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Faber Deterfug – Acidic Marble Cleaning Detergent

Faber Deterfug – Acidic Marble Cleaning Detergent

Faber Deterfug – Acidic Marble Cleaning Detergent

Surface care is all about balance. Sure, the dirt and grime are unsightly and need to be got rid of. There is no question about that. However, you don’t want to ruin your elegant countertops, bathroom walls, or living room floors in the process. For instance, when dealing with issues like mineral deposits, a neutral pH just won’t cut it. In this scenario, an acidic based cleaner is needed to effectively dissolve the stain. However, you don’t want the surface to get corroded in the process. This balance is much more critical when dealing with materials like ceramics, concrete, all through to porcelain and granite. Specialised formulations are required for the task. Next in line is deciding the source. You want to deal with a brand that has a solid track record in providing solutions that are safe and effective. One that you can trust to deliver on its mandate, adhering to the expected quality standards. Faber, an industry leader with over 3 decades of product delivery, serving clients from Europe, the Middle East, all through to the far reaches of Asia, fits the bill. It has got you covered with the Faber Deterfug.

Benefits Of The Faber Deterfug


  • Deep cleaning action


Your first goal is to remove those unsightly spots. The slightly acidic Faber Deterfug has been formulated to provide a deep and thorough clean, breaking down the built-up dirt on the surfaces fast. It gets even into the pores and rough surfaces, dissolving the gunk that is trapped in the material, allowing you to remove them from it. Oily and inorganic dirt, mineral deposits, water-soluble metal complexes and difficult stains- they are dissolved through chemical action by the cleaner, and you get to restore the beauty and elegance to the areas being worked on. Whether it’s routine cleaning in your establishment, extraordinary care where you’re dealing with spots that conventional cleaners have been unable to remove, or you’re looking to renew grout, Faber Deterfug is the product for you. It’s even effective during worksite cleaning, like when you want to remove the annoying surface film, deposits left behind by other detergents.


  • Safe cleaning


Next, you want to ensure that your installation is not put at risk during the process. You can use the Faber Deterfug on a wide range of surfaces including sandstone, slate, clinker, granite, cotto, basaltina-lava stone and molten basalt, reconstituted (eco) stone, quartzite and marble-quartzite agglomerate, porphyry, tuff, and porcelain stoneware- natural, polished, or textured, plus those situations with epoxy or cement-based fillers. It’s gentle on the surfaces, getting the task done without putting their aesthetic appeal or structural integrity on the line. The product is also suitable for unpolished limestone surfaces, where the gentle action of its formulation blends with the scale removing action that is required from acid-based products.

Note that the Faber Deterfug should not be used on polished lime-based surfaces, such as marble, marble-cement and marble-resin agglomerates, limestone, and travertine.


  • Fast application


Faber Deterfug has been formulated to be easy and quick to use. The application is straightforward: Simply dilute it in clean water- or use undiluted in case you’re dealing with very stubborn dirt, apply it onto the surface, allow 10-15 minutes of dwelling time, pour water onto it to remove the residue, then rinse and voila! You’re done. Different tools can be used for the application, depending on the type of material you’re working, on, the area size, and generally what you find more convenient for you. You can go with a cloth, mop, brush, or single disc machine. Speaking of which, for the abrasive discs to be used with the machines, the pad option used should be guided by the type of surface material. For instance, with the compact surfaces, go for the white pad- this is like when you’re working on the glazed ceramics. For the rougher and unpolished ones- like terracotta and cotto, one can use the green and light blue pads. Foot traffic can be allowed back onto the floor as soon as it dries.


  • Cost-effective


With the Faber Deterfug, a little goes a long way. Each litre of the product can be used on 10-15m2 of surface, depending on the dilution used. In addition, its affordable pricing means you get to make savings right off the bat. What’s more, proper surface care with the Faber Deterfug reduces the risks to the durability and structural integrity of the material, thereby enabling you to avoid costly repairs that would have been needed later on.


Extra Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The Faber Deterfug

  • The loose debris, from dust to coarse dirt that is on the surface, you can sweep or vacuum it away first, so that you leave the stubborn grime to the Faber Deterfug.
  • When it comes to the dilution, different ratios can be used, depending on the kind of dirt. For instance, if it is the simple routine cleaning, then mixing 1 part product with 9 parts of water should be enough. For the larger amounts of stubborn dirt, you can dilute it using a 1:2 ratio.
  • The Faber Deterfug solution prepared should be applied uniformly. While on this, ensure that the entire area is covered. This means that for the cases where you’re dealing with a highly absorbent surface, more solution will need to be occasionally added onto the area.
  • Carrying out a pre-test on a hidden area of the surface is recommended, especially for those cases where you’re not certain if the product is compatible with your particular type of surface. When it comes to the work itself, divide it up the area into manageable sections, which should also factor in the absorbency of the surface. For those highly absorbent ones like cotto and terracotta, work in sections of 4 to 5 m2. For stoneware, ceramic tiles and other low-absorption surfaces, this can be larger. This way you will be able to utilise the Faber Deterfug to its optimal without it penetrating into the surface completely.
  • Mechanical action at regular 5-10 minutes interval- whether it’s agitation with the brush or single disc machine, will aid in breaking up and removing the soils, enhancing the efficacy of the process.


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