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Faber SHS Wax

Faber SHS Wax

Faber SHS Wax

After treating your floors with the Faber SHS Wax, you won’t keep going into panic mode whenever there is a spill on the surface. Sure, the spill needs to be cleaned up. However, the layer of protection provided by this wax resin formulation prevents the spill from seeping into the underlying stone, giving you more time to mop it up, while simultaneously preventing stains from setting into the material. In addition, it seals the structure’s surfaces, and in the process also prevents dirt spots from sticking to the stone. This reduces your workload when you’ll be cleaning the floors later on.  Here’s more that you can look forward to with the Faber SHS Wax.


  • Protection against traffic


The floors receive a barrage of abuse on a daily basis, and the Faber SHS Wax is developed to enable them to withstand it. It provides superior protection from foot traffic, and the layer that is applied is so durable that it can even stand up to medium levels of vehicle traffic. This means that whether it is the floor of a busy shopping complex or office building, or whether you want to use the Faber SHS Wax to treat the floors in garages and warehouses, it will be up to the task. This attribute prevents damage to the underlying structure, while prolonging the life of your installation. It has the welcome benefit of reducing the costs that would have been incurred making repairs, and also allows you to enjoy your flooring for longer. 


  • Makes the surface more shiny


A core attribute of the Faber SHS Wax is its self-polishing nature. This formulation will bring out the shine of the floor, accentuating its colouration and tone. Characteristics such as the stone’s veining also become more prominent. You also won’t have to worry about the treatment yellowing over time. The resultant shine gets to last for longer, enhancing the aesthetic attributes of the indoor space. You can use the Faber SHS Wax on limestone, terracotta,   quartzite, travertine, marble and the marble-cement agglomerate, slate, cotto, granite, and sandstone. Floors with basaltina – lava stone, cementina, concrete, natural and textured porcelain stoneware can also be safely treated with this formulation. 


  • Cost efficiency


The Faber SHS Wax has been affordably priced. This means that you will be making savings right from the word go. In addition, it has a wide coverage rate. Every single litre of the product can be used on 15 to 20 m² of surface, which is particularly beneficial when you’re working on large floor areas, as you’ll want a product that you can use to treat the surface without straining your building’s maintenance budget.

How To Use The Faber SHS Wax


  • Getting the surface ready


Dirt is a threat to the success of your operations. Any particles, be they soiling tracked in from the outdoors, the  grease spots dotting the surface, or even cases of pet fur and dander, should be first be cleaned off. Trapping these under the Faber SHS Wax will hamper the treatment, affecting the quality of the results. After this is done, allow the surface to dry before continuing with the application.


  • Treating the surface


Apply the Faber SHS Wax evenly onto the large area. The tools to be used here can range anywhere from rollers to lambswool applicators. Don’t be mean with the product- spread an abundant amount of it. However, you don’t want to leave too much of the wax on an area. As such, if you notice it building up in specific sections, redistribute it evenly. This is while you’re still working on that section. If you notice a build-up in an area that you had already applied the product and moved on, leave it be. Don’t try to even it out just yet- let that first layer to first cure before making any interventions. 

For those situations where you’re working on a surface that is highly absorbent or textured, you may be required to add a second coat of the Faber SHS Wax. Here, first wait for the first coat that had been applied to dry. It’s recommended that you want 2-3 hours in between subsequent coat applications. With the second coat, apply it in a direction that is perpendicular to that of the first, forming a crisscrossing application.  

Since the Faber SHS Wax is self-polishing, you’re work in the treatment can end here. The product will form a polished effect on its own. However, in case you still want to increase the shine of the surface, you can proceed to use a mechanical floor polisher, onto which a white or lambswool pad has been fitted. This extra polishing should only be carried out after the initial Faber SHS Wax application has cured and the surface has been cleaned and allowed to dry. The mechanical polishing process also comes in handy to rectify those sections where there was a build-up that had been left unattended. 


  • The drying process


Here, you won’t need to wait for long. The Faber SHS Wax has been formulated to be fast-drying, and this normally takes 1 to 2 hours after application, depending on the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions. 


Extra Tips To Get More Out Of The Faber SHS Wax

  • Follow the same direction when applying a layer of product.
  • Routine cleaning will be needed, to get rid of the dirt that will inevitably collect on the floor. For this, you can use Faber Neugel. 
  • When that polished effect begins to wear off, you don’t need to overhaul the entire treatment. Simply restore it with the Faber SHS Wax itself, by diluting it in water using a 1:5 ratio and proceeding to treat the surface. You can also use Faber MANU’. In case dewaxing is needed, this can be accomplished with the Dec 21 or Decera P, which are also from the same brand. 
  • This wax shouldn’t be used on surfaces that have been treated with acidic products. 
  • With the recently grouted surfaces and the new installations, the adhesives and grout used should first be allowed to cure before applying the wax.
  • Allow the Faber SHS Wax application to cure completely before letting foot traffic back on the treated floor. This is usually 4 to 6 hours after the application. 
  • The equipment used for the process can be washed with water. 

A Look At The Faber SHS Wax

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