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Faber Mar Gel Plus 

Faber Mar Gel Plus 

Faber Mar Gel Plus

Whether they are out on the living room floor, break room in the office, or around the sink faucets due to the particles of iron reacting with tap water- rust stains can be a bother. They are unsightly, and normal cleaning operations don’t get rid of them. When it comes to natural stones, the issues is worsened since that porosity of the material enables the stains to soak into it more easily. To get rid of them, you want a powerful product. Note that with the natural stones like lime-based surfaces, pH is an important factor to consider. After all, you don’t want to corrode your installation in the process of removing the rust stain. That’s where the Faber Mar Gel Plus comes in.

Benefits Of The Faber Mar Gel Plus


  • Effective stain removal


With the Faber Mar Gel Plus, you get to remove those stubborn rust stains that are on the surfaces, and even those that have penetrated deep into the material. It even works on installations that have been polished. By getting into the material to extract the product, it provides a truly satisfactory stain removal. After treating the stain with the Faber Mar Gel Plus, one follows up with the Oxidant formulation to remove the residue generated to complete the process and restore the elegance to your installation.


  • Water-based formulation


The Faber Mar Gel Plus has been developed specifically for removing the rust stains from acid-sensitive materials. These are the likes of limestone and travertine. However, you can use it across the board wherever there are rust stains that need to be removed. From marble, concrete, cementine and cement-based grout widths, craquelé ceramics, and even agglomerates like marble-cement and marble-resin, the Faber Mar Gel Plus will get the task done in moments.


  • Easy application


Simply apply it onto the target surface and let it do its magic. It works to remove the stain alone, without needing any additional chemicals to be applied. There are no dilution ratios to worry about, and you can apply it with a spatula, brush, or directly pour it out onto the surface. Give it time to dissolve the stain. How long you should wait depends on factors like duration in which the stain had stayed on the surface, and how much it has penetrated into the material. For instance, if it’s a recent stain that is still pale and on the surface, it can take 5-20 minutes. A purple compound is formed when the Faber Mar Gel Plus reacts with the rust. How fast this happens, plus the depth of the purple colouration, depends on how close the rust is to the surface. For those that have got slightly deeper into the material and have a medium tone, the time can range anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours. For the deep stains that have been become dark, then you may wait for 4-10 hours. For these cases where the Faber Mar Gel Plus stays long on the surface in order to extract the stain, it may result in the area losing its shine. This can be easily restored using the suitable Faber polish.

Afterwards, the product and residue that is on the surface can be removed by soaking them up with absorbent cloths or paper towels. This is for the small surfaces. In case you’re working on a larger area, you can use a squeegee to collect the substances, then get the absorbent cloths of paper towels to remove them completely. The purple compound formed when the Faber Mar Gel Plus reacted with the rust stains can be removed by applying the Oxidant formulation from the same brand. Here, the dwelling time for the product should be at least twice that which was taken by the Mar Gel Plus to remove the stain.


  • Proven track record


Architects, builders, tilers, installers, cleaning companies and end-users have been trusting Faber for surface care solutions since the 1980s. The company has grown from its humble beginnings in Italy to serve a market that spans from Europe, the Gulf nations, all through to Russia and other Asian countries. This has been as a result of adherence to quality, and heavy investments in research and development to deliver products that address the ever-changing consumer needs. With over 250 formulations under the brand, and a solid reputation and wide range of loyal customers, you can rest assured that you’re getting a value return for your purchase when you turn to the Faber Mar Gel Plus to solve your rust stain problems.


  • Affordable


You don’t want your rust removal to clear out your wallet. With the affordable price of the Faber Mar Gel Plus, you won’t have to worry about that. What’s more, since it’s a tough acting formulation, and doesn’t even rely on mixing with other chemicals to get the task done, you get to save on your resources. In fact, with the product doing the heavy lifting for you, more savings are accrued in the process.  


Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Faber Mar Gel Plus

  • Before application, first clean the surface to remove the dust and gunk that’s present. Also, allow the area to dry.
  • It’s recommended that you apply the Faber Mar Gel Plus when the day will be cooler, not during the sweltering heat.
  • When dealing with deeply set stains, where longer dwelling times are needed, apply a thick player of the product, that way you won’t need to add more because of the formulation drying out too quickly.
  • While the Faber Mar Gel Plus removes the stains through chemical action, you can boost this with some mechanical action of your own, by passing over the surface with a polishing machine. This will increase the penetration of the product into the material, speeding up the process. For these very deep stains, use a lower grain size for the polishing.
  • Remember to stain-proof the surface with a product that is compatible with your particular installation after the current stains have been removed.


Faber Mar Gel Plus

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