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Faber Deep Enhancer 1L

Faber Deep Enhancer 1L

A Look At The Faber Deep Enhancer 1L

When it comes to building maintenance, you want quality products that you can use to protect your installations. For the surfaces especially, constantly exposed to daily wear- be it abrasive dirt particles on worktops to the foot traffic on floors, staining that takes away their beauty, to aspects like UV radiation, you want solutions that can enable the structures to withstand these effects. Faber comes in, offering solutions that are geared towards this end. It’s a world-renowned brand, headquartered in Italy and having a market that spans European nations including Spain, England, Greece, Poland and France, Asian markets ranging from China, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, all through to Saudi Arabia, UAE plus other Gulf nations. This wide reach is as a result of the reliability, quality and safety that the products provide for surface care and maintenance. They also meet standards set by international plus local environmental legislation, and the company focuses on using eco-compatible auxiliary materials. After all, building maintenance goes hand in hand with protecting Mother Nature.  They have achieved ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, and the company’s dynamic R&D labs are continuously developing products to meet the changing needs within the industry, to ensure the end-consumer gets effective solutions that meet their expectations. This adherence to quality is witnessed in the Faber Deep Enhancer 1L, a surface treatment that walks the talk.

Protects And Accentuates

The Faber Deep Enhancer 1L has been formulated with oil- and hydro-repellence, and also stain-proofs the surface. This means that it makes the daily maintenance easier, and can even be used in areas where the material is constantly being exposed to water- such as showers and saunas. The treatment works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and even enhances their resistance to UV radiation. This solvent-based formulation has been specifically developed for the compact surfaces as they have a low absorption, impregnating the structure and forming a strong bond with it. Porcelain stoneware, be it natural, textured, lapped or polished, ceramics whether they are craquelé or the glazed alternatives, all through to quartz agglomerates- for countertops, walls and floors, you get to provide the protection to your installations. Granite, travertine, limestone, clinker and molten basalt- you can use the Faber Deep Enhancer 1L across the board, on brushed, polished and aging surfaces, plus those that have been treated with compact and superficial finishes. Its food-safety certification also means that you can use it to stain-proof kitchen countertops.

Beauty also factors in. you want the surfaces to last long, and look elegant all through. The Faber Deep Enhancer 1L makes this a reality. It accents the tone of the material it has been applied to, giving it a wet-look and matt finish. It penetrates the material, and you won’t have to worry about a surface film being left behind.  Since it does not yellow over time, this beauty gets to be preserved. It’s also an economical choice. This starts out from the affordable price, to the wide coverage rate, where each litre can be used to treat 20/30m² of surface. What’s more, by protecting the material from stains, UV radiation, and everyday wear, you get to cut down on costs that would have been otherwise incurred over time as a result of damage to the structure.


How To Use The Faber Deep Enhancer 1L

Dirt and debris on the surface will ruin the quality of the results, so you’ll first need to get rid of it. Give the surface a thorough clean, and allow it to dry. When the surface is ready, proceed with the steps below:

  1. Liberally apply an even coat of the Faber Deep Enhancer 1L onto the surface.  Ensure you cover the entire area to be worked on. Different tools can be used for this process, depending on what is in your arsenal. Common options include brushes, rollers or a lambswool applicator.
  2. Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time.
  3. Using the same applicator tool, redistribute any excess product that is on the surface. Your goal here is to ensure that you have achieved an even coating.
  4. Allow an additional 20-30 minutes as the treatment sets onto the material. The longer you wait, the deeper it gets to penetrate into the surface.
  5. Remove all residue and excess product. You can dry-brush the surface using the standard floor polisher machines onto which a white or lambswool pad, or wool-cotton, have been attached. In case you were working on countertops, walls, small areas and other upright surfaces, you can use a manual or orbital wheel that has a white disc or pad to remove the residue. A wool-cotton or compact felt cloth will also suffice.

Within the next hour, the surface will have completely dried. However, for floors, they can be opened for foot traffic after 4-6 hours after the application.


Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Faber Deep Enhancer 5L

  • Always ensure the surface is dry before you apply the Deep Enhancer. Never use it on wet or even slightly damp surfaces.
  • For the surfaces that have need recently installed or grouted, first wait for the grout or adhesive used to completely cure before proceeding with the application.
  • Protect the adjacent areas that are not being treated with the product by covering them.
  • To enhance the treatment intensity and durability, instead of waiting for the 20-30 minutes dwell time before removing the residue, you can extend this to the maximum 45-60 minutes. This is especially recommended for those compact surfaces.
  • After the application, be sure to remove any excess to prevent issues of greasiness from cropping up later on.
  • There are those situations where the surface has already been primed using a water-repellent with a high penetration. In this case, first wait for the primer to dry before applying the Faber Deep Enhancer 1L.
  • When it comes to the maintenance, routine cleaning can be carried out using products like ALGAFLOOR; for deep cleaning, and when you’re dealing with stubborn dirt, you can use the DETERFUG or Faber 30; and for de-waxing turn to the DECERA/P or the DEC 21, all from the same brand.


Faber Deep Enhancer 1L

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