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Faber CristalFab White Pad

Faber CristalFab White Pad

A Look At The Faber CristalFab White Pad

Surface care, including when dealing with floors, involves aspects ranging from the cleaning to remove dirt and grime, treating it to increase attributes like its dirt and stain resistance, and enhance its protection against the elements, all through to polishing. You want a floor that looks good and lasts for long. One that you brings out your style and personality at home, and gives your business premises a professional and appealing image. That is where units like the Faber CristalFab White Pad come in.

Why You Should Treat Your Flooring With The Faber CristalFab White Pad

Shiny result
The elegance of the interior is hugely determined by the state that the floor is in. After all, it’s one of the largest structures in the building, and you want it to be appealing. With lime-based surfaces- the likes of marble, limestone, travertine plus agglomerates such as marble-cement, a core part of their beauty lies in their sparkle. That gloss that adds to the depth of the material, especially when seen against light. Over time, this slowly fades due to the constant barrage of abuse meted out onto the floor- from foot traffic, dirt, and the regular scrubbing to remove the stubborn grime. The Faber CristalFab White Pad comes in to bring back that shiny look. This accentuates your residential or commercial establishment. It achieves this effect in moments, and even comes ready to use. What’s more, issues like yellowing, greying, or the pitted effect won’t crop up.

Takes away oxidation risks
When steel wool pads are used for the polishing, especially for the cases where the floor being worked on is slightly damp, oxidation can occur. Your goal is to restore the glamour to your floor, not to start dealing with rust marks that refuse to come off. The Faber CristalFab White Pad comes in handy here. It has been designed to be used with the white pads of the polishing machines, and you won’t need to worry about oxidation occurring.
Increased resistance to scratches

They are unsightly. These blemishes take away the appeal of the floor, which is not what you want to occur with your newly treated surface. The Faber CristalFab White Pad has been developed to make the floor withstand this, which keeps that shiny look undisturbed for longer.

Enhances anti-slip attributes of the floor
The smoother the surface, the higher the risks of slip and fall accidents. However, that doesn’t mean that polishing the floor needs to put the persons walking about at risk. With the Faber CristalFab White Pad, you won’t have to sacrifice on one to keep the other. It does them both. You get to spruce up your establishment while simultaneously increasing the anti-slip nature of the floor in dry conditions.

No overlaps
The formulation of the Faber CristalFab White Pad enables the resultant finish to be a uniform surface shine. Even when you treat different sections at a time, there won’t be blemishes where the sections overlap.

How To Use The Faber CristalFab White Pad
This unit has a straightforward application, and each kilogram of the product can cover 40 – 50 m² of surface. Follow these steps:

Start by preparing the surface. It should be thoroughly cleaned. Any dirt that is on it would hamper the effectiveness of the product. Also note that the Faber CristalFab White Pad should not be used on the surface when it is wet. As such, it is recommended that you use a dry cleaning tool. At most, the surface should just be slightly damp. Remember to protect the adjacent areas that are not to be treated.

Next is planning your method of approach. Tackling the entire surface at once will affect the quality of the results- unless you can be really fast about it. This is why it is recommended that you work in stages, applying the product in small sections at a time, such as 1m².
Shake the container. This is to restore the Faber CristalFab White Pad to its thick, creamy state. Here, you don’t need to worry about the consistency, since it won’t affect the final outcome. In fact, when working with polishing machines, you can apply the product in either dense or creamy state. The rotary action of the machine will get the creamy consistency without you having to fret about it.

Proceed to pour the Faber CristalFab White Pad cream on to the target area. 2/3 spoonfuls of the cream will be enough for a 1m² area. Immediately the product gets onto the surface, work it in using the single disc machine. You can also use a manual rotary brush, depending on your particular situation and the equipment that you find more convenient for you. The single disc machine should be fitted with a white pad, then set to 150 – 200 rpm. Ensure that you achieve an even distribution.

Carry out the polishing until the cream has completely dried.
Proceed onto the next section, taking the same approach,
After you’ve worked on the entire surface, bring out your cloth, broom or vacuum cleaner to clear away the steel wool residue that has been left behind. The cloth used can be damp or dry.

Allow the treatment to dry before allowing foot traffic back onto the area. To keep the shine, you can occasionally buff up the surface with the same product and the single disc machine.

Tips For Using The Faber CristalFab White Pad

The surface being treated should not be overly heated.

When distributing the Faber CristalFab White Pad onto the surface with the single disc machine, work in a concentric pattern.

As you use the dry buffing technique for the polishing, broadening your movement from the centre of the section you’re working on and going outwards will enable you to have a more uniform application.
When treating surfaces that handle high levels of foot traffic, multiple applications of the Faber CristalFab White Pad may be required- you can go up to 3.

After the process has been completed, regular care will enable you to maintain the elegance of the surface. This includes routine cleaning, which can be carried out with units like the Faber Neugel or even AlgaFloor from the same brand, depending on the soiling involved.

Faber CristalFab White Pad

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