensitive, like the marble and travertine floors. 


  • Cleaning action


The Faber Soap can also be used for the routine cleaning and maintenance, as a result of its dirt removal power. As a welcome bonus, it enhances the sheen of the surface, enabling that finish effect to last for longer. This maintains the beauty of the surface. The formulation can be used on a wide range of natural stone, on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. From marble agglomerates such as marble-cement and marble-resin, marble itself, travertine, granite, limestone and also quartz-resin agglomerate, to the polished porcelain tile surfaces, the Faber Soap will be up to the task. The pleasant fragrance that the formulation leaves behind also enhances the décor, making the space more inviting. 


  • Protects the floor


One of the threats to the beauty and structural integrity of natural stone surfaces is water. This is because of their highly absorbent structures. Water stains can be annoying to deal with, especially when they form spots all over the otherwise elegant installation. The Faber Soap has been developed to aid in preventing this. It comes with water repellent properties, thus preventing the liquid from getting absorbed into the stone, making the routine maintenance easier and preserving the beauty of your floors. 

With Faber, you’re dealing with a brand you can trust. From its origins way back in the 1980s, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. It has become an industry leader in the care and maintenance of natural stone surfaces like granite and marble, to the manmade materials like cotto, ceramics and agglomerates. The popularity of the products has seen the demand for them rise in markets ranging from Italy- where it was founded, across Europe, and Asia, all through to the Middle East. Intensive research goes into the development of the products, and the quality standards maintained have seen the company attain ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications. The same level of quality goes into the development of the Faber Soap, that way you can rest assured that you’re getting value for the money you spend, and that your floors will be safe. 


  • Easy application


The Faber Soap can be used to treat the target surface in different ways. For instance, you can work with mechanical units such as a single disc machine that has been equipped with a clean white pad. Alternatively, it can be used for manual cleaning with a mop. After diluting the Faber Soap in the required container- bucket when working with a mop, or the solution tanks with the single disc machines, proceed to work on the surface, uniformly applying the product. Any residue that remains after the mopping can be removed using a dry and clean cloth, or for the single disc machines brushed off with a white pad that’s clean and dry. 


  • Economical


With the Faber Soap, you get to save on costs through different ways. Firstly, there is the affordable pricing of the product. It also comes in different packaging options, that way you can get it in 1L bottles- with a box containing 12 of the bottles, or purchase the Faber Soap 5L, with a box containing 4 bottles. The formulation is also concentrated. Before application, it is diluted, where 2-3 caps of the product are mixed with 5L of water. As such, each unit of the Faber Soap gets to be used to clean a wide surface area. In fact, a litre of product can be used on 900 to 1100 m2 of floor surface. 

Tips For Working With The Faber Soap

  • Ensure that the application is homogenous, to enable you to obtain uniform results.
  • When you stick to the recommended dilution ratios, you will not require to rinse the surface, which will make the task easier and get you the desired results faster.  
  • When removing any residue for the small surfaces, such as after using the manual mopping process to apply the Faber Soap, you can use a dry microfibre cloth. 
  • When working with the single disc machines:
    • Each section of the surface should be washed for 10-15 seconds.
    • It’s advisable not to allow the product to dry out during the washing. After the task, a wet vacuum can be used to remove the residue that is on the surface. 

Faber Soap Review

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