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Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml Review

Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml Review

Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml Review

Oil stains are troublesome. Tar in worksites and bituminous residue in parking lots, cooking oil in the kitchen or cosmetic products that dripped onto the bathroom surfaces – they create unsightly messes, that refuse to come off during normal cleaning operations. Do you keep your car in the garage? Then chances are you’ll see a few such stains on the floor soon- perhaps engine oil, or lubricants. Then there are those cases when these get onto the soles of the shoes as you walk about in the garage, and get transferred into the house. Whether it’s in the house or out on the patio, or even for commercial establishments, these stains need to be removed. They affect the interior decor. You don’t want to walk into your house and be greeted by spots all over, or prepare meals in a kitchen where the worktops are covered in greasy residue. In your business premises, your image actually has an impact on the perception that clients and visitors form about your brand. When it comes to removing these spots, a couple of issues factor in. For starters, you want a product that will get the job done effectively, not one that leaves rings and bits of the stain still on the surface. Secondly, you don’t want to put your installation at risk. Your marble countertops, travertine walls and cement floors should not be damaged in the process of removing the stains. Agents that are corrosive to the material, or others that deteriorate the treatments applied will put the surfaces at risk. Get rid of the stains, and protect your installation at the same time, buy turning to the Faber No Oil & Grease Remover.

Benefits Of The Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml


  • Superior stain extraction


This solvent-based formulation tackles grease stains across the board. From those that result from greasy foods and cooking oil, engine oil, mineral oil and lubricants that have stained the surfaces, all through to bituminous resides. It’s so effective in its stain removal that it works alone, without requiring to be used together with other chemical agents. You don’t even need to bother it after application. The Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml will chemically react with the stain, extracting it from the structure and forming a residue that can be easily removed, leaving you with a clean surface.


  • Safe to use


You can use the Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml on all types of surfaces, including those with acid-sensitive finishes. It gets the task done without putting the structural integrity at risk, or taking away their shine. From the delicate polished marble, agglomerates be they marble-resin or quartz-resin, cementine, slate, basaltina-lava stone, sandstone, porphyry, cement-grout, travertine, limestone, exposed brisk and quartzite installation, all through to exposed brick and reconstituted stone, the stain remover will be up to the task, delivering quality results in moments.


  • A brand you can rely on


With Faber, you’re dealing with world-renowned experts. Launched in the second half of the last century, the company now has a footprint across the different continents providing surface care solutions that address different consumer needs. From treatments applied before installation of natural stones and manmade ones like ceramics to protect them during the initial stages, to those that come in for the existing floors and walls to breathe new life into them, and ward off effects from water, dirt, and even rising damp cleaning and maintenance equipment that get rid of the elements that jeopardise the beauty and functionality of the structure; formulations used by builders, installers, professional contractors and the DIY enthusiast taking care of his home; all through to formulations targeting the industrial niche- they have the experience, plus research and development teams that proved quality products each time.


  • Quick application


The Faber No Oil & Grease Remover is easy to use, and the product actually does most of the work for you. First shake it well, then simply apply it onto the stain, and leave it undisturbed until a white powdery residue is formed. This doesn’t take long. Within 1-2 hours the residue will have formed, and you can then extract it using the approach suitable for your particular time of surface. For the porous surfaces, you can sweep or vacuum away the residue. For the cases of sandstone, handmade cotto and other really porous installations, you can use a liquid cleaner like the Faber Deterfug, which will extract it from the pores of the structure. With the compact, non-absorbent surfaces, working with a cloth, towel, or absorbent paper will do. After you’re done, rinse the surface, allow it to dry and voila! You can now enjoy your stain-free surfaces. Here are a couple of tips to follow to ensure that you get the most use of the Faber No Oil & Grease Remover.

    • The temperature of the surface being treated is key. It should not be overly heated, but range from 5°C to 40°C. In fact, it is recommended that you wait for when it will be cool during the day to apply the product. While on this, avoid treating the surface when there is the immediate possibility of rain or frost.
    • Ensure that you’ve covered the surface being treated with a thick layer of the Faber No Oil & Grease Remover.
    • Treating the area adjacent to the stain- like the surrounding tiles or even the whole room, will enable you to achieve a uniform and visually appealing result. Here, this will depend on the size of the stain and how it has spread out.


  • Cost-effective


The tough acting Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml enables you to save on costs by reducing the amount of resources required for the task. It’s also available at a pocket-friendly price. Since no extra chemicals are needed to get rid of the stains, plus the fact that you can apply it and go about the rest of your duties as the product breaks down the stain for you, it makes it a valuable addition to the building’s cleaning and maintenance program.


Faber No Oil & Grease Remover 500ml Review

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