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Faber Marble Care Products

Faber Marble Care Products

Cleaning And Maintenance With Faber Marble Care Products

Natural stone surfaces are elegant. Their aesthetic appeal has made them a popular choice for residential and commercial establishments alike. For instance, with their unique colour and patterns, plus the varying quarrying and manufacturing processes, each piece of marble ends up being slightly different in its colour and veining. While the patterns may be similar for the tiles that come in batches, no two marble floors will look exactly the same. Then there is the polish. Natural stone flooring can have extremely high polish, allowing one to have smooth and attractive finishes. Whether you want colours that blend into the surrounding, or those that have been honed to bring out the natural look- and make it more dramatic and noticeable, you can have your decor needs met. From the walls and worktops, to the floors- they are a durable installation, only if cared for correctly. Routine cleaning and maintenance is part of this. Vacuuming, sweeping, dust mopping- getting rid of the dirt and grit particles prevents them from accumulating and increasing the wear effects. Quick daily cleaning, coupled with the routine deep cleaning depending on the usage the surfaces handle is vital. For example, households with kids and pets, plus heavily trafficked commercial establishments will require more frequent cleaning sessions. The grime adhering to the surface, those stains that form- they all need to be got rid of. Faber marble care products come in to enable you effectively maintain your installation, to protect it and keep it stylish.

Why Faber? Established in the ’80s in Fabriano, Italy, they have decades of experience in the industry. The products and formulations that they’ve developed have been used across the scope, to take care of surfaces made of natural stone like marble and granite, plus those of manmade materials- the likes of ceramic, stoneware and agglomerates. The innovation and quality of the products and systems has led to them serving markets across the continents, from Europe, the Middle East, all through to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other Asian markets. The company’s R&D labs are continuously developing solutions to meet the diverse consumer needs, enhancing performance while ensuring the safety of both the surface being worked on, and the personnel themselves. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification- issued by the Certifying Body Certiquality, testament of the quality they provide, plus adherence to a strict environmental policy. Speaking of which, the environment is a core factor to the company, and the Faber marble care products are formulated to meet regional and international regulations on environmental safety.

The different products can be grouped into different categories, including:

• Surface protection
Here, there is a range of Faber marble care products available to treat the surfaces and prolong their life. They can be incorporated in the routine cleaning and maintenance program, or even used by builders and architects right at the installation, or repair and renovation stages. Take the colour enhancers for instance. These products are designed to accentuate the aesthetics of the surfaces being worked on. These are the likes of the solvent-based Faber Deep Enhancer 1L. It is a stain-proof product, and gives the surface a matt finish without forming a film on it. That way you won’t have to worry about the surface residue patina that was left behind by traditional colour agents when used on the surface. It adds more character to those ultra-compact surfaces, especially where they have minimal absorption capacity. This particularly makes it suitable for those areas that have been designed to withstand the continuous presence of water- like washbasins, showers, fountains, and even outdoors. The Faber Deep Enhancer 1L even withstands UV radiation, lasting for long without yellowing on exposure to sunlight. Its water-repellence attributes, coupled with the enhanced stain resistance, makes the later cleaning processes easier. Its food safety certifications also makes it one of the Faber marble care products that can be used to enhance the colour of kitchen countertops.

There are also case where you want anti-slip protection- from commercial establishments where you have heavy foot traffic, and you want a glossy surface without them falling and slipping all over. Clients and employees getting injured while on your premises does not bode well for your operations. It can even be at home, especially with kids around, or the elderly where the risk of fall accidents is heightened. Polished marble floors have a low coefficient of friction. This makes them a slipping hazard, which is further compounded when there is water involved- like in kitchens where spills are common. For this, Faber marble care products come in to increase the grip of the surface. Take the water-based Faber SAFE MARBLE 1L for instance. It also works on limestone, travertine, plus lime-based floors. When applied onto the surface being treated, it creates micro-erosions which speed up the water run-off, a feature that’s particularly handy when your goal is to reduce slippage in wet conditions. It does not change the colour of the surface itself, but it will boost the water-repellent properties. The Faber YS ONE, on the other hand, has been specifically designed for stoneware, ceramic, quartz, plus the siliceous stone floors. The enhanced grip reduces slipping on these surfaces whether one has footwear or is barefoot. What’s more, the treatment is long-lasting, retaining its non-slip nature all through, thus reducing the need for regular maintenance.

• Faber marble care products for daily cleaning
Dirt and grime are the main threat to a building’s surfaces. From the abrasion that wears down the protective treatments, to the degradation that causes them to lose their appeal, and even putting the structural integrity of the installation at risk. However, with natural stone such as marble and granite, you can’t just go sloshing any cleaning agent on them. Vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, ammonia, other acid containing cleaners around the house such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, or even tub & tile formulations, are not suitable for the natural stone surfaces. Dry cleansers and soft cleansers are abrasive, and will wreak havoc on your installation. They are sensitive to the chemicals that will be used, and you don’t want to corrode the areas being worked on. Your goal is to get rid of those unsightly spots and enhance the hygiene of your residence or commercial establishment, not ruin your floors, countertops, walls and other surfaces in the course of the cleaning. Don’t fret. The Faber marble care products have been specifically designed for this task, to be tough on the dirt but gentle on the surface being worked on.

