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Faber MA 90 Sealer

Faber MA 90 Sealer

Faber MA 90 Sealer

With stone maintenance, just like health, “Prevention is better than cure”. The durability, beauty, and structural integrity of your natural stone installation are on the line, and preventing damage is far much safer and less stressful than dealing with the costly repairs and replacements. Maintenance involves applying agents such as stain proofing treatments. The purpose of these is to create a barrier on the stone that repels the liquids, keeping the spills from being absorbed. Factors such as the amount of wear that the surface is exposed to also come in. Then there are the aesthetics. After all, you want your installations to look good as well. Natural stone, from granite and marble, all through to travertine and limestone, is renowned for its beauty. From the floors to the countertops and walls, the tiles bring that natural look and feel to the interior space. Curved out over thousands of years by the elements and world’s forces, each material is different from the other. Even with those that are of the same chemical composition, factors like the grain pattern and veining set them apart, such that each tile is unique. You want to enhance these attributes as you go about protecting it from everyday spills. Which product do you use? There are plenty on the market. However, you want one which you are certain will deliver on its promise, without putting the structural integrity of your installation at risk. That’s where Faber MA 90, comes in. 

The brand behind it -Faber – has been in the surface care industry for decades. Right from the 80s, it has grown to be a household name, with the products being used all across Europe, the Middles East, to the far reaches of Asia. It has achieved its market dominance due to the quality of the products that it develops. Loads of capital are pumped into the R&D division of the company, to churn out formulations that address the diverse consumer needs, from the architects and builders, the surface cleaning companies and repair crew, all through to those interested in DIY projects. Here is what you can specifically look forward to with the Faber MA 90:

Benefits Of The Faber MA 90


  • Colour enhancing attributes


The solvent-based Faber MA 90 brings out the natural look and feel of the stone, from the colouration to the characteristic veining. It is used on the non-polished surfaces, and leaves a semi-gloss satin finish. It even goes further to increase the surface shine, thus enhancing the decor of the premises. What’s more, with the Faber MA 90, yellowing won’t be an issue, and it has been developed to be resistant to UV radiation. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.


  • Strain-proofs the surface


The Faber MA 90fomrualion has hydro-repellence and oleo-repellence properties. This means that the product provides protection from water-based and oil-based staining. Those food and drink spills, grease, oils from cooking activities or lubricants that spill over on the garage floor- they are prevented from seeping into the stone surface and adhering to it. That way, the cleaning process becomes much easier, and the treated surface is protected from permanent, unsightly stains. 

This stain-proofing formulation can be used on a diverse range of surfaces, including granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, terracotta, porphyry, travertine and quartzite, all through to cementina, cotto, and basaltina-lava rock. With a 15 / 20m² per litre rate of application, you get to treat more surface with each unit of product that is purchased. 


  • Fast application


With the Faber MA 90, the surface treatment process is a walk in the park. Simply apply it onto the target area, and allow it to get absorbed by the stone. You can apply it abundantly, just ensuring that it is uniformly done. The tools used here can range anywhere from rollers and lambswool applicators, to brushes if needed, depending on the particular situation that you are in. After about 5 to 10 minutes, proceed to distribute the Faber MA 90 that is remaining on the surface over the area, working with the same tool that you had initially used. Ensure that this is evenly done. All that’s left is waiting for the treatment to dry, which itself is also fast, taking only 1 to 2 hours. For floors, you can open them up to foot traffic after 4-6 hours. 

The polished effect of the Faber MA 90 can be further buffed up depending on the décor needs of the property owners. Here, the dry brushing technique is used, working with a standard floor polisher. The unit should be at least 1.5 HP and you can set it to 175 rpm. Attach a lambswool disc to the polisher, or use a wool-cotton attachment. This is specifically for floors. When it comes to the countertops, walls, small areas and other sections of the building where the polisher would not be practical, you can use an orbital or manual wheel to buff the surface. This works with a white disc, compact felt or also wool-cotton attachment. It’s recommended that the buffing is carried out 4 – 6 hours after application. 


  • Cost-effective


The Faber MA 90 comes with a budget-friendly price tag. What’s more, it is available in 1L bottles and 5L cans, allowing you to go with the option that suits your establishment’s maintenance needs.

Tips For Using The Faber MA 90

  • Ensure that the surface being worked on is clean before you apply the product. This is to prevent the dust, dirt and grease from affecting how the Faber MA 90 bonds with the surface.
  • It is foggy or about to rain? High humidity levels will affect the quality of the results. In case a downpour is imminent, simply wait for it to pass before proceeding with the application.
  • The surface temperature of the area being worked on should not be excessively high. The optimal range is between 5°C and 40°C.

When it comes to cleaning surfaces treated with the Faber MA 90, you can use formulations like Neugel, Faber 30 or the Deterfug alternative, all from the same brand. The choice here will depend on the particular situation.  


Faber MA 90 Sealer

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