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Faber Alga Floor 5L Review

Faber Alga Floor 5L Review

Faber Alga Floor 5L Review

Surfaces, from ceramics to natural stone installations, all need proper care. Despite their durability, routine cleaning and treatment processes are needed to preserve their structural integrity. Whether it’s for the floors, countertops, walls, window sills and even fireplaces, they are exposed to everyday dirt and grime, which gradually take ruin their beauty. The soiling dulls the material, and with gritty particles, abrasion occurs. As the structure gets slowly worn down, its lifespan is reduced. The heavily trafficked areas experience this at a fast rate. When it comes to the cleaning, it’s not just a matter of sloshing solutions on the surface and scrubbing away the grime. The chemical composition of the surface, plus any treatment products that have been applied, also come into play. For instance, using common reagents such as vinegar, lemon juice and the formulations containing acids- like the grout cleaners, can result in corrosion of marble and limestone surfaces. You don’t want your polished porcelain stoneware installations beginning to dull, or putting their structure on the line. The abrasive cleaners, like the dry and soft cleaners, bleach-based formulations and those containing ammonia- they can result in different sorts of reactions. You want a product that is safe for the particular surface that you’re dealing with. Faber has developed a wide range of formulations, each targeting a particular niche. The Faber Alga Floor 5L under review comes in when dealing with surfaces with low absorption. 

With Faber, you can rest assured that you’re getting value for your purchase. The brand has been providing surface care solutions since the 1980s, and has grown an international market that relies on its products. These care to a diverse range of materials, from the natural stone installations like granite and marble, to the manmade ceramics and agglomerates. With loads of capital being pumped into the company’s R&D division, it has consistently provided top-notch products that address the different consumer needs, from home and business owners, builders and architects, the professional cleaning companies, to repair crews that are patching up damages on the installations. The same level of quality is maintained with the Faber Alga Floor 5L unit.

Benefits Of The Faber Alga Floor 5L


  • High cleaning efficacy


This is the core mandate of Faber Alga Floor 5L, and it performs exceptionally. It gets rid of the grime that is adhering to the surface of your floor, allowing you to restore the beauty and elegance of the premises. Whether it is at home or in commercial setups, the Faber Alga Floor 5L will be up to the task, enabling you to meet your routine cleaning needs. 


  • Formulated for surfaces with low degrees of absorption


These are particularly notorious for the residue that is left behind when traditional cleaning products are used. The residue ends up causing staining, and increasing the rate of resoiling. With the Faber Alga Floor 5L, you won’t have to worry about that. It gets the task done on the polished and compact surfaces, enabling you to ensure that they have been thoroughly cleaned, without creating a surface film.


  • Fragranced


With dirt and grime, it’s not just the beauty that is on the line. The indoor air quality is also affected. You want to have conducive living and working conditions, where you can be able to relax comfortably and go about your duties. As such, in addition to getting rid of the dirt, the Faber Alga Floor 5L also leaves behind a pleasant fragrance, that enhances the interior ambience.


  • Safe cleaning action


The Faber Alga Floor 5L is a pH neutral cleaner. You can use it to wash your floors without worrying about it reacting with the material, or corroding the finish. It does not alter the original surface appearance, and can be used on a wide range of materials, ranging from granite, craquelé and glazed ceramics, limestone, travertine, marble and agglomerates like cement-marble, marble-resin, and quartz-resin, all through to the different kinds of porcelain stoneware, including polished, natural and textured varieties. 


  • Easy to work with


Simply dilute the Faber Alga Floor 5L, and proceed to wash the floor using your method of choice, be it with a mop, hard floor cleaner, single disc machine, or even cloth if you’re working on small sections. For the dilution ratios, the main factor here is the type of surface being washed. For the porcelain stoneware and ceramic floors, and also when you’re cleaning quartz agglomerate surfaces, 10 to 20g of product mixed in 5 litres of water will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a natural stone surface that has a polished finish, increase the amount to 30-40 grams of the product, for every 5 litres of water. Following these dilution ratios, rinsing will not be required after you’re done. Once the floor dries, you can allow people to resume using it. 


  • Wide coverage rate


Each litre of the product covers a whopping 900-1100m² of surface. This makes it an economical choice, especially seeing that floor cleaning is a routine task. As such, every purchase of the concentrated Faber Alga Floor 5L gets to take you for the long haul, making you savings in your establishment’s maintenance budget. This, coupled with the affordable price tag, allows you to meet your building’s cleaning needs without straining your finances. The packaging options also vary, that way you can make the choice that suits your particular situation. In addition to the Faber Alga Floor 5L, there are 1l bottle and 10L can varieties of the formulation.


Tips For Cleaning Floors With The Faber Alga Floor 5L

  • Before you begin washing the floors with the product, first sweep or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and other loose particles on the surface. This will increase the efficacy of the process. 
  • Adhere to the recommended dilution ratios, which wills save your time and resources as you carry out the cleaning, as you won’t be required to rinse the surface. 

Putting in place measures to protect the different surfaces will be essential in preserving them for the long haul. This ranges from treating them with sealants, to issues like using rugs and area mats. Clean up spills the moment they form, avoid acidic agents on the natural stone products, all through to carrying out spot tests to ascertain the product’s suitability for the particular installation.

Faber Alga Floor 5L Review

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