In this range, there are products such as the concentrated Faber Neugel, a pH-neutral cleaner that is available in 1L and 5L options. This one in particular is suited for the natural surfaces where the absorption rate is medium to medium-high. Its formulations of natural ingredients, coupled with its superior clearing action, gets rid of the grime while nourishing the surface being worked on to enhance its resistance to soiling. It’s a versatile product, being applicable on cotto, terracotta and other rough but absorbent surfaces, and you can also use it on floors that have been waxed or treaded since, it will not affect the underlying application. What’s more, you won’t need to rinse the area after you’re done, speeding up the process, plus it works with the traditional cleaning tools easily. In addition, the Neugel is fragranced, leaving behind a pleasant scent that accentuates the interior space. On the other side of the spectrum, where you’re dealing with surfaces that have low degrees of absorption, or those that are compact and have been polished, turn to the Faber Algafloor 1L. It is also a pH-neutral product, that is suited for the daily cleaning of these surfaces. It has a quick application, also being used with the traditional cleaning tools, and like the rest of the Faber marble care products, poses no risk to the surface being worked on.

• Strong cleaners and wax removers
There are those cases where the dirt is simply stubborn. Perhaps it’s a build-up of grime that has strongly adhered to the surface, or you’re dealing with the after-effects of a party in your home. It may be a business premises where the heavy footfall and visitors, from all sorts of outdoor areas, track in grime that is defying conventional cleaning measures to get rid of. Perhaps there are grease spots on your kitchen countertop that you’re struggling with, where they have seemingly bonded with the structure of the surface. For these cases and more, there are Faber marble care products like the DEC 21 / 1L. It’s a formulation of organic solvents and wetting agents that eliminates those greasy surface stains, oily dirt that has set into the structure, those old residues of organic and synthetic wax- stripping it deep down. It does this while protecting the underlying surfaces, and you won’t have to worry about the appearance changing. You can kick things up a notch with “double wax stripping”, where the DEC 21 is used with alkaline degreasers like the DECERA/P or COTTOSOLV 1L. For example, with COTTOSOLV you get a product that has been developed to remove natural organic and synthetic polymers, restoring the appeal to the surface. Its usage extends to removing algae, mould, dark oxidation marks and even efflorescence from the cotto, terracotta and generally other absorbent surfaces. Whether you want to get rid of those annoying suction cup marks from the ceramic surfaces, or eliminate the greasy and oily stains that are ruining the beauty of your floor, it is the product for you. The approach of using it with the DEC 21 for the double wax stripping is specifically useful when removing organic compounds like resins, wax and other treatments from the surface, plus layers of oily dirt. That way you get to fully remove the substances from the surfaces.

The Faber Deterfug 1L gives you deep cleaning action by even getting into the pores and removing that dirt that has built up. It is slightly acidic, and is effective against oily and inorganic dirt. It’s applied onto the surface and left to stand, during which time it dissolves the dirt without posing any risk to the surface. Are you looking to renew grout? The Deterfug 1L comes in handy here, enabling you to restore the original appearance. Its acidic nature makes it beneficial for the removal of scale from unpolished limestone surfaces. It’s also popular for thorough cleaning on worksites, and situations where epoxy and cement-based fillers have been applied. You can even use it to salvage the situation where conventional detergents did an insufficient job and left behind deposits. The Faber 30 alternatively is all about the flexibility. Unlike the Deterfug, the Faber 30 is alkaline-based. It’s used across the board, from glazed and polished ceramics, PVC, epoxy and other synthetic floor coverings, polyurethane resins, getting rid of the rubber tire marks from tyres like in car parks and garages, to polished marble floors. This concentrated product is strong on the dirt but gentle on the surfaces, including the delicate ones. It provides a deep clean for general soiling caused by the everyday build-ups, to that which is as a result of foot traffic. Its versatility extends to the equipment it’s used with, since you can apply it with the traditional brush or cloth techniques, use hard floor cleaners, or employ single-disc machines for the task.

Where Quality Meets Affordability
The different Faber marble care products have been suitably priced, enabling you to meet the maintenance needs of your establishment without having to stretch your budgetary limits. From business owners to professional contractors having a long list of residential and commercial clients, to the DIY enthusiasts at home who want to take up the project, you will be in a position to get quality formulations that deliver on their mandate, enabling you to take care of the surfaces in your premises. What’s more, by protecting them from wear and tear, you get to prolong their life, and avoid costly repairs what would have needed to be carried out on the walls, countertops and flooring. This gives you more savings in the long run.


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