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Faber Neugel 5L

Faber Neugel 5L

A Look At The Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate


The natural stone installed in your home, office building, hotel, and even medical centre is an investment that should give you years of elegant service. That aesthetic appeal that they add to the interior space, the warmth and touch of class- you want it to last. There are different kinds of natural stone. Take the composition for instance. There are siliceous stones that are the more durable variety, where they are composed of mainly silica or quartz-like particles. Examples of these are slate, granite, sandstone, brownstone and quartzite. Then there are those composed of mainly calcium carbonate, which are more sensitive to the cleaning agents used. These include marble, limestone, travertine and onyx. Different finishes can be carried out on the installations, including treating them with acrylics, waxes, enhancers and other coatings. Some can be stained to meet the decor needs of the property owner. These installations are made in different sections of the establishment, from kitchen countertops, the floor, bathrooms, hot tub areas, the outdoor pool and patio, steps, walkways and even fountains. Whichever the case, they need to be properly maintained, and this includes getting rid of one of the universal causes of deterioration: dirt. For this, turn to the Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate.


With natural stone surfaces, cleaning is not just about drenching them in detergent and scrubbing away the dirt. In fact, use a product with the wrong pH and you will ruin the installation; and plenty of resources will go into repairing and reversing the damage made. General purpose cleaners, vinegar, bleach and ammonia-based products, bathroom cleaners, those formulations used to work on the tubs and tiles, dry cleaners and other abrasive agents- they will wreak havoc on natural stone. Foam cleaners, the products relied on to get rid of the scale deposits in sinks and toilet bowls- they are not suitable for use on natural stone surfaces. Other like soapstone cause deposits to be left behind, which will be frustrating to remove. DIY formulations like the popular lemon juice solutions- these are a threat to the material. You want your installation to remain beautiful for years, and for this to happen the appropriate products need to be employed for their maintenance. That’s where units like the Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate come in.


Surface Maintenance Made Easy

Faber has been in the surface care business for decades, providing solutions for builders and architects as they set up or renovate the establishments, products for routine cleaning, stain removal, sealing and surface treatment, to those that are required for industrial applications- formulated according to the requirements of the specific operating environment of the company in question. Launched in Italy and now serving consumers across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the brand is renowned, and you can rest assured you’re dealing with quality products.


The Neugel 5L is a pH neutral formulation that has been specifically developed for use on natural surfaces. You can use it on materials with varying degrees of absorption, from medium- such as granite and marble, or medium-high to high- such as terracotta and cotto, on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It enables you to meet their routine maintenance needs, getting rid of the dirt that forms on these surfaces without posing any risk to their structural integrity. Sandstone and slate, limestone, quartzite and travertine, cement, agglomerates like marble-cement and marble-resin agglomerates, basaltina-lava rock surfaces, molten basalt, cementina, porphyry, reconstituted (eco) stone, and tuff – they can all be safely worked on using the Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate. No film of residue is left on the surface, and the wide coverage rate of 900 to 1100 m²/L gives you more usage out of every unit purchased.


It goes beyond cleaning, serving to nourish the material itself. This enhances the tone of the surface, adding to its aesthetic appeal. In addition to keeping the surfaces elegant for longer, the Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate also enhances the decor of the interior space- especially with its soothing fragrance. This makes the newly cleaned area more conducive for the persons on the premises. For wax and treated surfaces, you won’t have to worry about the efficacy of the protective coatings being affected. In fact, it actually boosts the protective treatments that had been applied on the surfaces. With attributes like the dirt resistance being enhanced, the installation gets to avoid wear and tear. You get all this without breaking the bank, since the Neugel 5L has a pocket-friendly price tag. Moreover, being a concentrated product, each 5L enables you to efficiently take care of your buildings’ surface maintenance program for an extended period. This cuts down on your expenses in the long-term.


How To Use The Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate


Before working on any surface with the product, first get rid of those loose particles on it. The dust and debris should be swept or vacuumed off. Thereafter, proceed with these steps;


  1. Dilute the Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate with clean water. How you go about this depends on the kind of surface you’ll be working on. For granite, marble and other surfaces with medium absorption, add 20-30 grams of product in every 5L of water. For terracotta, cotto and other materials that have a high or medium-high absorption, 30-40g of product will be needed for the 5L of water.


  1. Wash the surface. Simply distribute a fine layer of the solution onto the surface, then clean it using your preferred method. Anything from cloths, mops, and hard floor cleaners to even single disc machines can be used. Here it will depend on the size of the area that you’re working on, the tools in your arsenal, and the mode that you find most convenient for your particular situation.

Those sections with stubborn dirt will require additional scrubbing.


  1. Allow to dry.

After you’re done, wash the equipment that has been used with water.


Tips for using the Faber Neugel 5L – Daily Cleaner Concentrate

  • Save your time and resources by adhering to the recommended dilution ratios. In fact, when you follow them you will not need to rinse the surfaces after the cleaning. Traffic can be allowed onto the area as soon as the floor dries.
  • Use the Neugel 5L for routine cleaning- daily even, to ensure that the surfaces remain at their optimal beauty and structural integrity.


Faber Neugel 5L

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