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Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner Review

Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner Review

Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner Review

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Clean floors in homes, business premises and public spaces are necessary for our health and general wellbeing. Dirt and pollutants carried in shoes and clothing get transferred to the floors – and this can also include toxic chemicals depending on where the individuals have been. Even airborne dust gradually settled onto the surfaces all day. Pet dander, decaying organic residue from spills – they compound the threats involved. Contaminants settling on the floors can be kicked into the air, carrying with them the germs, allergens and other agents which become health risks once they get into the body system. Concerns are greater in high-risk areas like hospitals and clinics, as well as environments like schools where the little ones are more susceptible to contracting infections. The routine cleaning to remove the dirt and grime is not enough to deliver all-round protection. Sanitization needs to follow, to handle the pathogens that are crawling up and about – and the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner is right up to the task. 

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The market is flooded with numerous surface care products, from different companies. How do you know the right option to go with? Look into their track record for a start. For instance, by turning to the SAN-X Floor Cleaner, you’re dealing with a brand that has made a solid name for itself in surface care. Having been around since 1986, the company has grown into one of the world’s leading providers of formulations used on natural stone and ceramic materials. There are over 250 products that are delivered by the brand. used at both professional level – such as by marble workers and stone installers, to the DIY level, such as homeowners simply cleaning surfaces in their households. There are products used for everyday maintenance, formulations that major on being eco-friendly – which are offered under the Greentech line, all through to the industrial line where the products are developed to enhance the high-performance nature of materials like cotto, terracotta and quartz agglomerates that are in use in these environments. When going for surface care products, you want to ensure that you’re dealing with a reliable brand, and you can get that with Faber. Let’s break down what the SAN-X Floor Cleaner under review offers you.

Benefits Of The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner

  • Creates a healthier space

With all the traffic that floors handle, they quickly become a health risk. There is a cocktail of germs, allergens and pollutants all over the indoor spaces, making routine cleaning and sanitization necessary. How do you deal with the microscopic germs that have taken up residency on your floors? The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner comes with quaternary ammonium salts, making it a potent agent against pathogens and fungi. Use it to sanitize surfaces, killing off the bacteria, viruses and growths like mould that are spreading, in order to improve the hygiene standards of the premises. This makes the formulation an asset in your cleaning arsenal, and it’s used across the board – from hospitals and daycare centers, schools with all those kids running around, restaurants and even homes.

  • Works on all floors

The neutral pH of the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner makes it suitable for the vast range of surface materials, from natural stone installations like granite, the sensitive variations including marble, to the manmade ceramic and porcelain tiles. This versatility enables you to ensure that the pathogens that have made their home on the different kinds of surfaces in the premises are effectively dealt with. The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner delivers on its sanitization mandate without forming any residue or film on the treated surfaces. This improves their original look and feel. 

Even in surface care, you want to be conservative about the costs that are incurred. After all, with the frequent cleaning and sanitization that is required, things can easily get out of hand and deplete your building’s maintenance budget. The Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner helps you reduce the costs that are incurred in your premises in different ways. For starters, the heavy investments that the Faber has made in its production lines, to enable it to serve a diverse market on different continents, allows it to leverage on the economies of scale, and reduce the final cost of the product for the consumer. This means that the 1L bottles of the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner available for purchase have an affordable price tag. Moreover, it is a concentrated formulation, giving you more usage out of every purchase you make. Here, a litre of the cleaner can cover up to 900 – 1100m² depending on how much the product is diluted. All this contributes to lowering the costs that go into the building’s surface care program. 

  • Quick application

To clean the floor with this formulation, you can use a mop, cloth or sponge, depending on the size of the area in question. The application process itself is fast, where you start by diluting the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner then proceed to wash the floor with your preferred tool. Once the surface dries, you can allow normal traffic to resume on it. 

With regards to the dilution, mix these amounts with 5 liters of clean water:

  • 4-5 capfuls of the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner if you’re working on cotto, natural stone, terracotta, or other absorbent materials. 
  • 1-2 capfuls if you’re dealing with low-absorbent surfaces like ceramics or porcelain tiles

A few issues to note:

  • Vacuuming/sweeping the floor is important before you start cleaning it. This is to prevent issues of loads of dust becoming caked-on grime that muddies up the surface, which would otherwise add to your workload. 
  • Stick to the dilution ratios recommended for the particular type of floor. Actually, when these are followed, you will not need to rinse the surface. 
  • While the Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner is suitable for all washable surfaces, in case you’re uncertain of its compatibility with your particular installation, you can go ahead and carry out a spot test to confirm – preferably on a hidden section of the floor. 

Faber SAN-X Floor Cleaner Review