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Faber Hidro 150 Review

Faber Hidro 150 Review

Faber Hidro 150 Review

Stains can be broadly categorised into two: Firstly there are the water-based stains such as chocolate milk that the kids spill on the floor, cola, fruit juice and ice scream, issues like grape juice, baby formula that accidentally spills on the kitchen countertop while rushing to prepare some in the middle of the night for the crying infant,  soft drinks and wine that get knocked over during parties on the premises, blood spots from cuts and nicks, to vomit incidences, and the stubborn coffee and tea stains that make unsightly patches on the surface of the floor. Secondly are the oil-based stains. These are the likes of those spots that form when nail polish drips onto the ground during the morning rush to prepare for work, hand cream, mascara, and lipstick, margarine, mayonnaise, and ointment, salad dressing on the kitchen surfaces, all through to cases like furniture dye that winds up on the surrounding floor during maintenance tasks, to the motor oil that commonly makes messes on the garage and workshop floors. The various stains have different methods of removing them, based on the chemical composition of the particular spill, plus the underlying material, since the cleaning products also need to be compatible with the surface being worked on. The longer the spills remain unattended to, the more troublesome they become to remove. This is because they end up bonding with the stone structure, getting to the deeper layers and forming permanent spots. What if you could reduce the chances of this happening right from the onset? 

Accidents are bound to occur- there is no stopping that. However, protective measures can be taken, where the surface is treated with stain-proofing agents which prevent the spills from adhering to the surface, cutting down the hassle that is associated with removing the stains. When dealing specifically with materials like natural stone, the sensitivity of the structure to chemicals makes it a delicate process. You don’t want to be in a situation where the stone gets corroded because of the wrong product being applied on it. You want solutions that will get the task done without posing a risk to your floors, walls, countertops, statues or other natural stone surfaces being worked on. You can get that with products like the Faber Hidro 150.

Benefits Of The Faber Hidro 150


  • Effective stain-proofing treatment


This protective formulation has been developed to protect the natural stone surfaces, terracotta installations and also those constructed with agglomerates, from stains. It brings both oleo-repellency and hydro-repellency to the installation. This means that it provides protection against water-based and oil-based spills, preventing them from soaking into the material and forming stubborn stains. As such, the cleaning tasks become easier, while simultaneously preventing the spills from affecting the structural integrity of the material. 


  • Retain the original character of the stone


The Faber Hidro 150 is a neutral treatment, and does not change aspects such as the colour of the surface that it is applied on. It does not form a film on the surface, thus the breathability of the installation is also not affected. The product itself is resistant to UV radiation, and you won’t have to worry about the dreaded yellow hue forming over time. As such, the aesthetic appeal of your floors, walls and other surfaces treated with the Faber Hidro 150 gets to be maintained for longer. 


  • Safe


The water-based Faber Hidro 150 is ideal for a wide range of surfaces, from marble, granite, slate, sandstone and quartzite, to agglomerates like marble-cement, marble-resin and quartz-resin. You can use it on basaltina installation, terracotta, travertine and porphyry, and it will be effective on indoor and outdoor surfaces. This unit has a wide coverage rate, with each litre of product being used on 15-20m2 of surface depending on the rate of absorption of the material being worked on. What’s more, the Faber Hidro 150 has been certified safe for food use- basically meaning that you can use it to stain-proof kitchen countertops and other areas where food is handled. In fact, this is particularly beneficial since such surfaces have some of the highest chances of getting spilled on, hence you want to be able to protect them. 


  • Fast drying


Firstly, the Faber Hidro 150 is easy to use. With a brush, lambswool applicator, or airless applicator, you can quickly spread out the product over the surface, in a thin coat. It will have dried within 1 hour of application. There are some pointers to take note of:

  • If the surface has a high absorbency, a second coat of product can be applied. This is done after at least 45 minutes from the when the first coat was applied,
  • When treating floors, they can be opened up to foot traffic after 2-3 hours from treatment with the Faber Hidro 150. 
  • Before applying the product onto the target surface, ensure that it is clean. From the countertops to the walls and floors, any dirt and grime on them will affect the effectiveness of the product. In addition, the surface should be dry. In case the rain is about to come pouring down, it is about to frost, or there is fog and mist- generally situations where there are high levels of humidity, allow the prevailing conditions to pass and apply the product later on. This is to ensure that it properly dries and cures on the surface. In addition, if a water-repellent treatment had been applied on the surface during a recent priming, let it first dry before applying the Faber Hidro 150. As is with any other surface care product, if you’re uncertain of its compatibility with your particular installation, it is recommended that you carry out a spot test on a concealed area before proceeding to use the formulation.  



  • Pocket-friendly


You can get the Faber Hidro 150 in 1L bottles or the larger 5L cans. Each packaging option is affordably priced. In addition, the stain proofing nature of the product reduces the amount of time and resources spent during the routine building care and maintenance operation, thus you get to make more savings. 


Faber Hidro 150 Review

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