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Expert Sofa Cleaners To Take Care Of Your Needs

Expert Sofa Cleaners To Take Care Of Your Needs


Expert Sofa Cleaners To Take Care Of Your Needs


The dirty upholstery harbours dust, dander and even substances like pollen. There could be moulds spores in it, and cigarette smoke absorbed by the material in case there are smokers on the premises. These affect the indoor air quality of the premises. Personal comfort is also taken away, seeing that each time you sit back to relax, you end up erupting into coughs triggered by the allergens that have been inhaled. What of your peace of mind? Certainly, no one enjoys being surrounded by stains, or coming home to find your sofa riddled with dirt spots. They drag down the decor of the interior space, and are a constant reminder of pending chores. Even your hosting abilities get affected. How will the condition of the upholstery reflect on your personality in the eyes of the guests coming over? Whether it’s your friends, in-laws, or neighbours dropping by for a visit, you don’t want them to find the place in a mess. For commercial establishments, the state of things has a direct impact on how your customers perceive you. As they sit on the sofa in the reception area waiting to be served, you don’t want them to be assaulted by odours and allergens from the cushions. Even your employees want conducive working conditions, hence the need to maintain a clean and healthy workspace. Investing in regular sofa cleaning services is part and parcel of that.

Stain removal

Are there coffee and tea stains on your sofa? Are you frustrated by wine spots that are ruining the style and patterns of the upholstery? Perhaps it’s the case of pet urine stains, where your furry friend decided to mark its territory on the furniture piece. Then there are the vomit incidences, like those that are common when buddies who have had one-too-many drinks end up hurling it all out, and some winds up on the sofa. Inkblots from faulty pens, those situations where the kids decide to showcase their artistic prowess by drawing on the sofa with crayons, blood spots from nicks and cuts, the nail polish that accidentally dripped onto the upholstery- they all form unsightly messes, and you want them to be got rid of. Our sofa cleaning crew use highly effective agents to remove the water-based and oil-based stains. The products used will chemically break down the stains, and the contents extracted with the rest of the grime being cleaned off. Grease spots are also removed. These are particularly troublesome due to their tendency to trap dirt particles from the surrounding environment, increasing the rate of resoiling. They are all dealt with during the sofa cleaning, restoring the fresh look and feel to your set. Our crew are highly skilled, and will put in place the required safety measures during the cleaning in both residential and commercial establishments. This is to protect the furniture itself, plus the rest of the persons on the premises. The products selected for the task are also safe to be used around children and pets. There is no risk posed to the indoor air quality.

Neutralising odours

The smells coming from the sofa and making it comfortable to use are tackled at a molecular level, using powerful odour neutralizers which make them inert. What’s more, since the source of the smell will have been removed during the sofa cleaning- from the decaying organic matter to the smoke particles that had been absorbed by the upholstery, you won’t have to worry about the odours recurring. Fragranced products can be applied upon request, that way you have a pleasant scent that matches your décor needs when the sofa cleaning is complete.

Prolong the life of your unit

Premature wear and tear cuts down the lifespan of your sofa. No doubt it was expensive to purchase, and you want to be able to enjoy it for long. In fact, there are owners whose sofas stick with them through the various lifestyle changes, and they move from one house to another. It becomes a core part of the household, holding many treasured memories. With routine sofa cleaning, you get to protect it from getting degraded. In fact, it even ensures that you get a profitable resale value in case you decide to sell  it later on.

Attending to the different types of sofas

Say you have a reclining sofa. This is a popular one for media rooms and family rooms, where you can comfortably lounge back as you watch some TV. Consequently, it gets soiled fast, and you want a sofa cleaning process that can reach deep into those cushions. There are those with tuxedo sofas, which have high arms, and set a formal tone to the space. With the chesterfield sofa, you have a unit that has a tufted upholstery, and enables one to get seated upright without issues like their clothes wrinkling- which was its intended purpose when it was commissioned by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield back in the 18th century. Perhaps you have a mid-century modern style sofa, with colours ranging from a contrasting black and white, neutral tone or bold pattern, where the construction itself is minimalistic. Lawson sofas are known for being cushioned, and the pillows are separated from the frame. This popular unit comes in a wide array of sizes, materials and colours.

The English roll arm sofa has a tight upholstery, and is cushioned throughout- even on the arms. Speaking of which, its seat cushions are loose and plush, and the rolled arms are slightly lower than the back. This unit can go into the parlour or formal living room, and getting stripe patterns enables you to give it a contemporary look. The Bridgewater sofa is also characterised by the low arms and the tightness of its upholstery. Camelback sofas are rightly named, due to the arches on the back resembling the humps of a camel. This design has been in use since the late 18th century, with Chippendale’s furniture that was a favourite amongst the English aristocracy. Chaise lounges, cabriole sofas, futons, daybeds and other sleeper sofas, all through to settees, loveseats, and divans- our sofa cleaning team will be up to the task.

Expert Sofa Cleaners To Take Care Of Your Needs

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