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Faber Floor Cleaner 1L Review

Faber Floor Cleaner 1L Review

Faber Floor Cleaner 1L Review

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Floor cleaning is essentially a balancing act. On one hand, you want a cleaning agent that is powerful enough to break down the dirt and grime that has been accumulating on the surface – but on the other hand, it needs to be gentle on the area being worked on. A cleaner whose chemical action of the grime makes the work a breeze, but one that won’t end up leaving behind residue that makes the surface dull. When you factor in the frequency with which the floor needs to be cleaned, especially for establishments where this is a daily requirement, such as high traffic areas, then the costs incurred become even more sensitive – since you want a budget-friendly solution to your floor cleaning needs. The Faber Floor Cleaner stands out as a formulation that is geared to addressing this wide range of requirements. 

Faber Chimica – the brand behind the product, has been in the floor care business for decades. It was founded in 1986, growing in leaps and bounds to become a renowned brand in building maintenance. Loads of funds have been pumped into its R&D division, churning out cleaning, maintenance and restoration products for a vast range of surfaces, especially with regards to natural stone and ceramic installations. The track record of the business adds to its credibility, with the products it delivers being used by home and business owners alike, as well as professional floor care contractors. The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L we’re looking at here is one of its popular line of products, due to its broad applications in the daily care of surfaces. Here is a breakdown of why it matters, and how you can stand to get optimal value from it:

Benefits Of The Faber Floor Cleaner 1L

  • Easy to work with

Different aspects of the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L make daily maintenance a breeze. For starters, it comes ready to use. No need to mix it with other cleaning agents – it delivers the punch all with its own formulation. Next, it is a powerful cleaner, acting on the stubborn dirt ad grime that is riddling the different kinds of floor surfaces. Thirdly, unlike competing products, there are no wax elements in the cleaner, or other agents that could leave behind residues on the surface. Without any residue remaining on the floor after the cleaning, you get to wind up with a clean and elegant surface. In fact, using the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L at the recommended dilution ratios, you won’t need to rinse the surface after you’re done. All these contribute to reducing the amount of time and resources that go onto the daily floor care process. 

  • Versatile

With this pH-neutral detergent, you get to work on a wide range of surfaces. These include natural stone installations like marble and limestone, agglomerates like cement-marble, marble resin and quartz-resin, craquelé and glazed ceramics, all through to porcelain stoneware – whether it is lapped, polished, natural, or textured. The water-based Faber Floor Cleaner 1L is ideal for low-absorbent materials as well, and can be used for cleaning indoor and outdoor surfaces. It also delivers delicate cleaning action on the grout – which is key since you want to preserve the structural integrity of the installations being worked on. 

You can work with different tools as well, depending on the size of the area being cleaned, and the equipment that you will find more convenient. This includes cloth and mops for the smaller spaces, machinery like wet & dry scrubbing units, to the single disc machines for the larger commercial areas. Here it will all come down to personal preference. In case there ever is an accidental spill of the Floor Cleaner 1L, use absorbent materials like a paper towel, or even sawdust to soak up the product.

  • Fragranced cleaner

In addition to getting rid of the dirt that is an eyesore, the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L also leaves behind a pleasant scent. This serves to provide an all-rounded effect, restoring the beauty of the space through the cleaning action, and enhancing the ambience due to the fragranced nature of the formulation. 

  • Quick cleaning

Here is a walkthrough of the step carried out when working with the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L:

  1. Start by clearing away the loose dirt and debris on the surface- like the dust and coarse soiling that had been tracked into the premises. You can simply sweep the particulate matter away with a broom, or vacuum the surface. This is to allow the Faber Floor Cleaner to focus on the dirt that has adhered to the surface.


  1. Dilute the cleaner. It comes concentrated, and you’ll need to mix it with water depending on the type of surface you’re working on: 
  • Low absorbent floors: 1 capful of product with 5L of clean water
  • Natural stone and cotto installations: 2-3 capsules of the Faber Floor Cleaner 1L mixed with 5L of water

Another benefit of the product shows up here – given the concentrated nature of the formulation, each liter of product gets to be used on a wide surface area. This ranges between 900/1100m² of surface for every liter. 

  1. Proceed to wash the floor. The conventional methods can be used i.e., mopping or working with floor scrubbing machines. 

As long as the recommended dilution ratios are used, you won’t need to rinse the floor. Note that if you use the Floor Cleaner 1L when it is very concentrated, then this will bring about the risk of build-ups on the floor. 

  1. Allow the surface to dry. 

The equipment used for the floor cleaning can be washed with water after you’re done.

  • No residue

This is all geared to making the floor maintenance task smooth. After all, residue that would remain on the floor would call for another round of cleaning much sooner than had been anticipated. With proper usage of the Floor Cleaner 1L not leaving behind any build up, the surface that has been worked on gets to remain cleaner for longer. 

Faber Floor Cleaner 1L Review