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Faber B 1/920 Vertical Sealer

Faber B 1/920 Vertical Sealer

Faber B 1/920 Vertical Sealer

Are you looking to polish your shower wall? One of the issues with marble, limestone, travertine and similar natural stones is that they can be damaged by the chemicals used in cleaning soaps, shampoos and the conditioners used in the shower. The agents within these products dissolve the calcium element in the stone, causing the surface to dull. Waxing comes in to offer protection from this. By forming a resistant film on the surface of the stone, it prevents the chemicals from the everyday products used from reacting with the stone structure, thus preserving its beauty. What’s more, applying a wax treatment makes the wall more slippery- which is positive. Basically, this enables water and soap to run off it better. This is not just limited to showers and bathrooms. Even for the kitchen countertops, you want to protect them from the effects of daily use, while still ensuring that they are elegant. After all, the aesthetic appeal of the busiest room on the house is on the line, and you don’t want the decor getting run down over time. A polishing wax adds to the beauty and protective attributes that are required, thus enhancing the appeal of the installation. However, there are multiple products out there. You want a unit that will deliver the desired quality of results, without putting the underlying structure at risk. You can get that with the Faber B1 920. 

Water-based wax resin formulation

The Faber B1 920 has been developed to be used in place of the conventional solvent-based liquid wax products, and is applicable on vertical surfaces such as shower walls, and those horizontal areas that don’t handle foot traffic- these are the likes of kitchen countertops and bathroom tops. These areas were traditionally complicated to polish, due to the logistics involved. However, that is taken care of with the Faber B1 920. In addition, the indoor air quality will not be affected by the strong odours that are typical of the solvent-based products. This protects both the person applying the Faber B1 920 onto the surface, and the rest of the persons on the premises. The Faber B1 920 forms an ultra-resistant film on the surface being treated, which protects it from the daily soiling, which has the welcome benefit of making the cleaning operations easier. This also wards of effects of wear, slashing down the maintenance costs of the establishment. 

Beauty is core to the functionality of the Faber B1 920. It has been specifically formulated to increase the surface shine, thereby enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the treated area.  It is used for indoor applications, and can be safely applied on marble, granite, travertine and limestone surfaces. That way, you can polish these natural stone surfaces without worrying about their structural integrity being put at risk. It brings out the colouration of the stone, accentuating the attributes that make it pop.

This is a quality product, coming from the world-renowned Faber, a brand that has been providing surface care formulations for decades. The company is committed to quality, working with professionals in the natural stone industry- from the cleaning firms, builders and surface maintenance specialists, in order to deliver a wide range of solutions to address their specific needs. It has achieved ISO: 9001:2008 certification for its quality system, which is issued by Certifying Body Certiquality. Its market base, spanning from Italy, France and England, the Middle East, to the far reaches of China and Russia, is testament of the trust that consumers have in its units. 

Easy to apply

Treating surfaces with the Faber B 1/920 is a breeze. Simply pour it into a spray applicator bottle, proceed to spray it onto the target surface, and polish it with an orbital or flexible polisher. You don’t need to overly wet the surface with the product. Just use 2-3 sprays of the Faber B 1/920 for each section- noting that you should also divide the area into smaller and more manageable regions where you will be able to spray and polish before moving on to the next section. Applicator tools like cloths, brushes, and even a lambswool applicator can be used to spread the product over the surface. For the polishing, fix a white or lambskin pad, or even wire wool onto the orbital or flexible polisher. When you’re working on small surfaces, you can choose to manually polish them using a wool-cotton cloth. A white or wire wool pad may also be used, depending on what you find to be more convenient for your particular situation.  Here’s a bonus tip: Polishing with concentric movements will make distributing of the product evenly on the entire surface much easier. Once you’re through, you can allow normal usage of the surface. A drying time is not required for the application, which goes further to reduce the disruption to your daily life. 

The coverage rate depends on the level of care required. Here, if it’s the first ever treatment that is being applied, then use a 20 to 30 m²/L rate. For maintenance, a rate of 30 to 50 m²/L can be employed. Dewaxing of surface treated with the Faber B 1/920 can be carried out with Faber Dec 21 or the Faber Decera P. In case you’re unsure about the product’s compatibility with your particular type of surface, it is highly recommended that you first carry out a spot test on an inconspicuous area before proceeding. 

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Faber B 1/920

  • DO give the surface a thorough clean before you apply the wax polish. After all, you don’t want any dirt particles and greasy smudges to come in the way of you getting quality results. 
  • DO shake the Faber B 1/920 in the spray applicator bottle before spraying it onto the surface.
  • DO work in a small area at a time. This will make it easier for you to ensure that you have obtained uniform results.  
  • DO allow newly installed surfaces and those where the grout has been recently applied to first completely cure before you treat the area with the wax polisher. 
  • DON’T use the Faber B 1/920 on areas that handle foot traffic. It’s formulated for the vertical surfaces.
  • DON’T apply the product on wet surfaces.

Faber B 1/920 Vertical Sealer

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